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Warning there is some mature language

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Chapter 1: Kyle Stevens

August 27, 2008

Location: earth- united states: Alexandria, VA

"Ok, get ready" said 17 year old Kyle Stevens into his radio. He got a couple of call button clicks back, which indicated his teammates had gotten his message and were waiting. Suddenly, he noticed movement through the brush and was able to make out a person; he was armed with a shotgun. Kyle gripped his MP5 tighter and prepared to lift the weapon up, but suddenly he realized that firing his machine gun would give away his position. He swung the MP5 behind his back and drew his sidearm which was much quieter. Kyle took aim and when he had a clear shot he pulled back on the trigger.

"Fuck!" Said his target as the small plastic BB slammed into the skin on his arm, at 260 fps. There was a good sized welt on his arm from the impact. "Not fair, Kyle" he whispered as he removed a red bandanna from his pocket and tied it around his head, this let all the other players know he'd been killed.

"That's the name of the game" Kyle retorted as he went past him, the only reason he hadn't been seen was the camo jacket and pants he wore. It was the new digital style that the armed forces were using now. He also wore a tactical vest loaded with goodies he'd found online, from tripwire to a BB claymore.

"Kyle, we're in position" said his teammate Daniel over the radio.

"Ok, stand by, I'm almost there" he replied into his headset. Kyle moved through the dense shrubbery of the forest behind his backyard until he came to a clearing. In the middle of the backyard was their main goal, the enemy flag. Unfortunately, five people stood guard with high powered gas guns. Kyle looked over the situation and decided that their current plan would be sufficient. "Ok... go" said Kyle as he began to open fire on them, his teammates came out and began a charge hosing the enemy with fire. Unfortunately, they saw them coming and were able to cut them down before they got close. Suddenly, they all felt a sharp pain as they all got hit by BBs. Kyle came in from behind and grabbed the flag.

"Man, how'd you do that, we never saw you coming?" one of them asked.

"It wasn't me" said Kyle as he pointed to a person coming out of a tree wearing a sniper suit. Joe, Kyle's longtime friend was their best sniper.

"Damn, man, you always win"

"Don't I know it" Kyle replied. "I'll see you all later" Kyle said as his friends left for their bikes. Kyle climbed up the back deck of his home and went in through the screen door. He was immediately greeted by his family's black lab, king.

"Hey, boy" Kyle said as he gave him a pat on the head.

"Kyle, you're back" said his little brother Joshua.

"Where's mom?" Kyle asked

"Just out to wall mart" josh replied.

"I'll be in my room" Kyle said as he walked down the hall and up the stairs. He passed the various photos of his family. His father was a captain in the Marine Corps and had taught him how to handle himself in a fight. His father wanted him to follow in his footsteps just like his older brother who was currently a corporal, both were deployed overseas. Kyle entered his bedroom and stripped of his vest and camo coat and put it along with his airsoft guns in his closet. He took off his sweaty white t-shirt he was wearing underneath and swapped it for a black shirt with the words frack me on the front; it was a curse word from his favorite show Battlestar Galactica. Kyle went over to his TV and turned on the Xbox 360 sitting on top and he inserted Halo 3, grabbed his controller and plopped back on his bed. Just as he reached for his headset, his cell phone began to ring.

"Yo, man, you got to get down here" said his best friend Mike when he answered

"Where is 'here'?" Kyle asked

"I'm at Jesse's, man, its one wild party", Kyle could hear some loud music in the background.

"I don't really feel like it, I just got back from an airsoft match".

"Oh come on, everyone's here… including Caitlin".

"We broke up two months ago, Mike".

"But you can try and patch things up; you take responsibility for ending it, that'll get her back".

"We ended it mutually, Mike. Remember?".

"Ok, man, she has her cousin with her and she is HOT, you got to get down here and put in a good word for me".

"You're hopeless"

"Damn straight… so will you come or not?".

Kyle thought it over for a few minutes before he said "ok fine but I'm not helping you pick up a girl".

"That's ok, man; I'll see you in a few"

"Alright, later" said Kyle as he closed the lid and slid the phone into his pants pocket; He also grabbed his ipod, wallet, sunglasses and house keys. Kyle went back downstairs, said bye to his brother and went out the back door. He waked through the woods for about 10 minutes until he came upon a 10 foot tall fence, which he scaled with out any difficulty. Kyle ended up in an alleyway a few streets over from Jesse's place; this was a shortcut he favored. Kyle walked down the alley and passed four men standing outside a yard drinking beer. He walked past them and gave them a nod, a tall man in a white tee wearing glasses simply responded.


Kyle continued on his way but he suddenly he herd a thud from behind the dumpster up ahead.

"Who's there?" he called out, thinking it might be Mike and Jesse playing a prank. It all happened in a flash. Suddenly, a figure jumped out from behind the dumpster holding something glowing in his hand. Kyle didn't get a good look at him because he raised his arm and a beam shot out from whatever he was caring, and it encompassed Kyle in a pink light.


"Son of a bitch!" Kyle swore as he regained consciousness and found himself face down on a metal floor. He got up and looked around at his surroundings; he was in a corridor of some kind, but it looked a lot like a navy destroyer like the ones his father and brother used to serve on. He walked down until he came to a corner, but when he rounded it he saw a guard making rounds. Kyle quickly ducked back, hoping he didn't see him. But he herd the sound of foot steps heading for him. Kyle quickly formulated a plan and waited for him to round the corner before he dropped to his knees, and whacked him in the stomach. The guard got the wind knocked out of him and Kyle used his disorientation to kick his legs out from under him. The guard fell to the deck and banged his head on the floor, knocking him out. Kyle rummaged through his pockets and found a card with a metallic strip; he also noticed the butt of a pistol sticking out from a holster on his leg so he undid the strap and removed the weapon.

"What the hell?!" he said as he held the weapon in his hands, it was an M6D, just like the ones from Halo! Kyle was about to ask the guard when he remembered he was unconscious, and it probably wasn't a good idea to try and wake him. Kyle removed the guard's holster, attached it to his own leg then slid the M6D into it. He then stood up and walked down the hall where the guard came from, trying to find a way out of wherever he was.