Warning:This will be graphic to keep the Tenjho Tenge feel.

Dragon's Fist

Thousands of needles rained down on them in their prison of ice mirrors. Time slowed down as Naruto watched Sasuke jump in the path.

"No!" Naruto grabbed the Uchiha and with surprising strength threw him out the way. Naruto felt the sting of the needles as they pierced the flesh of his neck. He wobbled slightly and fell to his knees as darkness crept into his vision. He could hear his own raspy breathing.

'So this is how it ends. No noble death of a Hokage and no important death on the battlefield, no one will respect my sacrifice or remember my name. I'm just going to die here, a meaningless death on my first high ranked mission with no one to recognize me.' Naruto had a vague feeling of his cheek on the cold ground. His sense of the world around him left completely.

They say when one is about to die that memories of their life flash before their eyes. Naruto found this was true with the vision that greeted him.


It was as if she was standing right in front of him, loving eyes and a kind smile on her beautiful face. But the vision of her faded and was replaced.

"Give me back my son!" The woman struggled against her captors but she was too weak after giving birth. Naruto fidgeted in the arms that held his small form but stopped when he saw blood fly along with an arm. The woman fell to the ground clutching the bleeding stump that remained.

"That is punishment for leaving, Kushina." A man with slicked back sliver hair made his way into Naruto's line of sight.

"That is completely unnecessary Sohaku!" Naruto recognized the Third's shout. He must be the one who was holding him.

"Our family matters are no concern of yours old man. She ran away, took on a false name, and sired a child with a ninja! She now pays the price for her foolishness. I should kill the child as well but I do not feel like dealing with you ninja. Now bring her." He turned on his heel with a flourish and the others followed.

Kushina arm had been tended to but she was still in shock. "Why!? WHY!?"

The man ignored her and muttered to himself. "To think the great Magabarai blood might run through the veins of a mere ninja."

"Naruto!" The woman cried desperately. "NARUTOOOO!"

Something inside him snapped and anger flooded his being. 'I can't die! I WILL NOT!'

Sasuke watched as Naruto fell to the ground filled with needles.

"Such an honorable friend." The masked-nin stated, drawing Sasuke's attention to him. "He didn't want you to sacrifice your life for his own. I assumed you would jump in the way. If the attack would have hit you, you would have only been knocked out. But I'm afraid that your friend's death is certain, those strikes were fatal." He then melded back into the mirror. No sooner then he finished did the air become thick with chakra. They both turned to back to Naruto.

The blond lifted himself off the ground standing straight up. His muscles bulged tearing his jacket to pieces and revealing the powerful arms underneath. His blue undershirt stretched and some of the seams tore but it held together. The same happened with the muscles in his legs, tearing the fabric to where they looked more like tattered shorts than pants.

His eyes glowed with power and his hair stood on end. The ground of solid concrete began to crack under the pressure of his power. For a moment they both could see the massive serpentine dragon encircle him and roar fiercely before disappearing.

Then it all stopped.

Naruto was standing there one second and then when Sasuke blinked he was already in front of masked-nin's mirror, smashing his fist into it. The mirror shattered like glass, it happened so fast the fake hunter was thrown from the dome of mirrors.

'That's impossible, not even my fire jutsu was able to break those mirrors!'

Haku flew back, skidding across the ground. Before he knew it another fist slammed into his face and the back of his head collided with the ground. His mask cracked and broke.

Naruto didn't recognize the face of the boy he met a few days ago, all he saw was an enemy in his way. One hand pulled the boy off the ground by his hair and the other reared back.

"I'm sorry Zabuza-sama." Haku whispered and closed his eyes.

The punch connected, pulverizing the beautiful boy's face. Haku's skull caved in and he fell to the ground with his brain leaking from his ears.

Naruto came to his senses a moment later and looked at what he done in horror. He swallowed the bile that rose in his throat and ran back to where Sasuke was.

As soon as the Uchiha saw him he began asking question. "What the hell was that? What did you do? How? Naruto? Naruto!?"

"I DON'T KNOW!" The boy snapped. Sasuke looked stunned by the normally cheerful boy's shout.

Sasuke let the questions drop and accepted Naruto's help to walk, a few of the needles had hit his legs and they weren't responding. His eyes widened when he saw the blood smeared on the blonde's hands.

"Naruto what happened to the masked-nin?" The silence was enough to answer Sasuke's question. 'He kill him…that's why all the mirrors shattered. Is this even the same person?'

They walked far enough to see Kakashi's Raikiri blast a hole through Zabuza's chest.

"Sasuke!" A pink blur flew at Sasuke and knocked him to the ground.

"That hurts Sakura." The boy gasped out.

"S-sorry." The girls said picking him up.

Kakashi stumbled toward them, he had already covered his Sharingan. "Naruto, Sasuke what happened to his accomplice?"

Naruto looked away and Sasuke met Kakashi's eyes. "I see…" The Copy-Nin said.

"Haha, nice!"

They looked toward a smug looking Gato that stood in front of a bunch of mercenaries. "You Konoha ninja really are something! I gotta thank you for kill these two, now I don't have to pay 'em."

"Some demon of the mist he turned out to be." The man spat in Zabuza's direction, before Haku's body caught his eye.

The man walked up to Haku's body and whistled. "Damn, you really did a number on this punk!" He nudged the body with his cane. "He paid the price for being a fool."

"She now pays the price for her foolishness."

Naruto gritted his teeth in anger. His nails dug into his palms hard enough to draw blood.

"I got it, as a reward I'll give you all a quick death!" The short tyrant shouted happily. "After all, this matter is no concern of yours. Hahaha!"

"Our family matters are no concern of yours old man."

"Hey you damn midget!" All eyes focused on Naruto as he walking forward. "You attack my team or this village," His eyes glowed with malice. "And I will devour you!"

Gato stumbled back in fear. "Says who you little brat? Get 'em!"

Three men shot forward and Naruto rushed to meet them. The first pulled out a staff, thrusting it at him. Naruto blocked it and used both arms to snap the weapon in half.

"Pull them down." Naruto muttered to himself.

The second man covered the first in his moment of weakness by throwing a few kunai with deadly precision, barely missing the man but aimed straight for Naruto.

"Attack them."

Naruto flipped over the first man to avoid the blades while grabbing his head and spun. With an audible snap his neck broke. Using the momentum from the spin, Naruto landed and sent a powerful punch into the second man's gut. Naruto could hear and feel the ribs snap and stab into internal organs. The third man took his opening and jumped over the second's falling body to roundhouse kick Naruto in the head.

"Break their guard!"

Naruto rolled with the kick, shifting his weight to his hands while leaving his legs free to attack. His first foot collided with the man's esophagus to stun him. The second then slammed into his gut while the first leg slid up into his chin making him bite off his tongue. Naruto then pulled his second foot out of the man's gut and hooked it around the leg the third man supported his weight with and pulled it out from under him while pushing off the ground. The result was Naruto stomping down on the man's windpipe and leaving him to drown in his own blood.

All this happened in moments. In less than a minute he managed to decimate the three most skilled people among the mercinaries.

Gato turned to the men. "The kid was lucky! Go over there and kill him!" Despite his words none of them moved. Gato turned back to see what spooked them.

Kakashi uncovered his Sharingan, not believing his normal eye.

A massive serpentine dragon circled Naruto and roared into the heavens before disappearing. Eight vortexes soon appeared where his gates were located.

'Chakra is entering through the crown of his head and being release from the eight gates!' In all the battles Kakashi had fought in he had never seen anything like this before.

Naruto hair laid flat and lost its golden shine before darkening to a black color, darker than even Sasuke's hair. His fingers also turned pitch black, traveling up to cover his fists.

'Its different! Its even more powerful than the last time!' Sasuke thought, beginning to sweat nervously.

'What's happening to Naruto?' Sakura couldn't ignore the fear that raced though her.

Naruto broke the silence. "My will to survive has opened my gate and crushed the fear blocking it. The Earth Gate, the first dragon, the source of it all!" Kakashi could see the gate at the base of his spine flare intensely.

He blurred leaving afterimages in his wake and stopped infront of Gato. Kakashi tracked his movement still intrigued by what he saw. 'He's generating electricity!' Naruto's legs conducted it and distributed it throughout his body.

"Red Earth Dragon Gate, Kai!" The ground cratered under Naruto's feet and electricity crackled around his arm. He gave Gato a tap to the forehead with his fist.

The man's head was blow off, scattering his brain everywhere. The body fell and twitched with electrical discharges.

One of the mercenaries moved to attack but Naruto's glare froze him in place. They saw the illusion of the dragon behind him again and fled in fear, not looking back.

The villagers and team seven looked at Naruto in shock with the same question going through their head.

'Where did he get this kind of power?'



The blood leaked past her eye patch and through her hands, staining the parchment she was reading. The candles around the room blew out suddenly even though there was no wind.

"Maya! Aya!" The woman shouted when the pain went away.

"Hai!" Two young women knelt behind her.

"Pack, we are leaving." The two firls gasped.

"Why? What's happening?" They asked in union.

"One of 'them' has awakened." The woman answered.

"Hai!" The two girls left immediately and the woman looked back at the parchment.

Long ago it was written that three humans would be born, able to wield the power of a god to fight 'death'...

Tsukuyomi, the moon of illusions, born of the right eye...

Susano'o, the storm of destruction, born of the nose...

And Amaterasu, the light of hope, born of the left eye...

"But which one are you, my son?"

End Chapter 1

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