Summary: A lot can change in a summer, its not exception for the Littles. Brad and Ellie fight to resolve their feelings for one another as she tries to mend her heart. Julie decides where her heart lies, and ultimately what her future could be. Charlie and Linda prepare to say goodbye, and a certain someone embarks on a new, completely unexpected romance.

Author's Note: As promised! I'm starting to think I have a least I've admitted it, lol!

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Little Rileys Part 2 1/2: A Little Sushine

Chapter 1: Vanderbilt Homestead

Elena yawned stretching her long now perfectly tanned legs in front of her. She inhaled deeply and then flicked the cigarette she was smoking into the ocean. She pulled her oversized sunglasses onto her head.

"Can I get a refill?" She said sweetly. Tommy rolled his eyes and poured some of the random rum punch mixture they'd been drinking all summer into her glass.

"I'm not your waiter," He retorted sitting next to her.

"Then stop filling orders," She rolled her eyes.

"Are you two going to help, or just sit there?" Brad asked.

"I think you have everything under control," She giggled, "Let her sit a while, and relax, have a smoke with me."

"When exactly did you start smoking again?" Brad asked taking one from the pack and leaning forward as Elena sparked her lighter.

"When I remembered why I quit in the first place," She sighed, and then inhaled deeply on her cigarette and then took another sip of her drink, banishing the thoughts from her mind. Who needed Dean Portman or any boyfriend for that matter? She had Brad and Tommy who were both attentive and sweet and willing to fulfill any boyfriendly duties, well, except the sexy ones, which she knew Brad would fill, if she'd let him. Actually she had, sort of, a few nights before when they'd both been so drunk they could barely stand and Brad had sort of slobbered a kiss on her and told her he loved her more than anything. Either he really didn't remember, or they were both pretending not to. Either way it didn't really matter, she was resolved to be single and have her fun for the rest of high school. And it wasn't the kind of fun you could have with your best friend when he was in love with you, unless you wanted to hurt him terribly.

"I think it's gross when both of you do it," Tommy scrunched his face.

"What would we do without our little conscience, Bradley?" She giggled and kissed Tommy on the cheek. "I promise, promise, promise, that I'll only do it for the summer Tommy." Tommy she could still have fun with, they flirted and hugged and cuddled and even kissed all the time and it was no big deal. But she knew that if she lay a hand on Brad he would freak out and insist it meant something.

"There is something undeniably sexy about you though Lena," Tommy put his arm around her and she giggled, "You're like Daisy Buchanan or something. The cigarette adds to that."

"She's more like Brett Ashley than Daisy," Brad said. "Especially with her whole new, 'No love just fun,' policy."

"Yeah, but the Portman thing," Tommy pointed, "That's very Daisy and Gatsby."

"Please don't bring him up," Elena growled, "And stop talking about me like I'm not here Brad!" She whacked him. He nuzzled his face into her neck. She shrugged him off and stood up, looking out to the horizon, stretching on the mast.

"She seemed almost happy there for a second," Brad whispered to Tommy, who nodded. "We should head back, if we're not in by sunset, Logan will have my head," He stopped, "Both of them probably." Tommy stood up and started helping get the boat ready to go back to the dock. "What's with you?"

"I think my mom's going to marry Mr. Riley," Tommy said, Elena turned and looked at him.

"I thought she said it wasn't serious," Elena looked at him sympathetically. While she and Brad were bonded over their hatred of their family's money, she and Tommy bonded over being displaced divorced children.

"They're going to Europe for the summer," He raised his eyebrows, "That sounds serious to me." Elena and Brad both started to laugh. "What?"

"That's not serious," Brad shook his head, "Don't worry about it."

"Seriously," Elena nodded, "Tommy, if my dad married every woman he took to Europe I'd have even more step mothers than I already do."

"For real?" Tommy looked at her. She nodded.

"Yeah," Brad said, finally able to help. "I mean, Dave and Logan both bring like all their girlfriends to Europe, and neither of them are going to get married anytime soon." He shook his head, "Well, maybe Logan, and Dave if he like gets one of them pregnant or something."

"They've been together for like a year," Tommy mumbled.

"There are worse things than being a Riley," Elena said, "Even if they did get married. Then you'd be family!"

"You do realize that the Rileys aren't your actual family, Ellie," Brad teased her.

"Don't call me Ellie!" She said and scooped some water out of the ocean splashing it on him.

"Oh that's how you want to play it!" He laughed and picked her up, she giggled and squealed, and jumped into the water.

"God guys, wait up!" Tommy said canonballing in after them. They, all three of them, laughed and splashed each other.

"Let's not lose this," Elena said stopping, the boys looked at her. "This summer's been amazing. We should stay like this when school starts."

"Are we not like this during school Thomas?" Brad looked at him.

"I don't know Bradley," Tommy laughed, "It seems we aren't. I know Lena's not, but who knows what new slutty fun Lena will be like."

"I'm not going to be slutty," She kicked water in his direction. "Just, no boyfriends, except you two."

"We're your boyfriends?" Brad laughed, "Baby, that's pathetic."

"NO," She said pointedly, "The way I figure it, two best guy friends equals one boyfriend."

"Except no sex," Tommy shrugged. She smiled.

"Don't rule it out," She teased swimming back towards the boat and climbing up over the side.

"She's really too much man," Brad sighed.

"Brad," Tommy looked at him, "Move on. She doesn't want it."

"Mm," Kelly smiled stretching in bed next to Scooter. They'd just taken a late afternoon "nap." "You do realize that we can do this all the time now?"

"We do still have to go to class Kelly," He laughed, she kissed him. "Mm, but this is nice."

"You two," Dave said opening the door, "Come on, dinner in a few minutes. Kelly, honey, you're eighteen this year."

"Still no," She nodded. He shrugged and walked out. "He's never going to quit is he?"

"His exact words were, 'Maybe if you marry her, and even then I wouldn't count on it.'" Scooter laughed. "He's harmless."

"Mm," Kelly groaned, "Let's stay in bed." She kissed him again.

"I would love to stay in bed all summer," He said, "However, Logan has made the house rules clear. Dinner outside at sundown, every night, all of us."

"You guys seem as scared of Logan as you are of your Dad," Kelly sighed.

"Because Dad listens to Logan," Scooter said, "And if we're all good boys, Logan tells him and our allowances get upped, restrictions get lifted off of our trusts, etcetera," He kissed her.

"Mm," She nodded, "I see." She kissed him one more time. "I'll get dressed."

"Red dress please," He smiled and hugged her from behind as she slipped her bra on, "Remember, the one from our first date?"

"I didn't even pack that dress," She shook her head. "I think I might have thrown it out."

"Noo," He said kissing her shoulder, "No, you did not throw that dress out. You did not throw out my favorite dress."

"It barely fits anymore," She sighed, "I was so little then."

"You're still little," He laughed. "Little Kelly Riley," She smiled, "So, the red dress?"

"I'm not giving Dave the satisfaction!" She smiled.

"What about my satisfaction?" He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

"You get enough satisfaction," She kissed him, "You've been getting satisfaction at least two times a day since summer started."

"You're late," Logan said as Brad, Elena and Tommy wandered up from the docks.

"It's only 8:14," Elena said, "And it's my fault Logan I'm sorry," She kissed him on the cheek. "Can I change before dinner please?"

"Of course Lena," Logan sighed. He was a little smitten with the little girl, he'd always thought it was odd when Scottie talked about adopting a little sister in that Julie Gaffney girl. But that's how he was beginning to feel about Elena Cole. And Tommy Duncan was polite and nice enough. And they both seemed to settle Brad a little bit, which he was happy to see. He didn't know how to explain to his little brother that at fourteen he'd been more like him than like Scottie or Dave, that he'd been restless, and annoyed and sick of it all. "If you'd taken that boat out while it was dark,"

"Sun's not down yet Dad," Brad rolled his eyes.

"Hey Brad," Kelly said trotting out onto the patio and setting the table, "Oh, um, Tommy, my Dad called while you guys were out on the boat. I talked to your Mom, they're in London, and uh," Tommy froze and looked at her, "We can talk about it later, I guess, she just said to tell you she loves you and misses you."

"Yeah," He mumbled, "Great, um, have you heard from Jimmy and Tammy?"

"I think they leave for California tomorrow," She shrugged, "Go change, their new hotel number is on the desk." She winked at him.

"Thanks Kelly," He smiled, after spending time with her here, he realized there could be worse things than ending up with Kelly Riley as his step sister.

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