Another Promise To Break

Okay, this is the sequel to Broken Promise so don't read this if you haven't read Broken Promise yet. Enjoy the first chapter.


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Summary: Mikan is now dead because of Natsume's broken promise with Hotaru. She is buried in a nearby cave in the farthest part of Northern Woods so she can rest in peace. One day, Hotaru and the staff came to visit her only to find her coffin there and opened, but her body wasn't there nor was it ever found again. There, was where her tombstone was supposed to be, but all that remains was the words "Mikan Sakura". Who could've done such a thing? A new student named Keiko Minami arrived at Gakuen Alice the next day having to have a lot of similarities as Mikan. What if this "Keiko Minami" as she says is actually Mikan? Can the dead really come back to life?! Why is she a multi alice like Mikan and has her nullification alice? Really, who is she? This "Keiko Minami" girl? Mikan Sakura? Her twin? How can Mikan even be alice?! That's impossible right? Well, read and find out.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Because of Natsume's broken promise to Hotaru, a promise that must never be broken, although it already did, Mikan Sakura had died. What was his promise, you ask? Why, it was to never hurt Mikan or to make her cry, but Natsume did both of them all at once causing Mikan to do something very suicidal. And what was this suicidal thing she did? Why she cut her wrists. No duh, if you don't know the answer to this then go back and read the prequel.

Natsume walked around the school and looked like he didn't care about Mikan's death and that made Hotaru very mad, but to tell the truth, Natsume felt very bad that he had hurt Mikan and caused her to kill herself and promised himself to never date anyone unless it was Mikan herself, but she was dead so it was impossible you'll have to wait to find that out. Hotaru and the staff went to visit Mikan everyday since she died, especially Hotaru. She missed her best friend's smiles and hugs, but it was impossible to receive them again. Hotaru visited Mikan every morning before school, during lunch, after school, and before she went to sleep.

One day, when both Hotaru and the staff went to visit Mikan, they found her coffin visible and it was open with nobody inside. Her tombstone was broken, but for some reason it seems that someone had left the words "Mikan Sakura".

The day after that, there was an announcement that Mikan's body was no where to be seen. A transfer student arrived to school and was about to walk into the classroom until.

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