by Thomas Mc


Vincent sat in his chamber, his mood very somber. The blow-up had been very unpleasant. He could still sense Catherine's feelings of hurt and anger over their bond, even two hours later. Her emotions were still running strong and it pained him to have her feel this way. He couldn't decide whether he should go to her now and try to smooth things over or give her time to cool down before talking to her. He knew that some of it was his own fault. His reluctance to let things go forward in their relationship was not going over well with her and today's argument had come at the worst possible time when her frustration was already at a peak. The thing was, as much as he craved her love, he just couldn't see any clear future for them. And even if they did somehow make it work and have a physical relationship without him harming her, what if they produced offspring. What kind of future would they be forced to endure. Her comment about him not even giving her the option to choose for herself had hit home but how could he risk harming her. Try as he would, he could see no way out of his dilemma.

~ o ~

Jacob sat in his library, his mood somber. She had called him a bitter old man that had forgotten what it meant to be in love. But Jacob believed he was right. What kind of life could Vincent possibly give her? Catherine was from Above. She was a creature of wealth and privilege. She could never be happy with all the restrictions that a life below would entail. It was inevitable, she would eventually leave Vincent and Jacob would be left to pick-up the pieces. But he was still haunted by the look of hurt he had seen on her face when he had pronounced their relationship doomed. The devastated look on Vincent's face when Catherine had stormed out had been just as hard to bear. Vincent had then quietly declared "You're wrong, Father." The disappointment and disapproval on Vincent's face and in his voice had stung. He had then walked out of the library without a backward glance leaving Jacob alone and unhappy.

~ o ~

All the way home Catherine had fumed. Now she paced her living room mumbling to her self, her pain and anger still undimmed. Father's words had wormed their way into her mind and effected her, making her doubt, and she hated that the most. Everything that she had learned about Jacob's past, in her drive to locate him that time he disappeared, had given her a deeper understanding of what made him tick. Even though she now understood where part of it came from, Jacob's words had still hurt deeply. No matter what he thought, she was not Margaret and she would not go away like that woman had. And Vincent's intransigence only made it worse. The way he had just decided what was best for her, regardless of his reasons just rankled. Why couldn't he see what was so obvious to her. She had ended up shouting at both of them and storming out. Now she found herself entertaining doubts about hers and Vincent's future. Could they ever have anything even approaching a normal life. Would Vincent ever allow them to even try. She believed with all her heart that she would never leave Vincent. But would she ever be able to break through that barrier he had erected and have the kind of physical relationship she craved.


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