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Dragon's Fist

"Really Sakura, I'm fine," The blond said, adjusting the uncomfortable pajamas he was forced to wear.

They had reached Konoha earlier and rushed Naruto to the hospital. Naruto came out of his depression around an hour ago, and must have said he was 'fine' at least a hundred times since then, but no one was able to fully believe him.

A nurse knocked politely. "I'm sorry, but visiting hours are over."

"Are you sure you don't need anything." Sakura asked, walking out.

"Yea," Naruto mumbled, not looking her in the eye.

"You better get well soon, idiot, I need a punching bag." The Uchiha said.

"Hey, Sasuke?" The Uchiha stopped in the doorway and turned back to the bedridden blond. "You should ask a doctor to get that stick out your ass while you're here," Naruto said, looking up with a smile.

The Uchiha smirked. "Very funny, I'll be sure to make you eat those words." The boy left, pushing past the nurse who had been taking another look inside Naruto's room. Her expression, somewhere between curiosity and anger, puzzled the Uchiha, but he ignored it.

For a while, Naruto just watched the open doorway where Sakura and Sasuke had exited. Kakashi drew him out of his thoughts.

"You really should try and rest, Naruto," Kakashi said while putting his book away, but the boy only looked down solemnly.

Kakashi walked out and barely made it a few steps before Naruto's voice reached him. "Kakashi-sensei?"


"If I ever lose control, I want you to stop me any way you can."

Kakashi turned and took a long look at the boy, who was still focusing intently on his legs. "It won't come to that, now get some rest."

The man walked away, but stopped before Inoichi. The Yamanaka had done an analysis of Naruto's mind earlier, but was called to give his report to the council before he could give Kakashi details on Naruto's state. With most of his attention on the man before him, he only took a passing, but appreciative, glance at one of the nurses who wore a less modest uniform, then dismissed her a moment later.

'She's just checking on Naruto,' The Copy-Nin thought to himself, shrugging off the suspicious feel he got from her and bringing his attention back to Inoichi.

Naruto was unaware of the other occupant in the room, as the sudden pain in his legs clouded his mind. He choked back a sob and blinked back the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes while clenching the bed sheets and twisting them, silently begging for the pain to go away.

Two massive claws reached out of the bed in front of him and began tearing the flesh from his legs. Naruto screamed in pain and horror as a skeletal dragon followed soon after and began eating at the stray flesh off the bones that were his legs.

"I will devour your flesh and be born myself," The creature hissed menacingly.

A sharp prick in the back of his neck snapped him back into reality as a sudden wave of disorientation hit Naruto that blurred everything for a moment.

'I can't move,' Naruto panicked, falling limply on his back as his body went numb.

The woman licked her lips in anticipation and crawled onto the bed. Her skirt rode up her firm buttocks to reveal lacy black lingerie. Naruto tried to identify the nurse but only got an eye full of cleavage instead. Despite the situation, he was in he couldn't help the blush that spread across his face. The woman's breasts strained against her uniform and the black bra that matched her panties - they seemed as if they would fall out any moment. She brushed some of her shoulder-length brown hair out of her face and slid further along the bed, dragging her large breasts up Naruto's chest before she came to a stop. Straddling the boy she spoke huskily.

"To think such a small body could house such a powerful dragon." She licked her lips again. "I've been waiting for you to pay me a visit Naru-kun. I'll make the pain all better…" As she spoke, she pulled a few senbon from seemingly nowhere while, her other hand began to glow.

"Stop," Naruto rasped weakly, recognizing her for who she was.

"But Naru-kun, I've been waiting here just for you," she said lovingly, kissing his forehead before trailing lower.

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise. "You're like me, aren't you!?"

"I am similar, but not nearly as powerful as you, now relax, this won't hurt a bit…"

(With Kakashi)

"Well?" The one eyed jounin asked.

The Yamanaka pulled him off to the side of the hallway. "I'll be honest…the kid's mind is a mess, Kakashi. I did the same diagnostic on the Uchiha boy after the massacre and he was completely fine next to Uzumaki. The kid is an explosive note waiting to go off."

"That's what I was afraid of…" Kakashi murmured.

"It gets worse." At Kakashi's inquisitive look the blond continued. "What ever this bloodline is, it's got a mind of its own."


"Their is more than one conscious in the boy's mind, its not Kyuubi but its just as hostile if not more so and it seems to be influencing him. Has he showed any violent tendencies or outbursts lately?" Kakashi nodded gravely. "I suggest you keep a careful eye on him Kakashi." Inoichi looked over the other jounin's shoulder. "That nurse has been in there quite some time now…" The man commented offhandedly.

Kakashi was suddenly infront of the door, throwing it open, and was completely stunned by the sight that greeted him. "No…"

A man among the crowd rose, his entire form obscured from view. He cleared his throat, much louder than necessary, and began his gathered report.

"This council was gathered to discuss the most urgent of recent news. Yesterday Naruto Uzumaki, jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Youko, battled against a martial artist of unknown origin. That same day he was rushed to Konoha's hospital. There, it was discovered that he was the holder of a new bloodline limit. The boy also showed signs of extensive physical strain and, according to Yamanaka Inoichi, dangerous mental stress."

The man sat back down quietly. The elders wasted no time in voicing one of their strongest opinions.

"That 'abomination' must be destroyed; he has never caused anything but trouble! The increasingly unstable behavior only proves that he can't control the Kyuubi or his new bloodline limit!"

The former teammate of the Third Hokage and an influential member of the council, Mitokado Homura had chosen to lead the argument to execute Naruto right off the bat - despite what new powers could have developed in the youth.

"No, he must only be controlled," The Third's other former teammate, Utatane Koharu, decided to lead the other side in the view of using Naruto's new bloodline and the Kyuubi inside him as a weapon. "We cannot allow power like that to go untamed; we must put him on a leash and it must be a short one!"

"He is obviously a danger to others as well as himself," Homura shouted to his former teammate.

"Which is exactly why he must be controlled! The chuunin exams are months away. From what the Copy-Nin said he has the potential to be a powerful weapon by then! Everyone here knows that Suna is starting to become hostile toward us. It is said they have their own jinchuriki, they could use it to attack us," Koharu shouted back just as forcefully.

"That is quite enough." Sarutobi Hiruzen's voice was soft among the shouts, but was firm enough to quiet his two former teammates. He schooled his expression to remain emotionless even though he was exasperated with this whole ordeal.

"We cannot execute him for the burdens that were forced upon his shoulders nor can we condemn him to a life of servitude as a weapon. Unless you have forgotten Homura, it was us who cursed the boy into being an 'abomination', as you say it, to save the lives of this village. And Koharu, we are on fine terms with all the other villages. Our military may have been weakened by the Kyuubi's attack but it has recovered and is strong enough to demand caution from the other villages if not respect."

Sarutobi's voice of reason cut through to the council members. The old man could see the wheels turning in the minds of many clan heads and district representatives. He rose from his seat and went for the attack.

"Many of us here have seen war, some more than once. Do you really want to expose today's youth to that so soon? We all know that many adults, let alone children, can not handle the bloodshed and destruction of the battlefield or should I remind the council of Uchiha Itachi? If we expose one, we will expose them all." Sarutobi took a deep breath to pause and gauge the reaction.

Many seemed to have changed their minds and dropped their hostility against Naruto. It merely took a reminder of just what consequences could come from these rash decisions to get through to them. Attacking the horrors they had seen and been through during times of war was the best way to have them realize they were becoming monsters themselves. This was how Sarutobi had kept Naruto alive so long and he'd be damned if he would let them get the boy he thought of as a grandson now.

'I promised on Minato's grave and gave my word to Kushina.' A determined strength filled the old man. His posture straighten, his cane let out a loud 'crack' as it hit the floor to get everyone's attention and the aura he gave off reminded them just how he had gained and held his position so long before and after retirement. "I propose-"

"I agree with Elder Koharu, the boy's power could prove to be a powerful weapon on the battlefield." A man obscured by shadows spoke with just as much authority as Sarutobi, interrupting the Hokage's words that would have finished it.

Sarutobi leveled a glare at Danzo's shadow as his words seemed to fill Koharu's faction with a new drive. The old war hawk and his former female teammate stood strong while Homura visibly deflated, but that did not stop him or his faction from shifting their former ideals to have Danzo backing them. Sarutobi took a quick glance to count them, they would be able to force their decision on or even past him if he could not gain the favor of the neutral elders.

"And if possible," Danzo continued. "I would like to oversee his training-" He stopped abruptly as he and entire council focused their attention on the door that practically shot off its hinges.

Some of the elders gasped in surprise as Kushina walked in dragging a bloody beat up ANBU - one who was under Danzo's direct command interestingly enough - with her one arm.

Sarutobi almost smiled at her sudden appearance, he could not have asked for a better miracle. 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' Sarutobi gave her a small smile when she looked at him, and she winked in return.

"Oh please, don't stop on my account," Kushina spoke icily, turning her attention back to the many eyes that followed her and throwing the man to the ground. "Lets continue the discussion of my son."

"How dare you? You barge into our meeting and demand a place among us; you have some nerve, wench." one of them said fiercely.

"You talk strongly for someone hiding in the shadows, old man." Sarutobi's eyes moved to Tsume Inuzuka. The Inuzuka was one of the few who agreed with Sarutobi to leave Naruto be. As an Inuzuka, as well as a mother, she didn't take kindly to the council trying to take the life and innocence of a child.

"She must know about this strange power the jinchuriki has. It would be wise to listen to her. Please, Uzumaki-san tell us of this strange power your son seems to carry." Hiashi Hyuuga said calmly. The man had remained neutral throughout the debate, even though his vote alone could sway the most stubborn to his side with hopes of gaining the Hyuuga's favor.

Kushina didn't flinch, meeting the Hyuuga's cold empty eyes with her own emotionless glare.

"Whirlpool was not a country that spoke with words, we were taught to settle problems with our fists. We didn't use ninjutsu or genjutsu but most taijutsu styles have been traced back to Whirlpool. As ninjutsu and genjutsu evolved and became stronger so did we, we used our chakra to enhance our forms with the elements, we taught ourselves to see through and create illusions and we did this without the use of handseals as a moments hesitation for them would result in death - but as you all know Whirlpool was torn apart by war, and is nothing but ruins now. My son is host to one of the founding powers of Whirlpool, the Dragon's Fist."

"But," The Hyuuga spoke. "The report stated he used lightning based attacks. What kind of power is this that is allows such a dangerous level of control over lightning?"

"The Dragon's Fist is one of the most dangerous powers. It gives him the ability to collect, store and utilize an unlimited amount of chakra by 'eating' the chakra of other dragons. He utilized the Earth Gate to generate electricity during the battle - it was probably forced open by his will," she said, walking toward the door.

"What" One of them exclaimed. "You have to give us more information than that!"

Kushina stopped short in the doorway. "You're right," The woman turned, fixing her eye on the room filled with ninja and civilian alike. "If any of you even think about taking my son away from me I will kill you!" she ground out dangerously, before walking out the door.

Sarutobi coughed lightly, regaining everyone's attention. "Well, it seems that this issue has been settled, you are all dismissed." The old man walked out, intent on catching Kushina, and left the flabbergasted council behind.


Kakashi stared blankly at Naruto, who stared back with a blush across his face. The nurse looked up from her work on Naruto's legs.

"You're Naru-kun's Jounin sensei, correct? Naru-kun will have to take it easy for a while but he'll make a full recovery. His legs can't be healed by medical jutsu alone, the strain his body was put through is different from your regular breaks, bruises, and chakra exhaustion - but that's why I'm here."

Kakashi watched her carefully, her senbon needles were precisely arranged on Naruto's legs while she ran a glowing hand along the side. "Umm… Just how do you know Naruto? If you don't mind my asking…"

"Not at all," she answered cheerfully. "I'm Naruto's personal nurse."

"Personal…nurse?" Kakashi couldn't help thinking about a similar scene happening in Icha Icha.

"Chosen by Kushina herself. Who do you think took care of Naruto when he was a baby?" She continued her work flawlessly, not distracted in the least by conversation. "I wasn't allowed to take him in as my own, but I was always here for him if he needed me. Even if he can be difficult sometimes, no matter how cute he is." Naruto's blush darkened, before realizing something.

"Kushina, my mother!? You knew her!?" The name brought his recent memories back to the front of his mind, but he still couldn't move.

"Yes. She should be arriving soon, now that I think about it - but right now you need rest," the woman said, finishing her work on his legs. "The serum I injected should be able to flush out all the 'junk' in your legs but it'll take at least a few hours, your not going anywhere till then."

"But I want to meet her" the boy protested.

A finger came to rest on his lips, quieting him. "Shhh…its late, sleep…" the woman whispered gently. The resistance from Naruto gave out and she smiled as he drifted into a deep sleep. To say Kakashi was amazed was an understatement, he'd never seen someone handle Naruto so easily before.

"I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name and I don't think I've ever even seen you before." Kakashi was still slightly in shock from the knowledge this woman seemed to possess and the fact that even Naruto seemed to aware of restricted information.

"Kounoike Chiaki," the woman said walking over and sticking her hand out.

Kakashi glanced at her hand, still paranoid from the last time, but took it a moment later. "Still, Naruto's never mentioned you before."

The woman looked back at the sleeping boy solemnly. "He doesn't want the village to look down on us."


"Yes, my fiancé and I," Her attention focused back on the one-eyed jounin. "Now, visiting hours are over and Naru-kun needs to rest. You can come visit tomorrow." In her eyes was the dangerous glint of a furious woman and Kakashi knew better than to challenge her.

Sarutobi followed the woman into his office. He walked in to see her fall into his chair and prop her feet on his desk, noticing her gaze drift to the portrait of Minato on the wall.

"I already sent my two escorts to my old home," her eyes didn't leave the portrait. "Sorry, I know how much paperwork you're going to get because of me."

The old man smiled. "I think I'll actually enjoy signing those papers."

"Tell Chiaki to bring him to me tomorrow," she got up and the Hokage moved to let her pass.

Sarutobi caught her gently by the shoulder. "You don't want to go meet him today? Its not too late, I'm sure she'd make an exception."

She stood still, struggling with herself. "Its been thirteen years," she said finally with watery eyes. "Thirteen years since I was forced to abandon him. I do want to see him, I want to see him so badly, but I'm scared…no I'm terrified that…"

"Kushina, Naruto would never reject you," Sarutobi knew Naruto wasn't like that.

"Thanks but," she sighed. "…I just need to gather myself, I don't think I could face him right now with out becoming a mess."

"I understand…tomorrow it is."

"Are you sure you're okay, honey?"

Naruto appreciated her concern, really he did, but every time she asked that more of his nerve would crumble. He was confined to a wheelchair because his legs were still extremely weak, felt ready to vomit from nervousness, and was complete by overwhelming excitement. In other words he was a jittery wreck.

They stood, well technically he sat, outside a massive wooden home detailed to take the form of a dojo. This is where he would meet his mother, this is where he would get to see her for the first time in person not just as a memory. He couldn't help but be terrified. What if she didn't recognize him? What if she didn't want him?

"Quit being such a mother hen, Chiaki," the man beside her said. Naruto gave him a grateful glance that revealed just how nervous the boy was.

The man towered over both Naruto and Chiaki, packed with dense muscle. His kind blue eyes betrayed his intimidating statue, contrasting greatly with the dark color of his skin. He had said he was from Kumo once, but it hadn't really mattered to Naruto he was still a good person.

"Well, excuse me for being worried, Bob Makihara," she said angrily. "Not everyone can-"

"Umm…Chiaki?" Naruto tested.

"What is it Naru-chan?" It still surprised him how fast she could change moods.

"Can we go inside? I'm…uhh…kind of losing my nerve." Naruto fidgeted in his chair. At least he was in actual clothes now, Chiaki had washed the ones Tsunami had given him.


To Naruto it took forever to reach the room his mother was in, but he knew it was no more than a few minutes.

"Do you think I can go alone," He asked.

"I guess, but if you start hurting don't push it." Chiaki answered with a worried look.

Naruto took a deep breath and got up carefully. He took a moment to steady himself and slid the door open to step in. After closing the door behind him he turned to see someone sitting in the center of the room, facing away from him, it was hard to distinguish details in the dim light, but he noticed her red hair and missing arm immediately. The way she lost her arm was still burned into his mind.

He took cautious steps toward the woman, the sound dimmed by the soft floor, before stopping right behind her. If she noticed she didn't show it. Naruto had gone over at least a million different things to say when he met her, but he couldn't seem to remember any of them. All he could do was stand there, trying to find something, anything, to say.

"Its funny," he didn't know who his voice shocked more, the woman or himself. "I spent thirteen years, wishing for a mother. Thirteen years hoping that there was someone out there that was forced to leave me. A-and n-n-now she's r-right in front of me a-and," he stumbled over the words as his throat tightened and his eyes started to water. He looked down trying to hide that he was crying. "I don't even know what to say to her."

Sudden warmth encircled him. "Mom?"

"My son…my baby…"

For the first time in his life Naruto didn't try to fight it, he just let himself cry. If this was a dream he never wanted to wake up.


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