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A/N: Set sometime after Kill Ari and before Hiatus, so, about mid season three more so towards Kill Ari, Abby/Gibbs pairing. This one's seriously a one shot (I am pretty sure, unless I have an epiphany about how to continue it) Reviews are always nice to read… I may have made up some details that wouldn't ordinarily be made up, but its fan fiction, right? Also, I have a thing for rain, I love the rain…

Letting In

Abby just lay on the bed, crying, not bothering to move, flat on her stomach. She was dressed in Gibbs's t-shirt and an old pair of running shorts, comfy clothes she called them. It was like she was giving up, dead in the water. Gibbs watched her a few moments from the door way. In an odd way he'd gotten used to this. Once a month or so Abby would just start balling her eyes out in grief over Kate. He usually waited in the doorway and watched her as long as he could take it, which was only a few seconds, then went in. Which is exactly what he did tonight, as the rain pounded on the windows, he stepped into their bedroom.

He walked in cautiously and sat on the edge of the bed, she didn't move, and he hadn't expected her to. He awkwardly lay down beside her on the bed, and to his surprise she shifted onto her side to face him. Once he had gotten over the slight shock, he took her right into his arms and held her against him. She began to sob into his chest, and he began to gently stroke her shiny black hair.

"Abbs, you'll be ok, all right? Trust me on this one, ok? We'll get you through it," He said as he kissed her forehead, "I'm here for you, Abbs. And I love you."

His words seemed to have a calming effect as her tears ceased and she calmed down. Gibbs's mind was racing at his own words, had he really just said those words aloud? He hadn't told any of his women that since…well for a long time. Then, Abbs wasn't just one of his women, she was Abbs, she was the only woman he had actually loved since…But how could he make sure that she knew that? There had been so many. He started to regret all his relationships of the past few years wishing he had just waited quietly in the background for Abby to realize the way he loved her.

Gibbs mind kept going most of the night, as Abby slept he kept beating himself over the head, maybe not literally, but he was tempted to whack himself the way he did DiNozzo. The only thing stopping him was Abby's sleeping position; he would disturb her sleep if he moved his arm, as she was laying on it.

Gibbs woke up the next morning and Abby was still sleeping, his arms still holding her tight. She stirred a few times as Gibbs watched her sleep. Then about fifteen minutes later she woke up. She was always so graceful as she woke, he noted. She yawned and then caught his blue eyes with her green ones, so that they were just gazing into each others eyes. Suddenly Gibbs didn't want to be just gazing at her, and he used his hand to guide her lips to his own.

"Well good morning to you too," She said with a mischievous smile.

He returned her smile with a smile of his own and another kiss.

"Abbs," He said as they cuddled on top of the covers, were they had slept all night.

"Mhmmm?" Abby said, still a little sleepy, but in a much better mood than the night before.

"It's Sunday," He started with a smile, "You wanna go for a drive with me?"


"Ok, get Dressed and get ready and everything, and I'll meet you down in the Kitchen in a half hour."

"Where're we going?"

"Does it matter?" He asked, wondering just what she would wear if he told her exactly where they were going, "Just get dressed."

"Oh but it does dear Gibbs," She teased he smirked, gave her a kiss and climbed out of bed.

He dressed quickly and was soon down in the kitchen, he put on a pot of coffee on and sat at his kitchen table, he had out the newspaper in front of him like he was reading it, but he wasn't. He was too preoccupied with thoughts of what he had planned for the day.

Abby soon arrived in the kitchen, wearing one of her usual, unusual outfits, but it didn't matter to him, she's his Abby no matter how she chose to dress.

"Ready?" He asked as he stood, and put his coffee cup in the sink.

"Yup," She said as he took her hand in his and led her out the door.

Gibbs drove quietly through Washington DC with his left hand on the wheel and his right holding Abby's hand. Both hands were then placed on Abby's knee, as she sipped her own very sugary coffee.

"So," said Abby breaking the silence, and watching Gibbs's face intently, "Now can you tell me where we're going?"

"Abbs," said Gibbs, and he sighed, "If I thought I could find the words to tell you, I would, but it's better if I just show you. We're almost there, Abbs. I just want you to know you are the only person I have chosen to share this with, and its because I love you. I want to get closer, but this is something you need to know about me first. I'm not sharing it with you because I want to push you away, quiet the opposite, Abbs."

"Ok," said Abby solemnly.

Abby watched as she thought she saw a tear form in his eye. They remained silent for the rest of their journey. Gibbs soon pulled into a cemetery, and followed the little gravel road to the back. Abby kept her questions to herself as he drove. He stopped the car in front of two marble gravestones. Both had fresh flowers set in front of them.

Gibbs got out of the car, and Abby met him on his side of the car, closest to the gravestones. He took her hand and led her to the graves. As soon as she was close enough, she read the names. Shannon Gibbs. Kelly Gibbs.