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The World Outside the Walls

Disclaimer: No I do not own any DA characters you recognize. Yada Yada Yada. Blah blah blah. Etc. etc. etc.  Happy now.

Rating: Currently PG for pretty good….jk.

Spoilers: hmmm maybe. Not likely.

Summery: A life not meant to be.  Max Guevara genetically engineered killing machine wonders what life on the outside is like when a missed target suddenly becomes her only way out of a prison she didn't know had bars.

AN: This is an AU fic. Full of Max and Logan shippiness.  Or it will be.  You have been fairly warned.

            Max Guevara stalked impatiently.  She'd been waiting for three hours outside the interrogation room while fellow soldier Zack was inside being debriefed.  And like it or not she was beyond nervous and to the point of actually feeling sick to her stomach. 

            Their mission had been a simple task, a field test to see if they were all that they had cracked up to be.  They were supposed to take out a prominent businessman of Cale industries and his family.  They had succeeded in taking out the two adults but their son had somehow managed to get away.  This wouldn't have been so bad but on the way out a gunshot out of nowhere took out Eva.  This wasn't acceptable. 

A simple gunshot took out years of training and thousands of dollars of research material.  That's what they were after all, research material. 

And now she Max Guevara would have to go in and tell colonel Lydecker that she had failed.  It was her job to take out the boy, who in all fairness wasn't really a boy but a twenty-eight year old man.  Not that that made the excuse any better.  It had been her job to make sure the area was clear when leaving.  She was in it deep. 

Zack had told her he had her back and that it wasn't her fault.  But she knew she had failed and she dreaded the consequences.  Failure was not an option. 

But what bothered Max the most was that she had hesitated.  When she had walked in on the target he was asleep.  Foolishly wanting a fair fight she had given him the opportunity to fight back.  Always so sure of herself she had failed to assess the situation fully and the target got away.  But what was worse was that he had gotten away and yet also managed to shoot Eva on the way out. 

She'd seen him do it.

Then she'd lied to Zack about seeing the shooter.

If the colonel found out she would be dead.

So it was with great trepidation that she stalked the halls waiting for her turn.  Coming up with her lie. 

Her mind flashed back on the man she was supposed to kill.  Despite all her training when it came down to it.  Killing him was not something she could do without feeling.  She'd killed others in the past with no problem but this man threw her. 

Maybe it was the fact that she was killing him and his family as some sort of test.  What kind of person would use assassination as a way of proving their power?  Max didn't know if she was all too fond of being with a group like that.  But having no other option decided instead to push it out of her mind with all the other things that had disturbed her over the years.

Once when she was little she had tried with her "brothers" and "sisters" to escape from this place.  It had been unsuccessful, insane, and immoral.  Lydecker had corrected their ways and they had stopped calling each other family. Sometimes though she wondered how her life would have been different had they made it out on that night.

"Max, they want you." Zack said breaking through her hazy mind.  "I've got your back. They know you did everything you could to fulfill your mission."  With a brief nod of thanks Max brushed past Zack and entered the dreaded room.

"Designation?" Lydecker questioned beginning to pace, as soldier closed the door behind her.  He knew who she was but he enjoyed reminding her of it and he had a sick twisted way of making her remember that he had all the power in these little meetings. Although she could snap his neck before he could blink he controlled her every movement.

"X-5452. Sir."


"To locate Logan Cale and destroy Sir."  Here Lydecker paused.

"Why is it then 542 that your target is still roaming about out there and instead "Eva" as you insist on calling her is laying in the morgue?" he yelled in her face.  Max didn't flinch, to flinch was to show weakness and she couldn't afford any weakness right now.

"There were complications Sir." She spit out confidently.

"How so?" Lydecker softened just slightly so that he wasn't yelling anymore.  Max was his favorite; everyone knew it. 

"The target was waiting with backup Sir." She lied without hesitation.  Favorite or not if Lydecker found out that she had essentially let him go she could kiss her butt goodbye.

"Backup?" he questioned not fully believing her.

"Five men, all armed Sir."  Hey he was a rich spoiled snob.  And they certainly had enough guards on the premises to account for.  It was likely that at some time there could have been five men in the room with him.  She hated that fact that he'd outsmarted her.  It made up for it by throwing extra men in the room.

Lydecker seemed to consider the matter for a moment muttered something under his breath then continued his pacing and interrogation.

"Your fellow solider was taken down because you failed to make an accurate assessment of the escape area is that not also correct?" he questioned quietly his voice full of disappointment.  Max hung her head feeling very much ashamed of her mistake.

"Correct Sir." 

"Despite all this your "brother" Zack seems to have nothing but high remarks for you.  Claims that they couldn't have taken out the other two without your quick thinking.  You are to be congratulated he says…Still I have no choice but to discipline you for your failures. "

Max nodded understanding that the next few days of her life would not be easy.

"You're dismissed." Lydecker ordered and watched her leave.  She had been the great white hope of the X-5 project, but now it looked more and more like the X-5's would also be a failure.  He knew he should terminate the project right away, she had failed not because of unforeseen circumstances, she knew what to do when she was outnumbered.  Besides the fact that Zack hadn't been able to substantiate her story, according to Zack the target was asleep when she had engaged.  No Max hadn't been able to perform her task.  Despite all her training and all their work at eradicating any contradictions, Max had not been able to kill.  

So they would have to work harder, train harder, and hopefully next time Max could take her target out.  Lydecker wasn't quite ready to give up on her yet. 

Besides the others had performed perfectly.  Including Zack's orders to make sure the others didn't "have second thoughts" about their mission.  Yes he was most pleased with the way in which Zack had been so eager to turn his "sister's" unauthorized and foolish actions in.  Maybe there were possibilities yet in his "kids."

"So what's the news?" Zack asked as Max breezed by him.

"Not looking good.  He hasn't given me any orders yet but I am not having a good feeling about it." She whispered as they passed a guard.

"He'll go easy on you he always does." Zack offered as they rounded a corner.

"Not likely. I screwed up big this time Zack.  I failed his little field test and now I'm going to end up staying here at Manticore sweeping floors and training my butt off while you guys are all deployed in the field." Max forced out as they made it to the cafeteria where everyone had gathered for breakfast.  Once again Max was glad she didn't sleep much.  After last night she was lucky she wasn't dead on her feet.

"Maxie, heard it didn't go well.  Lydecker give you a lollipop to make you feel better?" Alec asked coming up behind them.

"Shut up." Zack ordered.

"Yes sir." Alec mocked.

"One of these days he's just gonna pound you into the bloody little pulp you deserve ya know." Max said calmly to Alec grabbing a tray and getting in line.  Zack followed suit and nodded in agreement.

"Just cause he has the hots for you Maxie." Alec said darting off before Zack could pound him.

"Why can't he be more like Ben?" Tinga said catching the last of the conversation as she joined to two soldiers.  "Heard about last night. Sorry.  Tough luck." She said pausing in front of a solider who filled her plate with some unrecognizable sludge.

"Does everyone know?" Max asked concerned.

"Just about."  Tinga offered as consolation.  Max nodded turning away as a group of X-6's marched into the cafeteria in perfect formation.

"Those still creep me out." Max offered out of nowhere.

"Yeah but the little one over their sure is cute." Tinga said flashing a brilliant smile at one of the x-6s who promptly blushed.  Max placed her hands on Tinga's back and pushed her down the line.

"Not again?" she questioned the X-5 who was on the verge of dropping her tray and running over to the group.

"Yeah, I'm thinking of seeing the med to see if there is anything they can do about it."  Tinga offered giving the X-6 one last longing look before turning around and walking to the end of the line.

"I sure am glad I don't get that wonderful perk." Zack shot in.  "You two turn into monsters and the rest of us guys get scared for our lives not to mention other various parts of us."

"You ever wonder what we would do if we had in fact gotten out in '09?" Max asked after she had slugged Zack in the arm for his comment.

"Died of all our wonderful little perks." Tinga said flatly as she lead the group to their assigned table.  "Still sometimes I wonder…" she broke off as a group of soldiers came up to them.

"X-5452?" one of the soldier's questioned.  Max stepped forward and came to attention.

"You are to commence training immediately. Follow us." He ordered.

"So much for breakfast." Max sighed handing her tray over to a waiting soldier and nodding a small good bye to her two friends as they shot her sympathetic looks.

"Eyes front." The order was barked out and Max was quick to obey.  She didn't need any more trouble.

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