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Triangle between Ino Sakura and Temari. InoSaku primary.

"Alright, Mr. Hyuuga, here's yer herd, two hundred head, back safe and sound." A pink-headed woman rode up to the ranch house on her horse (1), "Very well," Hiashi Hyuuga peered over to where his ranch hands were herding the cattle into their pens, "How much do I owe you for today's work?" The pink-headed woman flicked her hat as she thought, "I figure about fifty." Hiashi handed her her day's pay. "Thank ya kindly. Watch out for rustlers now." She tipped her hat and left the ranch.

Sakura Haruno had been living in the Arizona territory for as long as she could remember. Her parents had been killed during their trek to the west from the east. Sakura was only a child at the time, and was left to wander the desert. Eventually she found herself in the town of Konoha, and has been living there ever since under the care of the town's mayor, Tsunade. That was almost twenty years ago. She was 25 now, fairly attractive, and not too bad with a gun. She did odd jobs for the townsfolk, her favorite being ranching for the ranch owners that were nearby.

She was fairly attractive, her eyes were a bright emerald, her hair was short and bright pink, she was fit, could ride, and could hit a bullseye from one hundred paces with a pistol.

Sakura pocketed her wage as she rode into town. She absent-mindedly ran on of her hands over the handle of her pearl-handled revolver. She made her way to Tsunade's office in the exact center of town. She exchanged greetings with a few of the townsfolk as she dismounted and entered the building, her spurs clinking on the wooden floor. "Evenin' Shizune, Is she in?" Sakura asked the dark-haired secretary, "Yep, go right in. She's expecting you."

Sakura tipped her hat and went into the office. Tsunade was scribbling something on a form, and looked up when the pinkette closed the door, "'Bout time you got here. Have a seat." The blonde gestured to the chair in front of her. Sakura removed her tan hat and sat down, "So what'd you need to see me for?" she asked, "Sheriff was run out of town while you were off on your drive, and I need for you to fill in until we can get a replacement." Tsunade tossed the tin badge across her desk to Sakura, "Temporarily, of course."

"Why me?" Sakura asked, "Because you're the best shot in town, and because I said so." The pinkette groaned and picked up the badge, "Fine. And I'm gettin' paid fer this, right?" she asked as she pinned it to her vest, "Right, same wage, assuming you last that long."

"Gee, thanks." She said sarcastically, "Oh, and the stage is coming late, so I'll need you to meet it." Tsunade said as she went back to her forms, "Fine, fine, special cargo or something?"

"This month's budget, and some girl who wants to open a flower shop." Tsunade shrugged, "A flower shop? In Arizona? Must be a fucking moron." Sakura bade her goodbyes to her caretaker and Shizune before leaving the building to go inspect the jail. As she was walking down the street, she noticed a figure cloaked in black stopping in front of the saloon, 'Might have to check that out later.'


"Goddamn this heat." A blonde woman muttered as she rode into some pissant backwater town (2), "There'd better be a cathouse here. I need a poke." She rode her horse over to the saloon, "But first, a drink." She dismounted and tied her horse to the rack. She kicked open the swinging doors and approached the bar. There was a young girl behind the bar cleaning a glass, "Well, hello there." She plopped down on the stool. The girl jumped, "Oh, hello. What can I do for you?" she smiled as she spoke, "Well, you can start off with some whiskey." The girl quickly fetched her drink, "Leave the bottle."

Temari Sabaku was once a member of the Suna tribe, but was kicked out for her constant disgraces to herself, her family, her ancestors, and her tribe. She had tanner skin than most of her former brethren, so she came off as more Mexican than Indian, and was often mistaken for such. She was deadly with her weapons, and rarely showed mercy to those that crossed her. She was wanted in five states, four of those for murder, the other for attempted murder.

"Hey, girlie." Temari said in order to get the brunette's attention, "Any good cathouses around here?"

"Any what?" the girl blinked, "Cathouses, whorehouses, brothels, places where a girl like me could get a decent poke." Temari annunciated, the girl blushed in realization, "I-I'm afraid, we don't have any places like that that employ men."

"Who said I was looking for a man?" she shot her a cocky smile, causing her to blush harder, "Th-There's Anko's place down the street, can't miss it. Excuse me." She seet the bottle of whiskey down and ran into the back room, "Huh, free bottle of whiskey." She grabbed the bottle and left the saloon before anyone could make her pay for it. She checked her watch, "5:59, may as well go find the cathouse." She took another gulp of whiskey and started off down the street.


Sakura checked her pocket watch again, "6:30. Where's that goddamn stage?" she had been standing out front of the general store for the past half-hour waiting for the stage to arrive. Finally she caught a glimpse of it coming into town, "Bout time." She muttered as it came to a stop in front of her. The driver climbed on top of the coach and threw down the bags that were up there. Sakura opened the door and allowed the people to drain out.

After the four passengers had piled out, two government soldiers climbed out with an iron strongbox, "Monthly budget." One of them said, "Good, take that straight to the mayor's office." Sakura pointed towards Tsunade's building, she then turned to the passengers, "Welcome to Konoha, I hope you will enjoy your stay." Three of the passengers said their thanks and grabbed their bags before departing, although one of them, a woman with long blonde hair, was having trouble picking her bag up.

"Need help miss?" Sakura asked, before walking over to the woman and picked up the bag, "Oh thank you," she said and stood up, Sakura found herself in awe of this woman. She was gorgeous, she had long flowing platinum blonde hair, bright azure eyes, and a figure to match (3), "I'm Ino, I've come here to open a flower shop." She smiled, "Uh, do you know where the hotel is?" she asked and looked around, "I should." Sakura flicked her badge, "Oh my," Ino exclaimed, "A woman sheriff?"

"Yeah, got a problem with that?" Sakura asked, "N-No ma'am." Ino was slightly taken aback, "Good. Well, follow me and I'll take you to the hotel."

"Um, can I get your name?" The blonde asked as she picked up her dress and ran after the sheriff, "Sakura. Do you mind if I ask you a question, Miss?"

"Not at all."

"Why would you want to open a flower shop in a place like this? Wouldn't it be better suited back east where flowers actually grow?"

"You'd think that. But with the right care, a flower can grow anywhere. That and I've always wanted to come out west. I've always wanted to see the savages, I hear they like to scalp people. I wonder what that's like." The blonde bumped into Sakura. The pinkette turned around and stared the blonde directly in the eyes, "Imagine having a dull blade sweep across the top of your skull, separating every single nerve, and those that don't cut in the initial strike get sawed off, all so that someone can have a trophy. It's not something you ever what to be a part of."

Ino was frozen in her tracks. "Come on." Sakura turned around and continued to the hotel. Ino quickly regained herself and followed after her.

Ino checked in, and Sakura helped her up to her room. "I'm really sorry, I hope I wasn't a bother to you." Ino said after she unlocked her door, "Nah, I'm just down the hall. So if you need anything, just scream." Sakura bade her goodnight and went into her own room that she rented. She kicked off her boots and stripped off her clothes before climbing into bed, "Whodda thunk she'd look like that." Sakura shook her head, "If only I were a man."

(1) The Good

(2) The Bad

(3) The Beautiful

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