The sun started rising on a beautiful Friday morning. Sora was sleeping with a towel wrapped around her head, turban-style. For the last few days, she had allowed Mimi to lather her with her experimental homemade shampoo. Although there wasn't any physical differences just yet, Sora did feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

She got up from her twin-sized bed, making sure not to wake Biyomon, who was sleeping right next to her. Slowly, she carefully tiptoed over to the mirror. She began to picture a fresh head of lovely auburn hair on her head. She began daydreaming of standing out under the sun in a green dress, barefoot in the grass, twirling with her arms outstretched, letting her revitalized hair flow in the wind. The thought made her feel so alive.

Not wanting to wait another second, Sora unwrapped the towel and removed it from her head. Then … she looked in the mirror … and gasped …


Biyomon immediately woke up from the scream. "Sora! Sora, what's … … AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!"

Palmon and Mimi came bursting through their door, both with panicked and worried faces. "Sora, what's the … … AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Mimi covered her mouth with her hands, but her scream wasn't even muffled.

Palmon just started screaming immediately at the mere sight of Sora. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

By now, they were all screaming at the horror of what they were seeing. Sora was just scared speechless now. She wanted to believe this was a horrible nightmare and she would wake up any minute now. But the terrible fact was that this was no dream. This was very real. The horror was real. And the reality was that there was something very wrong with Mimi's shampoo.

"Mimi … I'm … … I'm … … I'm … … …"

Kenta heard loud screaming coming from upstairs. It was enough to wake him up, along with probably half of the building. But to his surprise, he saw that Kazu was already wide awake. He was looking through a large notebook with Guardromon.

"Kazu, since when do you get up so early? Your first class isn't for another few hours."

"Kenta, of course I'm up early today! Don't you know what tonight is? It's the night everybody's been waiting for! The night Odaiba U wipes the floor with Tamachi Tech! And I, for one, can't wait for tonight."

Kenta wanted to believe that Kazu was referring to the Odaiba Dragons getting the better of the Tamachi Samurais on the soccer field. But since this was Kazu they were talking about, he did have his doubts.

"What do you mean by that, Kazu?"

Kazu chuckled. "If Nicho thought he'd get the last laugh, he's got another thing coming. We've got something in store for him AND the Tamachi soccer team."

"I'm almost afraid to ask," Kenta sighed. "What are we doing?"

"Tonight, we pull Prank #49-D."

Kenta gulped. "Remind me again, which one's Prank #49-D?"

Kazu whispered it into Kenta's ear. It sounded rotten and sinister. But on the upside, at least it didn't border on illegality this time around. But a thought hit Kenta.

"Kazu, that could actually affect the outcome of the game. It'd kinda be like us cheating."

"They've got it coming!" Kazu shot back. "After the way they kidnapped Guilmon? They're lucky we don't do something even MORE drastic than this. Besides, doesn't it sound like fun?"

Kenta thought about it. And the more he thought about it, the funnier it sounded. It would be the best way to fire the final shot in this year's rivalry.

Kenta snickered. "Ok, let's do it! But how do we strike? I mean, for this we need someone small. And last I heard, Terriermon's on really thin ice with Henry."

"So, we don't need Terriermon on this one," Kazu said confidently. "All we need is someone small."

"Like me?" Guardromon chimed in.

Kazu sweatdropped and frowned at his partner. "I said small, not huge." He looked around, but it didn't take him long to find the perfect guy. "Someone like …"

Kenta turned around and saw exactly who Kazu was staring at. All eyes were now on the sleeping MarineAngemon. If anyone could play it inconspicuous, it was certainly him.

"They'll never see him coming," Kazu grinned.

The small size of MarineAngemon pretty much insured that this would all go off without a hitch. Kenta started snickering again. It wouldn't be long before they struck again in the name of Odaiba U.

Matt slowly made his way up the stairs. "Do you think it's bad?"

"It's not everyday Sora screams like that," Tai answered. "Whatever it is, it must be big."

It was a slower walk than a funeral procession. Matt was in no hurry to get to his girlfriend's room. Whatever made her scream must have been huge. He put his hand on the doorknob, but then stopped.

"You knock, Tai."

"Me? Why should *I* knock?"

"Because you've known her longer."


"I don't want to make her mad. She's used to you doing stupid things. Remember when you threw up in her hat way back when?"

"Why do you all insist on reminding me of that?! Gimme a break, we were eight!"

"Just do it, Tai!"

Tai relented and knocked on the door. He was met with a harsh 'greeting', however.


"Sora?" Tai asked. "It's me, Tai. Can I come in?"

"Tai? NO! Stay away!"

Matt wanted to say something, but Tai held out his hand, signaling him to keep his mouth shut for the moment.

"What's wrong, Sora?"

"I… I… woke up on the wrong side of the bed, that's all! It's just… uh… um… THAT TIME OF THE MONTH!"

Tai turned to Matt and shrugged nonchalantly. "Well, I'm convinced. Let's get out of here."

"Wait a minute, Tai," Matt whispered. "I know how Sora gets at 'that time of the month' and trust me, that's not it. It's something else."

Tai smirked. "I have an idea." He cleared his throat. "Ok, Sora! I'll go! Whenever you're feeling better, just give me a call."

Tai walked towards the end of the hall while Matt maintained his position. Obviously Tai knew what was coming. And sure enough, Mimi soon opened the door to see if anybody was around. Once she opened the door, Matt rushed forward and started pushing his way in.

"Mimi! Let go! Let me in!"

"Stay … out of here … Matt!"

Tai soon came over to back Matt up. The strength of both guys was more than enough to overcome Mimi and they soon forced their way inside. Matt wanted to immediately demand what was going on, but as soon as he saw Sora … he found out.

Upon seeing her, both Matt and Tai screamed. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

Sora was just about in tears. Matt couldn't believe what he was seeing. The girlfriend he had been seeing for so long, the one he had fallen in love with …

… was bald. Like, shiny head bald.

"Matt!" Sora sobbed. "I'm … I'm … BALD!"

Sora rushed over and buried her head in Matt's chest, sobbing. Whenever Sora cried like this, Matt would run his hand through her hair. Only now, there was no hair to run his hand through.

Matt only had one question. "How did THIS happen?!"

Sora raised her head and immediately pointed the finger at her best friend. "This is your fault, Mimi! You and your stupid homemade shampoo!"

"I-I didn't know this would happen!" Mimi stammered. "But this isn't totally my fault! Joe was the one who added those special ingredients! He knew they weren't tested!"

Sora hesitated for a moment and thought about what Mimi just said. "Hey … that's right! Joe's the one who experimented with Digimon fur! It must have been unstable! Wait 'til I get my hands on him!" She started crying into Matt's chest again. "Oh, MATT! What am I gonna do?! I can't be seen showing my face like this!"

"Well, technically, there's nothing wrong with your face," Tai cut in. "It's just your cranium you should be worried about."

"Sora, don't listen to the embodiment of sensitivity over here," Matt said sweetly, as he smacked Tai upside the head with his other hand. "It's not the end of the world."

Sora didn't feel comforted. "Matt, maybe you haven't noticed, but my head looks like an egg! How am I supposed to go to class like this?! How am I supposed to go ANYWHERE like this?!"

It looked like Tai would be the one with an idea. He looked around and spotted Mimi's closet. "Mimi, do you have a wig lying around?"

"I have two blondes and a brown," Mimi answered. "Why?"

Matt started to get the same idea. "I get it! Sora, you can wear one of Mimi's wigs and one of her hats and no one will ever know the difference. Trust me, this doesn't have to get around."

Sora took her out of Matt's chest and sniffled. "You really think it's that easy?"

"Sure it is!" someone else chimed in. It was Biyomon, who was wearing one of Mimi's wigs and hats. "Maybe it doesn't look so good on me, but you'd look fabulous!"

Sora walked over and picked up her partner. "You know just how to make me feel better. Thank you, Biyomon. Ok, I'll do it."

Sora took the wig-hat ensemble off her partner's head and put it on herself. It was a little different for Matt to see Sora like that, but he wasn't about to say anything stupid to shatter her self-confidence anymore than it already had been.

"How do I look?" Sora asked timidly.

Matt gave an encouraging smile. "You look beautiful."

"Never looked better," Tai added.

"That look is SO you!" Mimi grinned.

It wasn't much, but it was enough to put a smile of Sora's face. She even let out a small giggle, definitely a good sign. It looked like poor, bald Sora Takenouchi would be just fine.

But for Matt, this would take a lot of getting used to.

It took a long time. After what felt like an eternity, Agumon got through the last of the rocks that had buried him. Gabumon soon emerged right behind him. The battle with ChaosGallantmon was an intense one. But even after having Digivolved to the Mega-level along with Gabumon thanks to the help of the DigiCore, it still wasn't enough. Wherever this ChaosGallantmon came from, he was a force to be feared.

"Are you ok?" Agumon coughed.

"I feel like I was hit by one of those human trucks," Gabumon groaned. He looked around and surveyed the area. "Everybody's gone. She escaped."

"Agumon! Gabumon!"

Agumon looked over towards the distance and saw Hawkmon, Neemon, Armadillomon, and Bokomon running over to them. They had run pretty far off.

"You guys just ran away?" Agumon asked in disbelief.

Hawkmon stopped to catch his breath. "We didn't run away. We tried to follow them and see where to find them. But we didn't get very far, because ChaosGallantmon spotted us."

"But you should have seen what happened AFTER he caught us!" Neemon added.

"What happened?" Gabumon inquired.

"We knew we didn't stand a chance at the Rookie-level," Bokomon began. "So we tried to find the nearest hiding place. For lack of a better place to hide, Armadillomon found a cave by a field of cacti. Of course, we knew if ChaosGallantmon found us there, he'd discombobulate us!"

"So we pretty much did the only thing we could do," Armadillomon continued. "We closed our eyes and hoped he wouldn't find us. It didn't help, because we heard footsteps coming in. But that's when we started hearing a struggle. Something was fighting that guy and whatever it was had the upper hand for a while. ChaosGallantmon wanted to attack, but if he did, he would have sealed us all in the cave with no escape, so he just ran off."

"Somebody saved us!" Hawkmon added. "But we didn't get to see who, because whomever it was had left as quickly as they arrived."

"Some story," Gabumon thought. "But I guess you guys lost them from there. It's too bad. Not only did we lose the battle, but we have nowhere to go from here."

"I think we DO have somewhere to go from here!" Agumon argued. "Gennai sent us out to get information and now we have it! It's time to tell someone!"

"But we don't even know where Gennai is," Armadillomon pointed out. "He could be anywhere. He said he'd be trying to gather more information in the four regions."

Agumon was undaunted. "Then if we can't find Gennai, we'll do the next best thing. We'll tell the DigiDestined! All we have to do is contact them!"

It looked to be clear sailing from there. Technically, the only job left was to report their findings. But Agumon knew things were far from over. The Digimon Empress and ChaosGallantmon were a major threat. They had to be stopped. And soon.

On the eastern side of the central continent in the Digital World, once ruled over by Fanglongmon, a forever snow storm wages. The entire land is nothing but ice, snow, and cold making it almost impossible for any Digimon to inhabit.

D'Arcmon couldn't even take to the skies as she wanted to. Partly due to the burn on one of her wings caused by Agunimon and partly due to it being entirely too cold to fly. She was still in pain at the lost of her leader, Minervamon, who was apparently attacked and deleted by the threats of the Digimon Empress and her new creation, a replica of the Knight of Hazard.

Minervamon gave D'Arcmon orders to go to Merukimon, another member of the Olympus Twelve, and warn him of the impending threat that has befallen their world.

Merukimon, was known as the God of Genius out of the Olympus XII, using the raging snowstorm to hide his nearly unbreakable, impenetrable fort… the Infinite Ice Ridge.

D'Arcmon had only been to the Infinite Ice Ridge once, with Minervamon, so she was surprised that she even remembered to make it this far. The snow was beginning to be too much for her to bear, however. She was no longer walking and now her feet were becoming numb from snow crunching beneath her feet.

In front of her, she saw nothing but a large ice field with snow mountains jutting out in the dark distance. And she had no idea which one of those mountains the Infinite Ice Ridge was at. "For Minervamon… for Minervamon…" she repeated to herself, mainly because of the numbing feeling that was traveling through her body, threatening to throw her in a shock.

And going to shock in this freezing cold would just not be ideal at the moment.

The ever-snowing blizzard struck D'Arcmon with a strong gust of wind, blowing freezing snow into her face. D'Arcmon cried out in shock, her wings becoming even stiffer. Her body would not move. The only thing it responded to and felt was the ice-cold air that was pounding into it.

All around her was mountains and fields of snow. The Infinite Ice Ridge could be anywhere… and it could take possibly forever for her to find it. "Minervamon…" D'Arcmon cried out, once again. Her fallen Master's last words echoed in her head: "Go to… Merukimon."

If she was able to, a tear might have fallen down her face. Even though her body was numb, her mind was not. And the one thing that was on her mind right now was the thought of failing her Master's last orders. Her dying wish… The Digital World would fall into ruin if she did not warn the rest of the Olympus XII and she would be lost in the snow regions of Merukimon.

The world around started to turn black as she slowly lost consciousness. D'Arcmon attempted to fight closing her eyes, knowing full well that if she closed her eyes out here they may very well never open back up.

Minervamon flashed in front of her, the only thing she was now able to see in her darkening world. She looked at D'Arcmon with a longing, sad, lost look in her eyes. D'Arcmon tried to find the words to say what she was looking for to her Master, but no sound came out. Her Master began drifting farther away from her, still giving her that same lost look.

D'Arcmon reached out to her Master as she continued to drift away. She reached out her arms for her, trying to scream out her name one more time before she disappeared in the darkness. But… not a single sound came out.

And thus… D'Arcmon's world was completely shrouded in darkness.

Friday night was here and everyone was heading off to the culmination of the big rivalry: the soccer game between the Odaiba Dragons and the Tamachi Samurais. However, there was no break for Biyomon and her good buddy, Palmon. They had been drafted into an espionage mission without any say in the matter whatsoever.

Of course, all it took for Palmon was to be offered those dresses Sora and Mimi were making and she just jumped at the chance to volunteer them both. Now Biyomon found herself sneaking into Ms. Mackenzie's room to snoop around for any potential damaging evidence that could reveal her to be the mole they were looking for.

Like many others that night, Ms. Mackenzie was catching the game. The opportunity wouldn't get any better. So Biyomon took one of Sora's hairpins and picked the lock of the door, allowing herself access to the room. She tiptoed in with Palmon right behind her.

The two Digimon looked around the room, finding it very clean… and different. There were artifacts everywhere. Among them were old vases, sculptures, and paintings.

"Hey, Biyomon! Check this out!"

Biyomon turned her head to see a small mirror by the closet door. It was like a funhouse mirror. Palmon's reflection was distorted to make her look taller.

"I look like a beanstalk," she giggled. "Try it!"

Biyomon walked over to the mirror and gasped when she saw her reflection. She looked a lot taller… and a little chunkier.

Palmon snickered. "That's a good look for you, Big Bird."

Biyomon flinched as she tried to tuck in her stomach. "I'm not that fat, am I?"

"You know, you're starting to sound more like Mimi than Sora."

Biyomon sweatdropped. "I guess you're right." She shrugged that off. "You know, we really should be looking for something that we could use. But all I see is just a bunch of old artsy-type stuff. I don't think this is our mole."

"If she isn't, then that's two strikes against Joe today," Palmon grinned. "What do you think Sora will do to him when she sees him at the game?"

"I don't want to know," Biyomon sighed. "Sora can have a nasty side that nobody likes to see."

Palmon started snooping around Ms. Mackenzie's desk. There were papers neatly stacked all over, but what caught her interest was a large brown book. Curious, Palmon opened it up and started browsing.

"Hey, Biyomon! Look at this! It's her journal!"

"Really? Let me see!"

Biyomon and Palmon both gathered around the journal and looked through its pages. If there was ever a place to find any kind of incriminating evidence, it was in a personal journal. The journal started from a couple of days before the fall semester started and mostly contained harmless stuff. Then they reached an interesting page.

"Check this out," Palmon grinned. She began reading the passage. "Today, I literally ran into a grad student and we knocked each other over. Our stuff fell all over the place, including one of the guy's stuffed animals. It was another one of those strange stuffed animals that I've been seeing. It's unusual to say the least. But I have a feeling that there are more to these alleged stuffed animals than meets the eye."

"I knew it," Biyomon muttered. "She sees right through us!"

"Let's see what else it says. Check out the last sentence. I don't know who the guy was. I believe he said his name was Joe. He sure looks like the nervous type."

"Add 'whiny' and 'always complaining' and that's Joe in a nutshell."

Palmon turned the page and stopped after a few turns. "Look at this one! Today, that Joe guy came back to my room. He came back for that gadget he had lost when we bumped into each other. If it's what I think it is, then the prophecy is true."

"Prophecy?" Biyomon repeated. "Palmon, let me see!"

"Scoot over! I can't read with your head over my shoulder! Your beak's poking me!"

While the two Digimon fought over reading position, they froze when the heard footsteps coming from outside. Someone was coming! Once they heard keys beginning to jingle, they knew it had to be Ms. Mackenzie, also knowing that they had to hide before they were caught.

Both Digimon scattered. Palmon ran over to the statues that were about her size. They were abstract statues of ogres and dragons and such mythical creatures. Palmon just stood in the middle and froze in a pose. Biyomon ran towards a large lamp. She stood in front of it and put the lampshade over her head.

The door finally opened. Ms. Mackenzie had obviously arrived early. She walked in and left her shoes at the door and her coat on the rack. She let her hair down and walked towards her desk, but stopped at the statues. Palmon maintained her poise while the RD examined the statues, making sure to give a long stare to the certain lifelike green plant-like statue.

"When did I decide to bring in THAT ugly thing?" she muttered to herself. "It's an eyesore."

Biyomon tried to hold in her snickers. All it took to get her back to a state of seriousness was seeing Ms. Mackenzie walk towards the lamp. The Resident Director turned the lamp switch on, not having noticed Biyomon's body underneath the lamp shade.

The lamp turned on and what Biyomon didn't realize that her head was giving off a bird-headed silhouette. She was lucky that Ms. Mackenzie was already walking back to her desk and hadn't noticed. When she sat at her desk, Biyomon carefully lifted the lampshade over her head and put it back on the lamp.

As soon as Ms. Mackenzie had her back turned to write in her journal, Biyomon made a break for it. Seeing the coast clear, Palmon also made a run for the door. Both Digimon made it and sneakily slipped out the door.

The espionage mission was cut short. It didn't look like this was their mole, but it did look like she knew something. This would be something the DigiDestined would be interested in hearing.

Ms. Mackenzie heard the door close softly behind her. She didn't turn her head or pay any attention to it. She just focused on her journal. Taking out an old-style feather pen, she dipped it in a small jar of ink and started writing:

Dear Journal,

Two of them just ran out of the door. It appears that they were trying to find something here. I wonder what it was? And I wonder if it has anything to do with the prophecy? All I can do is wait. There's nothing I can do to bring the prophecy forth. When the time comes, the ultimate battle will come.

Nightfall had already come. Rika, Jeri, Zoë, and Kari were all heading out to the game (albeit separately) and Calumon and Zenithmon were snuggled on the couch together, sleeping peacefully. In the meantime, Renamon just found herself over at Gatomon's litter box, cleaning up the mess as was stipulated. To say the job was unsanitary would be the ultimate understatement. This job, pun fully intended, stunk.

"Did you ever picture yourself in this position, toots?"

Renamon grumbled. "Go away, Impmon. Can't you see I'm … busy?"

"You still ain't answer my question," Impmon persisted. "When did you go from fierce, kick-butt warrior to … playing maid for a housecat?"

"Since I lost a bet," Renamon answered dryly. "A bet, which I might add, you helped me LOSE!"

"Are you still mad at me about that?" Impmon smirked. "Come on, Renamon. Why be mad at me, when ya know the one you really want to be mad at is the cat?"

"You know as well as I do that I'd love nothing better than to take out all my frustration on Gatomon. I didn't think it was possible, but in the years since I last saw, she's gotten even MORE irritating. And she's gotten very conniving … like you."

"Complimenting her will get you nowhere," Impmon grinned. "But ya know, I've been thinking, hot stuff. I've been a first-class jerk for turning on you for a box of yarns. I mean, friendship should mean more than that. Friends should stick together no matter what, right?"

"What are you getting at?" Renamon asked suspiciously.

"I mean, if you really want to get back at Gatomon over there, now would be the perfect time. Think about it. The humans ain't around and she's sleeping like a baby."

Renamon peered over and saw Gatomon purring and turning over at the foot of the same couch Calumon and Zenithmon were sleeping on. She was fast asleep. This really was the best time to strike. Renamon wouldn't get another opportunity like this for a long time and she'd be a fool not to take it. But then she remembered something.

"I can't. I'd get sent home if I laid a hand on her."

"Who says ya gotta lay a hand on her?" Impmon pointed out. "Maybe ya can't touch her, but nobody said anything about … giving her a new look."

Impmon grinned mischievously and held up an electric razor. The little scamp wanted Renamon to use it on Gatomon.

"I don't know," Renamon muttered skeptically. "I prefer to deal with my problems face-to-face. I would much rather deal with the cat in my own way, personally."

"But, you can't do that, babe. Rika and Kari said that's a no-go. This is the best way you can get back at her. And don't ya want that? After all that ego she's been showing ya? After all the times she's been beating you? After all the times you've cleaned her own filth? After all the times she's called ya… 'Foxy'?"

" … … … I HATE IT when she calls me that!" Renamon growled. She snatched the electric razor from Impmon. "Gimme that!"

Renamon slowly stalked over towards the bed that Gatomon was lying on. Gatomon was serenely in dreamland, even occasionally talking in her sleep about a fish she just couldn't catch. Renamon wanted to start shearing, but the buzz from the razor would be sure to wake her up. Impmon soon remedied that problem by sneakily putting a pair of earmuffs over Gatomon's feline ears.

With nothing to wake her up now, Renamon turned on the razor…

The game was about to start. MarineAngemon couldn't believe he found himself drafted in this mission. Usually, it was Terriermon who found himself doing this kind of dirty work. But the Digimon prankster was in hot water with Henry. And without anyone else of sufficient size, it was MarineAngemon who was volunteered for this prank.

He had a small satchel over his shoulder that held up all the supplies he needed. And now he found himself … outside the visiting Tamachi Samurai's locker room. When the coast was clear, he moved in unnoticed. The soccer team was showering and getting ready for the game. This was the chance MarineAngemon needed.

The lockers were all open and inside each locker was a soccer uniform and jockstrap. MarineAngemon took out powder and started sprinkling it on each pair of shorts and each jockstrap. In a matter of moments, the mini-sized Mega had covered every pair of shorts and every jockstrap.

He did it all just in time, because the showers slowly started turning off one-by-one. Fearing he would soon be discovered, he rushed over towards some towels that were all thrown together in a pile. It turned out to be a mistake.

Each member of the team started stampeding over to the towels and pulling them out one-by-one. When the towel from underneath MarineAngemon was pulled, he spun over and landed on his face. Some of the powder in the satchel had flown up in the air. The remaining powder landed all over MarineAngemon.

The little one's eyes widened when he realized what would soon happen.

Davis felt like tensions were about to rise to an all-time high. He was sitting there with Takato, Kazu, and Kenta and there were a couple of others coming. Tonight's game should have gotten his mind off what was quickly becoming a 'soap opera' life for everybody on campus. But there were obviously some issues that were going to be brought out to the open.

"Do you see either of them?" Davis asked nervously.

Takato looked around. "Henry's at the concession stand. I don't see Ken anywhere."

"That's good, because-"

"Hey, Davis."

Davis looked to his left to see Ken standing right there with Wormmon on his shoulder. He took a seat and looked out onto the field.

"I've been trying to get a hold of Yolei all day. She STILL isn't talking to me after the whole flower thing. I don't get what she's so mad at!"

"It might be the fact another girl sent you flowers," Kazu chimed in.

"And a personalized note saying 'Love, Rosa'," Kenta added.

Ken merely sweatdropped. "She's in high school! Its not like I'm really trying to date her or anything! Yolei is throwing this whole thing out of proportion."

"Don't worry, Kenny," Davis patted his friend on the shoulder comfortingly. "You know how girls are. I'm sure this whole thing will blow over and Yolei will be putty in your arms once again. She's just being… you know. Hormonal and all that girl stuff."

Takato gave Davis a skeptical look. Davis exchanged it with a nervous glance. Henry came back and, immediately upon spotting Ken, got a huge sweatdrop on the back of his head. Everyone was aware of what was going on … except for Ken.

Davis started to think that maybe he was just blowing things out of proportion. If things went like this all night, then there would be nothing to worry about. Of course, if it was just a night with the guys, then there wouldn't be a problem.

Unfortunately, that's when the girls showed up.

Ken smiled and sat up. "Yolei! You made it!"

Yolei and Jeri arrived. Jeri walked over by Takato, but Yolei walked right past Ken. She stopped and sat on Henry's lap. "We still on for this weekend?"

Henry blinked. "Uh…?"

"I'll take that as a 'yes'."

Ken's jaw dropped open. "Yolei! What is this?!"

"I'm going out with Henry this weekend. You don't have a problem with that, do you?"

"What?! But…you're MY girlfriend!"

"You know, I used to think that, too, Ken. But… what can I say? Stuff happens."

"Stuff happens?"

As if on cue, someone came up behind Ken and wrapped him up in a hug. Of course, it was Rosa. Ken could only sweatdrop.

"I knew I'd find you here, Ken! Just wanted to say hello!"

Ken turned around and sighed. "Rosa…"

Rosa cut Ken off with a well-timed peck on the lips. "I'm sorry I can't stay, I have to find my mom. I think she's with the faculty. But I'll definitely see you later, mi amor."

Rosa happily skipped off and Ken made the biggest mistake he could possibly make. He blushed.

Having seen enough, Yolei reached over and grabbed Henry by the shirt collar. She pulled him up and planted a big kiss on his lips. After that hot kiss, she dropped him by the collar and he fell into his seat.

"You brought this all on yourself, Ken Ichijouji!" Yolei growled. "I hope you and Rosa are VERY happy!"

With that, she turned and stormed off. Ken just watched in disbelief. So did Davis. He knew things would get intense, but he didn't think he'd see all that unfold before his eyes.

Henry just blinked. "How did *I* get mixed up in all this?!"

Ken was still stunned. "I can't believe she did that."

"Well, to tell the truth, you sorta did have it coming," Jeri said as she sat down.

"Ok, explain that one to me," Takato cut in. "How exactly do you come out with that logic?"

"Think about it, Takato," Jeri explained. "Rosa's obviously making advances towards Ken, but he's not making any effort to stop them. So Yolei naturally feels threatened. And why wouldn't she be? If Ken isn't doing anything to stop these advances, then it's clear that he feels something for Rosa."

Ken's eyes widened. "I do not!"

"I don't know about that one," Jeri said skeptically. "Why haven't you said anything?"

"She's a junior in HIGH SCHOOL!. I can't just hurt her feelings."

"Well, you'd better do something soon. The more you let this go on, the closer Yolei gets to dumping you for Henry."

"How did *I* get mixed up in all this?" Henry asked again.

"Isn't it obvious?" Kazu grinned. "You're the irresistible bachelor. A woman can't resist your charm."

"What charm?!" Henry cried. "I didn't even DO anything!"

"Uh … maybe you should keep your distance from Jeri," Takato chuckled nervously. "I wouldn't want her falling for you, Henry."

Henry just shook his head and buried his face in his hands.

"You have to stop this, Henry," Ken pleaded. "You have to tell Yolei you aren't interested."

"I already agreed to go out with her… sort of. It's more like she agreed for me. So I guess we're going out this weekend. Maybe you'll get lucky and something will go wrong."

A light bulb appeared over Davis's head. "Hey, that's it! Henry, you're a genius!"

"So now I'm an irresistible bachelor AND a genius?"

"What are you thinking about, Davis?" Ken asked nervously.

"I'm thinking about making Henry's date with Yolei a total disaster! If Yolei has the worst date of her life, she'll realize just what a good thing she has with you!"

Ken thought about that. "You know something? As twisted at that might sound … that actually isn't such a bad idea."

Henry blinked. "Uh … what?"

"Maybe there are certain things Davis can't do right, but there are plenty of things he can do WRONG! This might actually be crazy enough to work!"

Takato leaned over and whispered into Henry's ear. "Maybe you should just nod, Henry."

Henry started nodding with a blank look on his face. Davis was feeling very proud of himself. He did indeed have a knack for messing up his fair share of things, but he had a great feeling that a disaster would make things right between Ken and Yolei again.

Sora sat beside Matt and tried to lay low. The last thing she wanted was to draw attention to herself. Although she was wearing one of Mimi's blond wigs and one of her hats, she still didn't want to be seen. One of her worst nightmares had come true on this day. She had always taken her head of hair for granted and now it was gone. Underneath the wig, her head was a shiny dome.

Matt sighed. "Tai, do you see him anywhere?"

"Don't ask me. Mimi was the one that said she knew where he was gonna be."

Mimi shook her head. "I haven't seen Joe all day. I thought he'd be here but knowing him, he probably went off somewhere to study for the whole day. He said he'd show up. Just keep looking."

Somebody soon arrived, but it wasn't Joe. It was Izzy, who was carrying Tentomon and his laptop. He was wearing a white lab coat, so he must have just arrived from a class.

"Izzy, have you seen Joe around?" Matt asked.

"He's probably studying somewhere and lost track of time. He said he'd be here. Hey, Sora, did you do something different with your hair? It looks like you dyed it."

Sora flinched and pulled her hat to cover her face. She was embarrassed to even be out there and just wanted to go back to her room. If Matt hadn't insisted on her accompanying him, she wouldn't even be there.

"It's not dye, Izzy," Tai muttered.

"It's not? What else could it be? I know Sora isn't a natural blond. Hey! Is that a result of Mimi's shampoo?"

Tai sweatdropped. "Well… That's one way of putting it."

Mimi leaned over and whispered the ugly fact into Izzy's ear. Izzy looked rather shocked.

"Oh … …"

Sora nodded. "Joe has a lot of explaining to do! Him and his stupid special experiments!"

Izzy put Tentomon down and opened up his laptop. "This is very fascinating information. I didn't think Digimon fur was so unstable that it could cause-"

"Don't even say it, Izzy!" Sora snapped. "Somebody might hear you!"

"Hear what?"

Sora's eyes widened when she saw Joe coming up the bleachers with Gomamon in his arms. Sora stood up and showed the most energy she had shown all day. She ran up to Joe and poured her soda on his head.

Joe was in a state of shock. "What was that for?"

"That's for you and your 'special ingredients'!"

Joe obviously hadn't noticed what happened. "I take it you didn't like Mimi's shampoo. I don't see what's wrong with it. You're hair's a perfect blond now."

Izzy walked over and whispered the terrible fact into Joe's ear. As soon as Joe heard it, he gulped and took a step back.

"Sora … are you really … .?"

"Don't even say it, Joe! Yes I am!"

Joe gulped. "I had no idea! It looked perfectly safe!"

"Joe, don't even speak to me!" Sora huffed. "I can't think of anything that could possibly be more embarrassing than …. this!"

Matt looked out on the soccer field and started snickering. "Uh … hey guys, look at that!"

Mimi looked out, gasped, and put her hands over her mouth. "Please tell me they aren't…"

Takuya sat on the bench with the other two freshmen players on the team, crestfallen. Being one of the only walk-ons on the entire team, one would think he would get a little more play time than he's been getting. But, unfortunately, Takuya is beginning to realize there is a hierarchy to college sports.

The captain of the team, Puck, got the Odaiba Dragons soccer team ready for what seemed like war. Takuya missed that feeling more than ever. Getting his team ready for battle. Leading them to victory. A lot like he had done with the Legendary Warriors numerous times. He was born to be a leader. And the treatment he had been getting since coming to Odaiba had been anything but.

His attention on his shortcomings on the team quickly faded, however, when the Tamachi Samurais came out of the locker room… they were all scratching their crotches ferociously. It was an odd and bizarre scene to say the least.

"They're all … scratching," one of Takuya's fellow freshmen, Holland, muttered.

It didn't take long to figure out what was going on. Someone had obviously sabotaged their jockstraps and laced them with some kind of scratching ointment or powder. And the first people thought of were Kazu and Kenta.

He couldn't help but snicker. He wondered how they pulled it off, though.

It didn't take long for his question to be answered, though. He saw a speeding pink ball fly away towards the concession area.

MarineAngemon was the first thing that came to Takuya's mind. Kazu and Kenta used MarineAngemon to put itching powder in the Tamachi Samurais clothes. Genius!

I don't give them enough credit. Those guys are actually pretty clever, Takuya thought to himself as he joined the rest of his team in laughing at the humiliating situation the Tamachi Samurais were now in.

They looked like dancing monkeys bouncing around on their side of the field. After watching for a few more seconds, he found the whole scene HILARIOUS.

Him and his fellow freshmen soccer teammates were rolling with laughter, as were the veterans on the team.

This whole 'college rivalry' thing was pretty entertaining, to say the least.

Rika was late for the game and from the sound of the live crowd, it was obvious that the action had begun. She wanted to hurry up and get there, but she sensed someone behind her. She stopped and sighed before turning around. She knew very well who it was that was that was following her.

"What do you want, Ryo?"

Ryo chuckled. "How'd you know?"

"Only you would have that kind of presence, Ryo. That kind of ANNOYING presence. You on your way to the game, too?"

"As a matter of fact, I am."

"That wasn't an invitation."

He merely chuckled, showing off his perfect smile. Rika despised it and adored it at the same time. Ryo always consistently found a way to get on her nerves.

She sighed. "I guess you can come with me." She started walking. "But don't start calling this a date, Ryo Akiyama!"

"Wouldn't think of it," Ryo smirked. "So where's your roommates?"

"My roommates? What's your interests in the others?"

"I thought you said they would be joining us."

"I said no such thing."

Ryo actually looked disappointed. "Ah, gee. I was hoping they would be."

"You looking to hang out with Jeri? She's with Takato, I think," Rika replied.

"No, I meant the other ones… Zoë, was it?"

That piqued Rika's interests. "I can barely stand having YOU around, much less them. I still don't understand this sudden interests in my roommates not named Jeri."

"Well, I got to know Zoë and she really doesn't seem that bad-"

"Wait a second! What do you mean you got to know her?"

"We had a nice conversation during an even nicer lunch together the other day."

Rika sneered. "She didn't say anything about me, did she?"

"Rika … you hardly entered into the conversation at all," Ryo grinned. "This was just a whole 'get better acquainted' sort of thing. We got along really well."

"I'm sure," Rika said sarcastically.

Rika peered over past Ryo and saw Kari walking over through the crowd. She hadn't seen them yet. That's when Rika panicked. She wouldn't be able to take a night with BOTH Ryo and Kari. If she could get inside, maybe she wouldn't see them.

"Uh … Ryo, let's get inside. We'll talk about this later. I think the game started."

Rika was in a hurry now, but as was typical, Ryo seemed to do exactly the opposite of what she wanted. He was barely budging, even though she tried to lead him in by the arm. They only made it another few steps before Kari spotted them.


Rika grumbled under her breath and stopped in her tracks. She turned around and wanted to put on a fake smile. But seeing Kari's sickeningly cheerful demeanor just made Rika scowl even more.

"I thought you were already here! Didn't you go with Davis?"

Kari shook her head. "Oh … I had some errands to run. I said I'd meet up with Davis here." She saw Rika tugging on Ryo's arm and smiled. "I didn't expect you to be with a date. Hi… Ryo, was it?"

Ryo was about to smirk, but Rika immediately slapped him upside the head. "This is NOT a date," she said firmly.

"I don't think we've met before," Ryo said in a friendly manner. Rika rolled her eyes. "I'm Ryo," he introduced himself, extending out the hand of friendship to Kari.

Kari giggled and accepted. "I'm Kari. Rika's roommate."

Ryo glanced over at Rika, who had a look of pure sourness plastered on her face. This was the last thing she wanted, for the two annoyingly 'perfect' people in her life to meet.

"Rika's roommate, Kari. I was just asking about her roommates."

"Well, here I am," Kari replied with a silly giggle.

Rika thought she was going to vomit. Then, a "Ryo!" came from the side of them. And up came blonde Zoë running up to them. Rika felt like this whole exchange couldn't go any more haywire.

Ryo flashed her a wide smile and the two of them hugged tightly in a friendly manner. Zoë beamed at Ryo. Rika almost thought that something could have been going on between the two of them if she wasn't the assuming type.

"Hi, Ryo! I didn't expect to see you here. Hey, Kari! Hey, Rika!"

Kari smiled and greeted her in a similar fashion. Rika, however, was not at all happy at the arrival of her second, OTHER roommate. "Are we just going to chatter all night?" she growled. "I'd like to get in sometime before next week!"

Rika started walking in, Kari trailing behind her and Ryo and Zoë were slowly following behind. If there was one thing Rika had, it was sharp hearing, because she started to hear those two whispering amongst themselves.

"So did you tell her?"

"Uh … I don't think that's a good idea right now."

"She has to find out eventually."

"When the time is right. Trust me."

If there was ever anything to raise Rika's curiosity, that was it. What could that have possibly meant? She shook that out of her mind and kept walking. It couldn't possibly be what she thought it was.

At least she hoped it wasn't.

Kazu waited outside the bathroom with Koichi eating a chili dog. "Kenta, what happened? Did you fall in or something?"

"I'm taking my time! That's the last time I have more than five of those tacos. And I still have to … wash my hands, you know."

Kazu knew that was secret code for "I have to wash the itching powder off MarineAngemon". The little Mega-level Digimon had somehow ran into Koichi, of all people, after he fled the Tamachi Samurais locker room. He had apparently got some itching powder on himself, scratching like crazy. Thankfully he found Koichi, who led him to Kenta and Kazu.

Kazu had to give the little guy credit where credit was due. He took one for the team that night. And the sweet reward was sweet. The entire soccer team still had a serious case of 'jock itch'.

"Its a good thing Koichi found him! We probably would have been searching forever," Kazu said as he stuffed another piece of his chili dog in his mouth.

"Did you guys even TRY to look for him?" Koichi asked Kazu incredulously. Kazu chuckled a bit nervously. "Well, ya see… we were getting to it!"

Neither Koichi nor Kazu noticed a little bird-like Digimon drop a note on Kazu's popcorn bag. The Digimon waited patiently behind a wall before finally giving Kazu a hint.


Kazu and Koichi looked around, but didn't find any sign of life.

"What was that?" Koichi asked aloud, looking down and seeing the note sitting on Kazu's popcorn bag, who saw it at the same time he did. Kazu picked it up and started to read it to himself.

"Hmm… To the two wannabe pranksters. I know you two had something to do with that itching powder stunt. Very creative. But a real prankster is prepared for any and all situations and is always ready to immediately retaliate. Sometimes it's more fun to strike #2, if you catch my drift. I'll leave it up to you to figure out just what I did. Signed, Nicho. P.S. Tamachi Tech rules."

Kazu wanted more than anything to dismiss this as just a scare tactic. There was no way Nicho could have been a step ahead of them. It wasn't possible.

"What does that mean?!" Koichi asked worriedly. Kazu didn't have a clever remark or comeback. He had to think long and hard about the note and started to get a little nervous.

He thought about the cryptic message in that letter. He thought hard about what he could have done, but it didn't take Kazu long to find out.


Kazu's eyes widened as he and Koichi poked their heads into the bathroom. Each and every toilet and stall in the bathroom exploded and went up like individual geysers. Kazu immediately caught on to Nicho's prank.

"Cherry bombs!"


Kazu gulped. "Uh oh. Kenta? You ok?"

That question was answered when Kenta hit the tiles on the bathroom floor hard with an audible thud. Kazu stepped over to see if his friend was ok and was met up with an unpleasant sight.

"Kenta … there's already a full moon outside and one's enough for me, thanks."

Kenta slowly got to his feet and pulled his pants up. MarineAngemon tumbled out of his pocket and looked to be dizzied by the sudden combustion of the toilets.

Kenta groaned. "Kazu … what happened?"

Kazu crumbled up the note. "Nicho happened! He got us again!"

"Wait a minute! This is the SAME Nicho from Tamachi that kidnapped Guilmon?" Koichi asked, completely lost as to the pranksters recent shenanigans.

"The one and the same," Kazu sneered.

Kenta couldn't believe it. "No way! So he had something ready for us this whole time?"

Kazu snarled. "Obviously, he did. But if he thinks this is the last he's heard of me, then he's got another thing coming!" He pointed triumphantly in the air. "Nobody makes a dope out of BlackWarKazumon!"

Unfortunately, Kazu and Koichi had their backs turned and Kenta had his eyes on the floor. None of them saw that same bird-like Digimon come sneaking up behind Kazu and Koichi. And with a swift tug, he pulled both of their pants down and ran off.


The three of them looked around. Kazu and Koichi both suddenly noticed a draft.


As they reached down to pull their pants up, somebody was chuckling by the bathroom door. Kazu, Kenta, and Koichi looked over to see it was Nicho.

"You know, I noticed this prank war was getting a little ugly," Nicho grinned. "That's why I was hoping you'd be willing to turn the other cheek, but that's not quite the cheek I had in mind. Free tip, amateurs: quit while you're behind." And as quick as he arrived, Nicho sped off. "Tamachi Tech rules!"

His mind filling up with frustration at the thought of having been outsmarted, Kazu just reached down to pull up his pants. Of course the fact that he WAS outsmarted had him so distracted that he couldn't even keep himself coordinated and fell over. He wouldn't let the prank wars end like this.

After all, the school year was still young.