Another Promise To Break

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Chapter 5:Mikan's Return/Epilogue


"Strange." said Ruka and touched Keiko and withdrew. He remembered the moment when Mikan rejected him because she had only thought of him as a brother.


"Mikan, I love you!" said Ruka underneath the Sakura tree. They both didn't know that Natsume was on top of the branch listening to them. Mikan covered her face with her bangs as did Natsume. Natsume didn't want Mikan to say that she likes Ruka back and Mikan doesn't want to hurt Ruka's feelings. "Ruka, I'm sorry, but I don't love you. I can only think of you as a brother. Nothing more nothing less." said Mikan. There was a short silence. "Is it Natsume?" asked Ruka. Mikan looked at Ruka with her eyes wide opened and all she could do was nod. Natsume was shocked too and looked at what Mikan's answer was and saw that she nodded her head. He knew that he could have a chance with her. "Okay, I will give you up for Natsume. He needs you more than I do." said Ruka and walked away. After Ruka was gone, Mikan slumped onto the ground. "I'm sorry Ruka. I didn't want to hurt you. I already know that Natsume won't love me back." said Mikan and walked towards her room.

End of Flashbacks

One by one as each student touched Keiko they remembered something important. Yuu remembered that Keiko had to go to the hospital and it was at that moment that Natsume carried her with little Aki still in her arms towards the hospital as quick as he could.

End of Recap

Keiko was sent to the ER room and the class was outside worried for Keiko. Natsume was pacing back and forth and suddenly stopped. "Wait! Why am I worried for Keiko? Since when did I call her by her name?! I have to stay loyal for Mikan since it was my fault she died!" thought Natsume. Koko read his mind, of course, he would laugh by now, but it wasn't the right time to. The doctor came out and announced that they were allowed to see Keiko. One by one, the students came into the room. They saw Keiko there, and noticed something was different. All of a sudden, Keiko opened her eyes and said "Yuka, you can come out now."

Yuka came out along with Persona and Aki. Keiko sat up and everyone saw that her hair had two colors. From the roots until halfway, her hair was raven while below that to the tips were brown. Her eyes were still the same, red and brown. Her voice had sounded more kinder than it usually is. "Can you all go outside for a while? I need to talk to these 3 people here and Hota-chan can stay here." said Keiko. "Nobody calls Hotaru/Imai/me that unless it's Mikan."thought everyone, but Keiko, Aki, Persona, and Yuka.

Everyone, but Persona, Aki, Yuka, and Hotaru left the room. "What's wrong with you calling me Hota-chan? Like Mikan does?" asked Hotaru. "You actually forgot me Hotaru?" asked Keiko. Hotaru raised an eyebrow. Keiko sighed. "Actually, to tell you the truth, I am Mikan Sakura and Keiko Minami." said Keiko. Hotaru's facial expression didn't change. "Fine fine. Yuka explain to her." said Keiko.

"You see the one who took Mikan's body out of her coffin was me. The body actually belonged to Keiko Minami. She allowed Mikan to share her body when her soul was back into her body, but now both of them are awaken and one of them need to leave the body and return to a different body. Since this body belongs to Keiko, Mikan needs to leave this body as soon as possible or she will stay in this body forever." said Yuka. "So what you're saying is that Mikan wasn't dead in the first place and that you took the body to make a replica of Mikan's body." said Hotaru. Everyone nodded their heads. "But what happened to Mikan's real body?" asked Hotaru. "When she reached the age of 5, before she met you, her body was found missing when I returned home and all I had found was a letter indicating that someone took Mikan's body and would only return it if I were to join the AAO. Of course the letter was written by Reo Mouri. When I joined, I was lied to, they killed Mikan's body and now I had to borrow Keiko's body and let Mikan use it until she had 'died' and Keiko would have her body back until Mikan was fully recovered and now that time has came. I am already finished with making the body, I just need to borrow the body tonight and put Mikan's soul back into her new body." said Yuka. Hotaru just stood there and said "Mikan?"

"Hai, Hotaru." said Keiko/Mikan smiling. "Baka." said Hotaru causing everyone to sweat drop.

In a couple of minutes, everyone entered the room and found Aki and Hotaru there with Keiko/Mikan. They all stood next to Keiko's bed. Koko had read her mind and knew who she really was. He looked at her and saw that she smiled at him, but really that wasn't in her thoughts. "If you dare tell anyone about this before I do, I will do the same to you as I did to that fan girl who was thrown to the blackboard."thought Keiko/Mikan. Koko was scared and kept his mouth shut. Later that night, Yuka and Persona 'kidnapped' Keiko and took her to Persona's house and transferred Mikan's soul back into her new body. Yuka teleported Keiko back into the hospital while Persona took Mikan to her room. The next day, Narumi had announced that they have two new students.

"Class, we have two new students. Well, one of them is revived so please don't be surprised and the other one will leave soon, but she will explain." said Narumi and with that the students entered the classroom. A beautiful girl with brown hair that looked like silk entered the classroom with her eyes closed, in her uniform. Another girl entered the classroom with flowing raven hair and her eyes closed holding a child with raven hair and big brown eyes in her arms. She wasn't wearing the uniform. They both sighed and opened their eyes slowly. The first one who entered the classroom revealed brown innocent orbs while the other one had revealed red deathly eyes.

"Hello, I hope you all remember me, but I'm Mikan Sakura. While I was 'dead', I had to recover and so Keiko had to replace me for a while. I have the nullification alice and the SEC alice. I'm in the Dangerous Ability Type class and a special star." said Mikan. Everyone was about to pounce on Mikan until Keiko glared at them which made them all cower in fear. "I am Keiko Minami. I will explain everything about Mikan's recovery. When Mikan was at the age of 5, her body was found missing and her mother, Yuka Azumi, must join the AAO in order to have her back, but by the time she joined she was tricked and Mikan's body was badly injured. And so, her mother asked if I may share my body and I agreed only until Mikan's new body was made. Eventually, she 'died' which happens to be a year ago somewhere. And so, she was asleep in my body recovering while I used this chance to go back outside. Yesterday, when I had fainted during class, Mikan had awaken and just last night, her soul was transferred back into her new body." explained Keiko. Everyone nodded their heads in reply.

Aki clutched Keiko's shirt and reached for her cheek. "Mommy, I'm hungry." said Aki. "Mommy?!" yelled everyone, but Keiko, Aki, Mikan, and a person, no it's not Natsume or Hotaru or Ruka. "Ah, gomenasai." said Aki with tears in his eyes. "No, it's about time we should tell them. Honey, please come up." said Keiko. Kitsuneme suddenly stood up, and as he walked to the front of the classroom, his appearance started to dissolve and a new appearance came. srry, but kitsuneme isn't who your going to think it is, but you'll find out later.

"It's about time we found you." said Keiko and the boy smiled. He has short spiky black hair and brown eyes. "Sorry, I'll explain this one for you if you forgive me." said the boy. "Fine, do it." said Keiko. "I am Kai Soma. Keiko's husband and Aki's father. We are Gods. Keiko is the Goddess of Time while I am the God of Art. Little Aki here is still in training. I dont ever use kitsuneme much so i decided to use his appearance as a disguise for Kai." said Kai. Everyone nodded their heads in reply. All of a sudden, there was a bright flash of light. It blinded everyone, but Mikan, Keiko, Aki, and Kai.

Keiko, Kai, and Aki appeared when the light dissolved. There was Keiko in a pure white gown with a gold staff in her hand and held Aki's hand with her other hand who was suddenly on the ground. Kai was clothed in his cape and had a trident in his hand and held Aki's hand with his other hand. Aki was wearing a cute blue shirt and had a hat on with bunny ears sticking out holding both of his parents hands. "Well, this is goodbye." said Kai. "Bye-bye." said Aki in a very cute manner. Keiko and Kai smiled and the three of them disappeared back into their worlds. Narumi was about to speak until the bell rang. "Class lasted this long?"were everyone's thoughts because it seemed like only 10 minutes.

Natsume carried Mikan and jumped out of the classroom towards their Sakura tree. They sat underneath the Sakura tree alone, for once, because Hotaru knew that Mikan wanted to talk to Natsume and vice versa, so she left them alone and went on to blackmailing Ruka.

"Mikan, why didn't you tell me anything about this?" asked Natsume covering his face with is bangs. Mikan's smile faded and tears replaced it. "Gomenasai, Natsume-kun!" yelled Mikan and jumped into Natsume's arms. Natsume was surprised, but hid it with a smile and calmed Mikan. He hugged her back and put his head on hers inhaling his favorite scent that Mikan always wore, strawberries.

5 years later...

After Mikan had came out and everyone had graduated from Gakuen Alice, Mikan and Natsume were married. So did Ruka and Hotaru, and Anna and Koko, and Yuu and Nonoko, and so forth. They all had kids and they all played with each other everyone at one of their houses. They would always decide whose house to go to the night before. Mikan and Natsume had fraternal twins named Akito and Rika who were 3 year olds. Akito had Mikan's looks, but he sure had Natsume's attitude while Rika had Natsume's looks, but was definitely Mikan because she got her clumsiness from her mother of course. Hotaru and Ruka had a 4 year old daughter named Risa who had Ruka's ocean blue eyes and had the same hair color as Subaru did which made them all wonder why. Risa has a thing for animals especially bunnies and loves blackmailing people. Hm, I wonder why she got that from. XD. Anna and Koko had a 2 year old son name Akira who loves technology and his whole room is only filled with technology. Yuu and Nonoko has a 2 1/2 year old daughter name Alice whom for some reason is addicted to vampires especially Natsume for his bloody red eyes.

Keiko, Kai, and Aki are happily watching them all. Aki was on his way on becoming the second Zeus since he was going to retire soon and Aki had the lightning alice which was perfect for his lightning bolts as Zeus would use too. All he needed to do was wait for his results. It seems that if he passes then he would be the youngest God ever because he is still an 8 year old.

Everyone is very happy that Mikan is back in their lives and later forgot about Keiko, Kai, and Aki. All, but Mikan, for she owes many thanks to Keiko for allowing her to share her body.

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