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chapter 39: heroes fallen

November 10, 2552

location: Sol system, Earth- Sydney, Australia- UNSC Navy hospital

Their pelican landed on the roof where orderlies wheeling two gurneys came for Kyle and Will. Fred had to pick up both Spartans and place them on the gurney. They brought them down the ramp and Will was taken to the burn center. Fred and Kelly followed Kyle's gurney, she still held onto Kyle's hand as the doctors assessed his injuries. An engineer from the Songnam military base was removing Kyle's armor. They started by removing his helmet but the engineer was forced to call for a power saw to cut the rest of it off. Kyle looked over at Kelly, she could see blood oozing out of his mouth.

"Kelly, I'm not going to make it" he said.

"Please don't say that" she said through the tears.

"I'm so sorry" he said "I wanted to.. to... talk about the..." he started coughing up more blood.

"Kyle, no" she screamed.

"I love you" he said as he started to convulse, then his hole body went limp and his hand slipped from Kelly's grasp.

"His heart's stopped, Code blue!" the Doctor screamed as they picked up the pace, "get a crash cart in the OR stat".

Kelly stopped chasing the gurney as it entered the double doors to the OR. Fred came up behind Kelly and placed a hand around her shoulder.

"Tell me he's going to make it" said Kelly.

Fred couldn't say anything to comfort her.

November 11, 2552

location: Sol system, Earth- Sydney Australia, UNSC Navy hospital

Kelly laid back on the examination bed as Doctor Halsey removed the lower portion of her armor, then unzipped the lower portion of her undersuit, exposing her belly. She ran an ultrasound scanner across her chest and monitored the feed on her data pad.

"The baby is fine" she told Kelly, "and it appears to be a little older from the last scan. Can I take a blood sample?"

Kelly nodded, she still had her helmet on, mainly because she didn't want anyone to see her face, how red and swollen her eyes were from endless crying.

"Hold still" said Halsey as she dove the thin needle into Kelly's abdomen and extracted a small amount of the baby's blood. She then moved over to the computer terminal in the examination room, inserted the blood into the scanner and synced her datapad's scans. As she was doing this Kelly zipped up her undersuit, but didn't reattach her armor. Instead she removed her right gauntlet, kept her hand over her abdomen and just sat there on the examination table. Fred walked in and went over to Halsey.

"Have you talked with her?" he asked.

"Not really" Halsey replied. "I wouldn't know what to say. Have you heard anything, its been what, six hours?"

"They won't tell me anything" said Fred. "Is her baby ok?"

"The baby is perfectly fine" said Halsey. "I've been analyzing a blood sample I took and Kyle is without a doubt the father. But the baby's growth appears to be accelerated, its already seven weeks old. I think it might have something to do with all the adrenaline pumping through Kelly's system at the time, its encouraged rapid cell division with the fetus. The effect appears to be slowing down now that she is more relaxed but according to my projections Kelly could carry the baby to full term and give birth in five months at the most".

"This is the first bit of good news I've herd all day" said Fred.

"How's Will?" Halsey asked.

"Linda's with him, he had third degree burns across most of his chest but the Doctor says he'll pull through".

"Doctor!" Kelly screamed.

Both Halsey and Fred rushed to her side.

"I felt something, I don't know what" she said with a panicked voice. Halsey set her hand on Kelly abdomen. "There it is again" said Kelly. Halsey looked up at her and smiled.

"You're both alright" she said. "the baby's just kicking".

Kelly let out a sigh of relief. They all noticed the orderly in the doorway as he wheeled in a cart containing Kyle's MJOLNIR armor sections.

"I was told to bring this to you" he said to Fred, "you need to sign".

Fred took the datapad and entered his authorization code. Kelly got up and walked over to the cart and examine his armor. She picked up his helmet, it was slightly dented and the faceplate had a large crack in it. Most of the plates had lost their green lister and had faded to a darker green. There was dried flood slime on parts of it, along with dried blood around the damaged chest plate. His blood.

"Where's Kalmiya?" Kelly said as she turned the helmet over and noticed her chip was missing.

"That's how the armor was delivered" the orderly said as Fred handed him the data pad and he left the room.

"Perhaps an engineer took her to the cybernetics institute" said Halsey, "spark's attack on Kyle might have caused more damage".

Kelly removed the leg portion of Kyle's armor from the dolly and opened the armored compartment, inside was his leather bag. Kelly removed it and placed it into her armor's own compartment.

"I always wondered what he kept in there" Fred asked, "did he ever show you?"

"Its his only connection to home" Kelly replied.


They had moved over to the waiting room next to the OR where everyone was gathered. In addition to Fred and Halsey, The Arbiter, Ntho, Usze, Shane, Tom, Lucy, Miranda, Johnson, Mendez, Linda and Will had gathered to hold vigil with Kelly, all of the people Kyle considered friends. Will was confined to a wheelchair due to all the drugs in his system, bandages covered his chest. Linda stood next to him. Keyes had refused to have her leg examined until they got Kyle's status.

"Fear not, Spartan" The Arbiter had told Kelly earlier. "He is a brave warrior and will not give up this fight".

They sat in the room for close to two hours when someone arrived, it was lord hood.

"At ease" he said to the UNSC personnel in the room when they saluted. "I'm not here on a social call. The remaining seven members of the security council, myself included held a meeting that ended a half hour ago on Kyle's fate. It came down to a vote. 4 to 3 in favor... of punishment".

"Say what!" said Johnson. Everyone in the room broke out into similar protests.

"Calm down!" Hood boomed, "in case you were wondering I voted in favor of leniency".

"Sir, who cast the tiebreaker?" Fred asked with a hint of rage in his voice.

"That would be me" said a man dressed in a green army uniform bearing the eagles of a colonel. He walked with a limp and his clothes looked a bit puffy on him, caused by the biofoam cast he had underneath.

"Ackerson" Halsey hissed.

"Kyle is going to be tried for treason against the UNSC, providing he lives" said Ackerson.

"On what charge?" Miranda asked.

"I have obtained a conversation between Kyle and Spartan-058 in which he confessed to divulging information under duress" said Ackerson.

"Impossible" said Linda. "There wasn't anyone else there... no one but..."

Suddenly the tiny holopad in the room winked on and Kalmiya appeared.

"I'm sorry" she said to the group, "he decompiled my memory subroutines and copied the data when I was off line. I couldn't stop him".

"My god" said Halsey, "that's the equivalent of AI rape. What's wrong with you?!"

"I am doing my duty" said Ackerson as three ODSTs entered the room. "I'll also be transferring Spartan-087 to ONI section three. Effective immediately".

"Under who's orders?" Hood barked.

"Vice admiral Parangosky" said Ackerson as he showed lord hood the orders.

"I won't go" said Kelly.

"you don't have a choice, Spartan" said Ackerson.

The Arbiter nodded to the two spec-ops elites and they got in front of Kelly. The Arbiter stood in front of them and drew his energy sword.

"If you so much as touch her, then by the rings I will kill you where you stand" he said as he activated his blade.

"Hold on" said Hood who acted as an intermediary. "Why is she being transferred to section three medical research division?" he said with a quick glance at the orders.

"According to an informant I had slip in, this particular Spartan is pregnant" said Ackerson with a grin on his face, "and apparently Kyle is the father".

"Is this true?" hood asked Kelly.

"yes" she replied.

"I can count four major regulations being broken" said Ackerson.

"Why do they want Kelly?" Halsey asked.

"Parangosky and the scientists down there want to examine the embryo more closely, after it has been removed of course" said Ackerson.

"You sadistic motherfucker!" Miranda yelled.

"Watch you tongue, Commander" Ackerson barked, he technically outranked her. "Lieutenant, Sergeant" he said to Fred and Johnson, "remove these three 'things' from my path".

"Go to hell!" said Fred as he drew his pistol and pointed it at the colonel.

"dido to that" Johnson said said he drew his weapon. Shane, Tom, Lucy, Linda and even Will stood with The Arbiter. Hood walked over and stood between the two groups, then faced Ackerson.

"Colonel, you and your men will leave this facility immediately. You've gone too far".

"Gunnery sergeant" Ackerson said to one of the ODSTs, "have command send more men to this hospital, we're taking all of you into custody for treason and attempted sedition, except you, Admiral".

"I don't think so" said a man standing in the open door. He stepped in and they could see he wore an ONI uniform which bore the stars and bars of a Navy Captain. He looked like he was in his early fifties. The name on his uniform read, W. Leary.

"Good to see you, Bill" said Halsey.

"Nice seeing you too, Cathrine" said Leary "you too, Chief".

"Captain" said Mendez as he saluted.

"Colonel, I'm afraid the only one being arrested here is you. Kalmiya here gave me evidence that you authorized illegal brain augmentations to Spartan III gamma company proposed by a Lieutenant Commander Ambrose. According to my records he's dead so that leaves you as the likely scapegoat".

Ackerson looked over at Kalmiya and she put her middle finger up at the colonel.

"Gunnery Sergeant, take Colonel Ackerson into custody" hood said to the ODSTs.

"With pleasure, sir" said the ODST as he slapped a pair of cuffs on Ackerson.

"Get your hands off me!" Ackerson barked as the ODST prepared to move him.

"Wait" Kelly cried out as she pushed past everyone and walked over to Colonel Ackerson. She grabbed him by the throat, picked him up off his feet and pushed him up against the wall. "If you ever harm my child or its father then there will be no where in this galaxy you can hide because I promise I will kill you".

"You can put him down now, Spartan" Hood said calmly.

Kelly let Ackerson down and the ODSTs took him away

"admiral" said Leary, "I believe now that Ackerson has been charged with illegal activities committed before he was appointed to his current position, his position on the security council is no longer valid, therefore his vote wouldn't count".

"Quite right, Captain" said Hood.

"Its still a tie" said Fred.

"I'll reconvene the council and hold another vote. In spite of what the Colonel has done we might be able to get a couple more votes".

"Thank you, admiral" said Kelly.

Lord Hood gave her a polite nod the left the room. Almost as soon as he left a Doctor in medical scrubs came in. He was rubbing the back of his head and he had a regretful face. Kelly heart sank as she viewed his appearance.

"I am so sorry" the Doctor said, "we did everything we could. His injuries are just too extensive".

Kelly hung her head low, and the tears started to slide down her face.


The Doctor allowed Kelly, Halsey and Blue Team so see Kyle, he was in a hospital bed hooked up to a variety of life support machines. There was a ventilator tube down his mouth and several IVs feed him essential fluids.

"We had to replace most of his organs" the Doctor explained, "his heart stopped three times during the operation, I'm surprised even a Spartan could survive that long. With the amount of blood he lost he just cant accept all the flash cloned replacements. We tried a blood transfusion, but it hasn't helped. He's in a coma now and we can't keep him alive for more than a few hours".

"Will he wake up?" Fred asked.

"Doubtful" the Doctor replied, "if he does wake up then he'll be in agony right up until he dies. Ethically... I'm obligated to terminate his life, but I can't do it without consent from family. I don't what the deal is for Spartans so I figured one of you has got to be close to him".

Fred and Halsey instinctively looked over at Kelly.

"Its your decision now" Halsey said to her.

Kelly looked over at Fred expecting him to give her some kind of advice, anything that would prevent her from doing this. He stayed silent.

"I want to be the one to do it" said Kelly.

The Doctor nodded and walked over to one of the displays and showed her a green button. "This will terminate the ventilator and all of the IVs" he said.

Fred set a reassuring hand on her shoulder and nodded to her. She walked forward to the terminal. Her eyes became blurry with tears as she reached out to tap the button. Kelly blinked once to clear her eyes and when she opened them a split second later she wasn't in the hospital room anymore but instead on the banks of the lake on Reach in the highland mountains. Standing on the shore was Kyle, minus his armor. Kelly ran over to him.

"You remember this place?" he asked "where you saved my life?"

"I remember" Kelly replied. "Please don't make me do this".

"Kelly" Kyle said as he took her hands in his, "I lived a good life. I saw and did things that people on my Earth could only dream about, and you... you made my whole life complete. You made me the happiest person in the world".

"I don't want you to leave me" she said as she hugged him.

"You have to let me go" he whispered into her ear, "you need to move on".

"I can't" Kelly said as she backed away to look into Kyle's cool blue eyes. "I don't want to forget you".

"You won't forget me" said Kyle as he placed Kelly's hand on her abdomen. "I will always be with you, through our child. He or she is going to need a mother. You can't live in the past, please promise me you'll move on, have a good life... both of you".

"I will" she said as she removed her helmet and kissed him one last time.

"I'll be here when your time comes" Kyle said. "make sure you live a good, full life, don't rush to be here with me again".

"Kyle" Kelly muttered as she found herself back in the hospital room. She was frozen in place with her finger just inches from the green button that would release Kyle. She glanced over at him and whispered "please forgive me". She hit the button and as she did a flood of memories flashed before her eyes, when she first met Kyle on board the Atlas, when she saved his life from the ODST, how he comforted her when Sam died, when she saved his life yet again when he was stabbed by the elite. Her flashback reached the fall of Reach and how Kyle confessed his secret to her and their subsequent visit to his Earth. Then it moved on to when he confessed his love for her and their first kiss. Then to Onyx and how Kyle risked his life for her against the hunters and the Dyson sphere, when they had sex for the first time, and finally her finding out about her pregnancy. The flashback was drowned away by the whine from the bio monitors as Kyle's vitals flatlined.

March 3, 2553

location: Sol system, Earth, Africa- ark portal site

Kelly stood in her dress uniform with her fellow Spartans at the memorial service she had been dreading for months, the man she cared deeply for was being laid to rest. Lord hood removed his hat from his position behind the makeshift memorial and began his speech.

"For us the storm has past. The war is over. But let us never forget those who journeyed into the howling dark and did not return. For their decision required courage beyond measure... sacrifice, and unshakable conviction that their fight, our fight, was elsewhere. As we start to rebuild, this hillside will remain barren, a memorial to heroes fallen. They ennobled all of us, and they shall not be forgotten". He replaced his cap and saluted.

"Present arms" said a Marine Sergeant. Kelly saluted as they fired off a 21 gun tribute, she could feel a tear slide down her face as the Marines concluded and she lowered her hand. She placed her left one over her substantially larger abdomen, she was due to give birth in the next couple of weeks. She felt her right hand being squeezed hard and she looked over at the person holding it. Standing tall in his dress uniform... was Kyle.

November 11, 2552

location: Sol system, Earth- Sydney Australia, UNSC Navy hospital

"Please forgive me" Kelly whispered as she hit the button. There was a whine from the bio monitors as his vitals flatlined.

She finally started to cry. Linda and Halsey had tears in their eyes as they viewed the sight of her standing over Kyle's body. Kelly didn't dare look at him. She was about to leave when a hand suddenly grabbed hers. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw who it belonged to. Kyle was awake and he pulled the respirator tube out of his mouth.

"I'm... not... dead... yet" he said through heavy breaths. Kelly dropped to her knees in front of Kyle's bed, overcome with happiness.

March 3, 2553

location: Sol system, Earth, Africa- ark portal site

Kyle was alive and she was greatfull, but she cried for another man, one who she considered a brother to her, John. Kyle had survived because of flood genomes left in his system by the gravemind's interrogation, it had stabilized his system while he was briefly off life support. Halsey believed that taking him off life support is what ultimately allowed the genomes to save him. Kyle was also granted leniency by the security council by a unanimous vote. He still had to spend nearly a month in the hospital for rehabilitation before he was allowed to return to active duty. Kyle told Lord Hood as soon as he was able about what happened to John. But after three months of searching Hood said it was a lost cause and had him declared MIA.

"He's gone" Kyle muttered.

Kelly looked up at Kyle and saw a single tear slide down his face, the last time she'd seen him do that was after he failed to save Sam, two friends now were just memories. The Arbiter walked up and spoke to Lord Hood before leaving for the shadow of intent. Kyle took Kelly by the hand and walked up to the memorial, their shoes crunched the glassy soil. As they walked up the stairs and looked upon the memorial Kyle removed a knife from his pocket. Using his enhanced strength he was able to carve three numbers into the metal wing, 117. Kelly taped the insignia for a Master Chief Petty Officer up next to the number.

"Lets go" said Kyle as he took her hand once again and led her down the stairs to where Fred and Linda were waiting. Kelly stumbled down the stairs and Kyle helped her down the rest of the way.

"I'm ok" she said, "I think the baby's just kicking some more".

"Are you two coming or not?" Fred called as he and Linda met them.

"Cut her some slack" said Kyle, "she's in the last trimester for crying out loud".

"Do you need a hand?" Linda asked Kelly.

"No I'm..." she started before grabbing her abdomen. "I don't think there are kicks" she winced a little, "oh yeah, my water just broke, it's time!"

"Time... its time!" said Kyle as his face changed to one of shock and happiness. "Fred..." he started

"already on it" Fred said as he had a Marine radio for a pelican.

"Remember, easy breaths" Linda said as she took Kelly's free hand and helped Kyle bring her to the pelican.

"I would love to see the look on John's face if he ever saw me like this" said Kelly.

"That'll be the day" said Kyle.

November 10, 2552

location: UNSC forward unto dawn, position unknown

"hey, Chief" said Cortana. "could I ask you something?"

The Chief floated into the cryo pod and stopped before activating the sequence. "Shoot" he said.

"Its about Kyle. I always had my suspicions about him but nothing conclusive" Cortana started. "Do you think Kyle knew this was going to happen to us, is that why he had us running in the dawn's corridor trying to get to the front of the ship?"

"Its complicated" the Chief replied.

"Who is he really, Chief?" Cortana asked.

"He's a Spartan" the Chief replied. "always was and always will be".

Cortana let out a sigh, whoever Kyle really was, the Chief had apparently been trusted with his secret and wouldn't divulge it. "I'm going to drop a beacon, but it'll probably be awhile before anyone finds us. Years even".

The cryo pod engaged and the glass cover started to lower over the Chief. As he starred at Cortana he realized that he might not ever see her again if they could be stranded for years. His mind was drawn to when he told Kyle he had feelings for Cortana, "what would he do?" the Chief thought, "perhaps I should tell her before its too late". He finally came up with something to say to Cortana as the lid closed.

"Wake me, when you need me".

March 8, 2553

location: somewhere in North America

Kyle had the dream again, the one where the gravemind taunted him over how he couldn't save John. He carefully got out of bed so as not to disturb Kelly as she slept. He carefully walked over to the mirror and took a good long look. He was only in his boxers and his eyes wandered to an large scar across his chest, where the doctors in Sydney had tried desperately to save his life. In a way he owed the gravemind for injecting the flood DNA into his system, if it hadn't been for the regenerative genomes he would have died when Kelly disconnected his life support. Kyle still got haunting nightmares about his torture by the flood, the doctors said he would have to live with them for the rest of his life.

"I need some air" he said quietly to himself as he put on a pair of sweat pants and a black t-shirt. He left the bedroom and crossed he living room over to the door. He quietly slipped out of the house and walked the short distance to the lake. He sat on the grass just above the sand line and looked up at the stars, the stars where he fought the Covenant for most of his life. No longer though. He eyed one in particular, Epsilon Eridani. Where he first arrived in the Halo universe all those years ago, Reach his first home, was just a lifeless ball of glass. His mind started to wander to Blue Team, they were up there fighting the remaining Covenant loyalists. Fred, Linda, Tom and Lucy were the new Blue Team, he and Kelly were inactive pending reassignment. Will had suffered his fatal heart attack a few days into the new year, at Linda's request he was placed into cryo stasis alongside teams Saber and Katana. Whenever Linda was on Earth she would visit Will and tell him how things were. Halsey was unable to find the drug used to counter the brain alterations and she left a month after Will was frozen to join Shane and Taloar in their search for Forerunner secrets. Kalmiya had gone with her, Halsey told Kyle in an letter that it was because she did not want to face Kyle after inadvertently betraying him. In the end Kyle still felt like he lost his battle with history.

"Thought I'd find you here" said Kelly as she walked up behind Kyle.

"How did you know?" Kyle asked.

"You should know better than to outrun me" said Kelly.

Kyle looked up at her. She was wearing sweatpants like him but had a black tanktop on instead. Cradled in her arms, wrapped in a blanket was their newborn baby daughter, Rebbecca Stevens. Kyle had secretly hoped it was a girl during the pregnancy. Kelly sat down next to Kyle still holding Rebbecca, she was a healthy 9 pound girl, she had her father's eyes and her mother's hair, and with a little luck her mother's speed and her father's determination. Only time would tell.

"You were thinking about the others" Kelly said.

"Yeah" Kyle replied.

"did you have the dream again?" Kelly asked.

"even more vivid this time" said Kyle.

"You didn't fail" Kelly said, "John's still alive, so is Will and the Spartan IIIs".

"They're as good as dead" said Kyle, "stuck in cryo for the rest of their lives. No matter how hard I tried their fates were just unavoidable".

"You did succeed" Kelly said as she put a hand on his shoulder. "You saved Keyes, Kalmiya, Shane and Johnson. Look at us" she said as she held Rebbecca closer to the two of them, "look at our little girl. You did it in the end".

Kyle reached out and stroked the side of his daughter's face. "She is beautiful, like her mother".

Kelly smiled a bit then looked up at the stars. "When we were young, John asked me if I ever wondered what was up there".

"He's up there" said Kyle. "I think he'll be back one day, because Spartans never die". Kyle turned his attention back to the woman he loved and his daughter, he finally found the life he wanted for so long.

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