A/N: I do not own anything in this story. This is a novelization of the first X-Files game where Agent Craig Willmore investigates the disappearance of Agent Mulder and Agent Scully.


Mulder and Scully pulled up to where the warehouse was and stepped out of the car. They approached the doors without speaking and Scully watched him pick the lock. This was something she hated him doing but never voiced her opinion. He fiddled around with the lock picking tool until the padlock finally sprung open.

The large door opened with a loud squeak which echoed through the empty warehouse. Scully half closed it behind her. Mulder raised his hand to point to the other end. There was something on the floor. They both bent down and Mulder picked up some of the black powder in his fingers and examined it before throwing it to the ground as they looked around.

Three armed men walked in with their firearms drawn and began rapid firing at the two agents. Mulder tackled Scully to the ground to protect her from the gunmen. Before the gunmen could go any further, Mulder heard their screams of terror echo as the Warehouse filled up with a bright light that engulfed everything. And then… Silence.

Scully lay still beside him and he quickly got to his feet once the bright white light disappeared. He had his gun drawn but there was no sign of the shooters. They were just gone. For awhile he stood there trying to take in what had just happened.


Starring: Jordan Lee Williams, James Lynch, Mitch Pileggi, Sean Griffin, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Paige Witte

Guest Starring: Tom Braidwood, Bruce Harwood, Dean Haglund, Steve Williams and Robert Isaac Lee.


Agent Craig Willmore walked hurriedly in the direction of his office. He knew that he was late and his superior, Shanks would not be impressed. The first person he saw was fellow FBI Agent Mark Cook. He was walking out of his office and quickly approached him as soon as he saw Willmore.

"Why Agent Willmore." Cook greeted him.

"Why Agent Cook." He responded quickly.

Agent Cook was just shorter than he was and had somewhat of a receding hairline which made him appear older than he really was.

"You picked a great day to be late." Cook said without breaking his tone, "There's some big gun in from DC. I don't know what's up but it's serious."

Willmore thought for a moment as he ran through his hand through his spiky black fringe, "Did he say anything to you?" He asked. Perhaps these were part of the budget or staff cutbacks.

"No." Cook answered.

"Did he ask about me?" Willmore asked, perhaps that was why Cook was in such a hurry to see him.

"Calm down my friend." Cook replied, "You're starting to look a little guilty."

He watched Cook head back to his office before heading into the locker to retrieve his FBI pack. Which had everything in it and he found pockets to put them in. Next thing was to go to his office as soon as he sat down at the desk, his telephone rung. Before answering it, Willmore reached into the top drawer to retrieve his weapon and handcuffs.

"Willmore." He answered the phone.

"Agent Willmore." It was Shanks on the other end of the phone, "I want to see you in my office."

Agent Willmore hung up the phone and checked through his case files. Sure his superior didn't want him drop everything and run. He then ripped off some sticky tape from the tape roll and attached it to his nose. This was something he always did before entering Shanks' office, it was kind of like a test to see how keen his superior's observation skills were.

"Come in." Shanks told him, "This is Assistant Director Skinner."

"Agent Willmore." Skinner looked like a seasoned veteran and had an overpowering air about him.

"Sir." Willmore greeted as they shook hands.

Shanks gestured for him to have a seat so he did so.

"Two of my agents are missing." Skinner got right down to business, "Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully." Skinner handed Willmore the file and he looked at the photos of a redhead and her hazel eyed partner, "I haven't heard from them in three days. I'm extremely concerned." He didn't really show it though.

"Were they romantically involved?" Willmore asked.

"I don't know." Skinner answered, "I don't think so." Through the lenses, Willmore could see that Skinner was measuring him up. To see if he was talented enough to find his precious agents.

"Where were they last seen?" Willmore asked.

"In my office in DC right before they left." Came the answer.

"What case were they working on?"

"I'm not quite sure." Their superior didn't even know what they were doing? "All I have is this travel requisition that showed they were travelling through Washington."

Willmore looked over at Shanks, "These two agents were able to function with a high degree of autonomy due to the nature of the cases they pursued."

Willmore took the travel requisition and noted that AD Skinner squirmed a little in his seat when Shanks mentioned, 'nature of the cases they pursued.' There was something that they weren't telling him.

"Can I get their cell phone numbers?" Willmore asked.

"You'll find them in their dossier." Skinner answered, "But they're not answering."

"Have they disappeared before?"

"No not like this." Skinner answered.

"Have they been romantically involved in the past?" Willmore wondered if the reason why he was being so tightlipped was that maybe his two agents were not so professional.

"As I say I don't know." Skinner answered directly, "I don't believe so."

"Should Cook be involved in this investigation?" Willmore asked SAIC Shanks.

"It's up to you really." Shanks responded, "You know the Bureau's policy on backup. I suggest you use all available resources." He said.

"You know of anything unusual in Everett?" Willmore asked Shanks.

"There's nothing that I'm aware of." Shanks answered.

"What should I do with my current cases?"

"Hand them off to Cook." Shanks said, "I know he's busy but this is priority." Willmore stood up to leave the office, "File an APB out on Agents Mulder and Scully. Then give your current case files to Cook. AD Skinner will join you shortly."

Willmore walked out into the main hallway and was immediately intercepted by Cook, "So?" Cook said, "Ok… What's happening? You can't just sit on this… You have to tell me what's happening." Cook wanted to be in on everything and Willmore was quite use to that by now.

"A couple of agents have disappeared." Willmore spoke in a quiet and serious tone, "From DC… Agent Mulder and Scully. They've been gone for three days."

Cook bit his lip as he headed back to his office. Disappearing agents always had a profound effect on other agents even if they hadn't known each other, "I'm guessing I know what Shanks wants you to do with your current cases." Cook looked up from his desk and smiled a friendly smile.

"Shanks wants me to hand my cases off to you." Willmore said. They were Shanks' words not his. It might not seem too bad as this was what Cook had been expecting.

"Great." Cook mocked as he took the case files from Willmore's outstretched hand, "Thanks Golden Boy."

"What cases you working on?" Willmore enquired.

"Counterfeiters." Cook said, "And a militia group that's still active in the Northern Cascade and I'm assisting the DA with a meth lab ring."

He already sounded like he had his hands full. In this point of time, Willmore felt sorry for him, obviously he was getting snowed under. Skinner met Willmore in the hallway as he put something in his pocket.

"I suggest that we start at the Motel where Mulder and Scully disappeared." Skinner said, "I'll meet you in the car." Skinner walked past him.

He wasn't too sure what to make of the Assistant Director. Skinner obviously cared much about these two agents but he wasn't going around voicing it. It was either very professional or that he was hiding something. Maybe Skinner knew more than he was telling.