A/N: My first non angsty fic! Yea! I love this pairing a lot there should be more fics for them.

Rating: G

Pairing(s): Shikaneji

Genre: Romance

Disclaimer: Me no owny Naruto. Kishimoto owny Naruto please no sue!

Summary: Neji wonders about his relationship with Shikamaru.

Ever single day people come up to me.

They ask why do I love him.

Why does the stoic Hyuuga prodigy love the lazy-ass genius?

And every single day I tell them that I just do and I leave.

But I'm not sure of the answer myself.

And everyday when I leave I walk to the apartment we share.

And everyday as I walk home these questions race around in my mind.

Why do I love him?

Why is he so special to me?

Why is it that I would do anything for him?

Then the thoughts change to.

Why does he love me?

How come he chose me?

He could've had anone else so why me?

And I grow paranoid, which I know is something Hyuugas don't do.

But I can't help it.

I quicken my pace and pass through the door to our apartment.

Then sit down on our couch.

I keep thinking about these things and I feel tense.

Then he comes through the door.

He lazily plops down besides me.

'Your head's going to explode if you think that hard.' He remarks.

I turn my head and glare at him.

Then he comes closer, takes my head band off and kisses my seal.

He goes lower and lower, trailing down my check, till he reaches my mouth.

It's a short kiss but it's enough to make me forget about all those thoughts.

Because even though I may not know why I love him.

Or why he loves me.

I know that I love him

And he loves me

And it'll be that way for a long time.

AN: uhhhhhh it ended. don't know how this came to my head it just did and uhhhhh nothin else BYEZ!!