Maximum Ride doesn't belong to me. It belongs to James Patterson. Only the characters I make up and this fanfic belong to me. This is another random idea that I think could be funny. If you like Fax, check out my other fanfic, Innocence Takes Flight.

Fang POV

I don't get it. All we did was blow up one of the School buildings. Or Itex. Or WHATEVER! This was not suppose to happen. I was not suppose to look like I just popped out of a Build-A-Bear store. I was not suppose to have hands the size of a goldfish… maybe even smaller than that! I was not suppose to wake up at Dr. Martinez's house on top of a pillow bigger than me. And I most certainly was not suppose to sound like one of the chipmunks when I screamed:


I had be chibified. (1)

Alright. That's the prologue. I'll get the first chapter up next.

1) Chibi means child in Japanese.

Let me know what you think!