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"Wanna go upstairs." John asked, in his attempt to be seductive. I pretended to be interested, walking up the stairs toward his bedroom. And when his vile hand traveled down to my ass, I pretended that the reason that I went up the stairs faster was because that it excited me, instead of the real reason of wanting to get this over with. I ignored his thoughts, disgusted at the thought of what he thought we were about to do. About what he thought he was about to touch.

When we got to the bedroom, he opened the door, and led me in, his hand still groping my ass. It was disgusting... I pushed him onto the bed, listening to his lustfilled thoughts, knowing that he would never expect what I was about to do. I got ontop of him, letting my body slide up his just enough to keep him thinking. I kissed his lips fiercely, going through the normal journey to his neck. The reason I was disgusted with him had nothing to do with his looks. In fact, he was very attractive. It was his thoughts and previous actions that disgusted me. He killed innocent people for the fun of it, raped young girls, sold drugs to young children. He ruined peoples lives, destroying any future for those that were guilable, young. And so I was here to destroy his.

I kissed down his neck, hearing his moans and whispers of my name, and when I got to the pulse point in his neck, I kissed him once there, feeling him shiver in pleasure, and then I plunged my teeth into his flesh, moving my hand up to cover his mouth to muffle all his screams, and started to suck the life out of him. The life that god gave him, the life that he didn't deserve.

Once all of the blood had been drained from him, I licked my saliva over it, mending the cut immediately. I searched his clothes for any blood, and, finding none, I put his body under the bed, not bothering, as I never did, to cover him from the human's eyes. I didn't want them to have to waste there time and energy on searching for such a despicable man. These people that would have had to search for him, would have lost time with their friends and family... Their lives.

Oh how I envied them.

They had lives. They were alive. They could eat, drink, sleep. They could bleed, cry real tears, and if they wanted to, kill themselves.

But I couldn't.

I couldn't do any of those things. Sure, I could eat, but it wasn't the same. They could eat food and not have to barf it up later. And what I drank wouldn't be something that they would consider when they got something out of the fridge.

I sure as hell couldn't sleep. Believe me, I've tried. It is impossible. I wish I could though. Wish I could dream, dream about anything and everything but my so called "life". Hell, I would trade this existance for just the nightmares. At least they weren't real. Existance was. Existance was just like a nightmare, but unfortunately was real. Something you wish was just a nightmare. But isn't.

But I would trade all of that for someone who would love me. I would trade all of everything, for that one something.

A companion. Someone with a beautiful, unconditional love for me. Someone who wouldn't mind if I didn't do anything with my hair or had my lazy, comfortable clothes days. Someone who didn't just want sex. A person- preferably vampire- that would kiss me when they thought no one was looking, and would travel with me wherever my work took me.

If I had only been prepared for the feelings, things probably would've worked out better. But I wasn't. . .Not at all. . .