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Temari looked up from her fire as a couple of figures approached, she had been camping on the banks of the Mississippi for the past couple of days waiting for her comrades, "'Bout time you two got back. Wait, where's Ino you pricks?" she shouted when she realized that there were only two figures, and neither of them had the blonde's long hair.

"You two fucked up again, didn't you? God almighty, I don't know why the hell I thought you two could handle this." There was a faint sound of knife on flesh and a groan. One of the figures fell forward, Temari quirked an eyebrow as Sasuke hit the ground. "What the hell'd you do that for, Kisame? And where's Ino?"

"Back home where she belongs." The blonde gasped when Sakura stepped into the light, "How can you still be alive?" she growled as she clenched her fists, "I'm stubborn that way." Sakura said coolly, her pistol drawn and pointed at the blonde.

"You raped Ino." She started, "You kidnapped her, and took her over and over. Even when she begged you to stop." In one swift motion, Sakura was on the other side of the fire, and smacked Temari across the face with her pistol, sending her flying to the ground.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now." The pinkette growled, and holstered her pistol. Temari just glared up at her, holding her now bleeding cheek, "You have ten seconds."

The blonde stood up, and Sakura thought she was going to run, "You just couldn't stay dead, could you? Why can't you just be a good girl and die!" Temari drew one of her pistols, Sakura drew hers, they were no more that five feet apart.



Ino jerked awake as the train screeched to a stop in the Konoha station. She shook herself awake and stood with the rest of the passengers to make her way out. She grabbed her one bag from the shelf and stepped out of the car. The town looked much the same, people were going about their business, Anko's girls were on a few of the street corners giving out tokens, and there were quite a few men going around with guns out.

The blonde walked through the street, and stopped in front of the building that was supposed to be her shop, which was now a bathhouse. She sighed and looked down at herself, she hadn't bathed since Dodge, only problem was, she didn't have any money. "What're the chances Sakura's room is still in her name?" she stepped into the hotel and traipsed up the stairs and pulled out the small hotel key Sakura had given her sometime before, and put it into the lock.

She opened the door and stepped inside, "Hello?" she called, and hoped no one was there. When there was no answer, she dropped her bag and looked around, there were several pictures on the dressers, some of Sakura herself, Sakura and Tsunade, and various others.

She started when there was a knock at the door, 'How can anyone know someone is in here?' she thought as she crept to the door. She slowly opened it, "Mom? Papa?" she gasped when she saw her parents standing in the doorway. Her mother teared up and wrapped her arms around her daughter, "Oh thank God you're alive! We came as soon as we had heard you were kidnapped by some outlaw!"

"Did he touch you, Ino?" her father asked, "Did he take you?"

Ino looked at the floor, remembering what Temari had done to her, "Y-Yes, she did." Ino felt a tear slide down her cheek, "She?!" they both shouted, they looked at each other, then dragged Ino out of the hotel.

"What the? Where are we going?" Ino asked, "We're taking you to the church, you need to ask the lord for forgiveness, even though your sin wasn't of your own will." Her father explained, "And then when the train comes next week, we're taking you back east."

"What? Why?" The blonde protested, "Because it isn't safe out here. So we're taking you home to Philadelphia, and plus, we met a nice young man who is just itching to meet you." Her mother said in a sweet voice and they entered the church, "Now you get down and beg the Lord for forgiveness."


Sakura was riding hard, she was in a hurry to get back home to Ino. Temari's bullet had barely missed her, but hers was on target. Sakura had dumped her body in the river, and put two more bullets in her back for the hell of it. She had just crossed into the Arizona Territory after a week, and would be back within the hour, thankfully before sunset.

She missed her friends, her home, her job. She had turned in her badge to Marshall Earp, and immediately started west.

She could see the buildings of the town in the distance, she was almost there. She winced as the passing train blew its horn. "Ugh. Trains piss me off." She muttered as she trotted into town. She immediately spotted Naruto running towards her. "Sakura! Sakura!" he shouted, "Howdy, Naruto. You haven't by any chance seen Ino around, have you?"

"That's just it." He panted, "She just left on that train with her parents. They came to town a few weeks ago, and they just up and took her back east! I'm sorry, Sakura. But she wanted me to give this to you when you got back." He handed the pinkette a letter, she took it and read it quickly.

She stuffed it into her pocket and took of at top speed after the train. Her horse started to wane as she approached the back, she was riding it to hard. "Come on, baby, come on, just a little more." Her horse sped up just enough for Sakura to grab hold of the railing and hoist herself onto the train, allowing her horse to rest.

Sakura opened the back door and walked into the caboose, tipping her hat to the people inside, "Hi there." She walked up the aisle and into the next car, where she spotted her blonde lover. "Ino!" she called, the blonde's face lit up like the tree on Christmas morning. "Sakura!" she hopped up out of her seat and ran towards the pinkette.

Ino's parents looked back and saw the state the other woman was in, hair disheveled, a rifle strapped to her back, and pistol on her hip. They both became absolutely furious when the two kissed, and they naturally assumed that Sakura was the one who kidnapped their daughter. Inoichi drew a small pistol, and aimed it at the pinkette, "You heathenistic bitch!" Sakura saw him just out of the corner of her eye, "Duck!" she shouted, and she and Ino hit the floor as Inoichi fired off the two shots.

Sakura kicked the door open, and she and Ino ducked outside the car, "Friends of yours?" she asked, "Parents. Christian Parents." Ino said, a little shaken that her father had just shot at them, "You must be the one that kidnapped and raped my virgin daughter!" they heard him shouting from inside, his footsteps drawing closer, "He thinks I'm Temari? Damn."

Sakura shut and jammed the door just as Inoichi was upon them, "Shall we go?" Sakura asked, Ino merely smiled and nodded. The two exchanged another kiss and ran to the back of the train as Inoichi blasted through the door. They got to the back of the train, Sakura thought quickly, "Up on the roof." She shouted, and helped Ino up the ladder, "I'm not exactly dressed for this, Sakura!" Ino sounded really worried.

"It's fine, we just gotta get to the stable car!" they started to run across the rooftops, and they could hear Inoichi shout behind them, "Don't worry, Ino! I'll save you!"

Sakura kept her hands protectively around Ino, to keep her from falling. They hit the deck as two more shots zoomed over their heads.

They finally reached the stable car and eased down into it, "Thank God!" They had found a single, saddled horse in the car. Sakura pushed the car door open and helped Ino mount the horse, then mounted herself, just as Inoichi came into the car, Sakura tipped her hat, and Ino shouted, "Bye, Daddy!" before the pinkette kicked the horse, and they went flying out of the car onto the dusty ground.

"Are you alright?" Sakura asked in a loving voice as she nuzzled Ino's neck, "Yeah. But what happened to Temari?"

"She's somewhere at the bottom of the Mississippi." Sakura kissed the exposed skin on the blonde's neck, "Good. Good." Ino leant back, pressing herself to Sakura, "How are you feeling about your parents?" Sakura asked as she turned the horse and went at a slow trot back to Konoha, "Well, they were going to have me marry some man and such. But…" Ino shifted and kissed her lover full on the lips, "I'd rather spend a happy life of sin with you, than an unhappy one without you." Sakura smirked and kissed her back, "C'mon, darlin' let's go home, I've got a bed that needs some heat." Sakura kicked the horse, and galloped west, toward the slowly setting sun.

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