Chapter 28

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            The days flew by and Max quickly healed and grew impatient to leave the tiny cabin.  Zack planned on taking the group to Canada and was still bent on dragging her along for the ride.

            "You know I won't go.  So why do you keep asking?"

            "You'll get caught if you stay."

            "I need to know how things stand."

            She did.  Something deep inside her, made her not care about the danger, even laugh in its face.  She knew it was foolish. She knew it would most likely get her killed but she didn't have any other choice.  So after a brief hug, Zack was gone and so were the rest of her family.

            Walking around the empty cabin she recalled the events and time shared in it over the past few days. 

            Her family hadn't changed much.  And now they'd finally get the chances they deserved.  Max smiled remembering a conversation Tinga had held with Zack, not unlike Max, Tinga to would not be going to Canada.

            "You too huh."

            "I've got to go find him Zack. I've learned a few things in the past few days."

            "You really love him don't you?"

            "Zack I wish I knew.  I guess that is what I'm going to find out."

            In the long run everyone would be split apart anyway.  But Max knew how Zack felt.  For so many years they'd pretended like they didn't care and now that they could finally voice their feelings, the family they'd loved was splitting apart.

            Max sighed a long sigh and turned to close the door behind her giving the cabin one last look. 

            It was all up to Logan now.  Whether she stayed or went her separate way as well.

            Max only hoped Logan would make the right choice.  She didn't want to lose him.

            Hopping on her bike, which Logan had thoughtfully made sure was delivered; she turned down the road that would hopefully lead her home.

"Hey." Logan spun around in his chair to face her.  Her voice was angelic like always but he couldn't let her know that.  No, he had vowed to keep their relationship as friends; anything else would be too risky right now.

"Hey." He smiled back.  Her answering smile lit up the room like always and Logan found himself wishing she'd gone to Canada.  There she was taunting him, her full lips almost beckoning, and they had tasted so good last time…  But he had to stop thinking like that.  Friends, they could only ever be friends.  Max didn't deserve someone like him.

"So I got sick of waiting at that cabin…" Max drifted off refusing to meet his eyes for fear of what she might find in them.  Instead she stared at a portrait hanging on his wall.

"They do know where I live…" he offered somewhat reserved.  Logan too avoided her eyes.  Her eyes were dangerous, and one look could send him into cracking.  Something he knew he couldn't do.  Not if he valued her life.

"Yeah, I figured you could use some company in case they came knocking." Max offered peeking out of the corner of her eye at him.

"You should go to Canada." He suddenly changed the subject, stealing a glance at the reaction of the fragile beauty beside him.

"What about you?" Max asked casually. Maybe if they didn't make it into the life or death scene that it was, everything would be ok.

"I'll be fine here." Logan tried to be macho but it only served to anger her.  He didn't have to pretend so much.  She understood.

"Is this more of that bruised ego?" she suddenly flew into him with talons open.  Her eyes dug into the top of his head since he refused to look anywhere but his lap.

"Max…" he pleaded with her to not go there and reluctantly she agreed.  They both needed time to heal.  Max wasn't blind enough to miss that point.

"Fine, but for the record, I'm not happy with your choice."

"Noted, however it is still my choice."

"And going to Canada isn't mine. I don't want to leave Seattle."  Once more Max turned her fury on him and locked eyes with the top of his head. 

"It doesn't have to be forever you know." Logan offered lamely.  Inside it was all the compromise he could muster. 

"It will though.  Give me a good reason to leave." She still dared with her eyes.

"Your life isn't good enough.  How bout your freedom?" Logan suddenly looked up into her eyes as he answered and Max saw something that she needed him to clarify, before she made any decision.

"Do you WANT me to leave?" She challenged.

"Yes." Everything in his heart revolted against it but his logical mind knew it was the only way for him to get over her.  And it was the only way for her to be safe.

"Everything is different now isn't it?" Max asked looking away as a small tear surprised her.

"Yes." Max everything is different but how I feel. I still want you. I still need you. Don't leave me, please. Somehow his brain wouldn't let his heart speak its mind though and what was important went unsaid.

"Why?" She asked quietly hoping to make it through this without losing too much face.  She'd already looked away and now she walked over to the window so she could collect herself before continuing.

"You know why." Logan offered catching a glimpse of a tear fall down her face in the reflection of his window.  He'd made her cry.  Good one Cale. 

"I'll never understand you Logan Cale." She offered from the window.  Then in a show of strength she turned to face him.

"That's beside the point." He offered hoping to make her laugh.

"The point is if you don't…" Max started but cut herself off before the lump in her throat could choke her.

"If I don't what."

"Why can't you just ask me to stay?" She was begging him now.  To let go of his pride. To tell her the truth.  And if he read her right, to grab her and hold her while she cried.  But he had to stay cool and unemotional.

"Because I don't want you to." The words hurt even him.


"Max I'm not in the mood for playing this game now." He was cracking with all her little comments.  Her voice breaking down the walls he'd used to protect himself. He had to get her out of there as soon as he could.

"I don't want to lose you." Max didn't want to let go. If only she tried harder maybe he would come around.  Maybe he would feel the same way about her as she felt about him.

"So we can keep in touch." He offered lamely.

"That isn't what I meant and you know it."  Maybe all hope was gone.  She turned to leave when he stopped her by grabbing her sleeve.  His fingers brushed against her skin and she closed her eyes, reveling in the contact.  It had been so long.

Logan hesitated as his fingers brushed her skin. He hadn't known if he could let her go and now he had his answer.

"Here.  Take this.  It's yours." He offered as he free hand grabbed the familiar statue.

"Bast?" she questioned.  Logan couldn't lose her.

"Friends?" he asked.  Something in her lit up and he knew he had his answer.  She would be back.

"Friends." She assured.  Maybe it wasn't love that he felt for her but Max knew it was something.

"Hey be careful." He cautioned as her sleeve slipped through his fingers and she walked toward the door.

"You too."  She offered then reached the door.  Logan turned away expecting her to simply leave.  But from behind him her words rang out clear.

"I'm not perfect either you know."  By the time he had turned around she was gone.  Maybe it wasn't love but there was something between them that refused to be ignored.

Only time could tell what was in store, but suddenly Logan wasn't so afraid to wait for it.

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