Willmore had managed to sneak around through the back door of the house and take out the two NSA men by catching them off guard. He was totally shocked to find how easy it was to just waltz onto a secret base. It seems that security is very much lacking these days he thought as he also remembered the nonexistent security at the Hauling yard.

Scully was examining one of the bodies on the ground. Apparently, the reason for the poor security was that somebody or something had already torn through it, "These burns match those of the others." Scully said running short of breath, "Mulder's gone up ahead. I don't believe we have much time."

Willmore walked through the maze of bodies as he tried not to step on any and Scully occasionally knelt down and checked on. There were no sounds of anything going on and it seemed that all the lights were on the fritz as well since some of them were only blinking in an annoying matter. He held out his gun as he followed the endless trail of bodies. Someone ahead of him stood to his feet… That someone was Agent Mulder.

"I need your help Scully." Mulder said to Scully who was following Willmore, "I need two of these keys to get past the blast doors and into the storage chamber. I need for you to help me."

There seemed like there was something odd about Mulder, Willmore could feel it. He looked at Scully then Mulder waiting for either of them to say something. Then Willmore caught a glimpse of it, there was the black film swimming all over the eyes.

"Run." Willmore turned to Scully. It took a moment for it to register before she took his advice.

They had split up, Willmore had almost ran right into a gunman in one of the rooms but was able to shoot him before the man had a chance to react to his presence. He met up with Scully who had run into an adjoining room and he could see her through the glass.

"Willmore." She said as she entered the same room he was in, "Any sign of Mulder?"

Willmore looked around just to make sure, "No." He said.

"I haven't seen him either." Scully replied, "What was he talking about? Why is he looking for a key?" Willmore tried to get a word in, "And what kind of key? He said something about a storage chamber. I have to figure out why he's behaving this way and somehow get him out of here." Scully said.

They separated once again, Willmore continued down the winding corridor and stopped to look in the main control room. Even the security screens in there were on the fritz and only showing a snowy picture. The whole facility seemed eerily empty, devoid of life.

Something got his attention in the adjoining room so he walked in to check it out. On a table was a cattle prod, "What the?" Willmore mouthed as he picked it up. He put it back down. This place was just getting weirder by the minute. Someone grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him against the table then to the ground and was now pointing a gun at him. It was then he realized that it was his partner, Mark Cook.

"You just couldn't let it go could you?" Cook said, "It was getting taken care of… But no, you just had to come out here… You just had to be the hero. But just realize that most heroes get themselves killed."

Willmore was able to reach his arm up and grab the cattle prod. He used it on Cook which sent shockwaves through his body and rendered him unconscious. He threw the cattle prod at Cook. If he didn't have something more important to do, he'd probably lay into him then, "Damn you Cook." Willmore said coldly.

He walked into an area that had a large glass cage which had two doors, one on either side. Suddenly, Scully popped out of the shadows with a gun pointed at him. But then put it away once she realized that it was him.

"Whoa it's you." Scully said and Willmore was able to breathe a sigh of relief, "I have no idea with what's wrong with Mulder. I think he's in some kind of…" Willmore began to fade out when Scully began using scientific mumbo jumbo, "If we can leer him into the isolation chamber… We contain him until I figure out a way to treat him."

"Ok." Willmore said, "How are we going to do that?"

"First of all… We need to locate the other key that Mulder was looking for." She answered, "Now whatever's in that room is protected by some sort of blast door. It looks to me as if the door is operated by two keypads. Both keys need to be turned simultaneously just like launching a nuclear missile. Now there's a key guard in the corner of the room, maybe if I distract him you can come up behind him and knock him out." Scully said, "But first off, we need to get the isolation chamber powered up."

Willmore went to walk away to find the power up switches. It didn't take him long to find them. Then Willmore opened the doors to both sides of the glass isolation chamber before meeting back up with Scully.

"Let's hope this works." Scully said with caution, "Any particular direction you'd like to take?"

Willmore took the direction to the right just in time to see Mulder and a guard insert their perspective keys into the slots. Before they were able to turn their keys, Willmore stepped out from his corner and shot the guard. He then grabbed the key and began making his way to the isolation chamber with Mulder stalking him. He didn't dare to turn around and make sure nor did he dare to run.

He walked through the isolation chamber and turned around to close the door on him. Scully did the same thing on her end and they had successfully trapped Mulder in the chamber. Mulder screamed and pounded on the glass door before falling silent. Scully and Willmore watched in shock and awe as oil oozed from Mulder, seemingly searching for the new host.

Cook had come out from nowhere and grabbed Willmore. He could see the black film swimming over Cook's eyes now. He was the new host. Cook grabbed him by the throat and dragged him to the blast door before shoving Willmore in front of the keypad with such force that Willmore grunted in pain. Cook went to the side that Mulder had taken beforehand. He was ready for the key to be turned.

Willmore saw Scully walk behind Cook so he took out the stiletto from his pocket and lobbed it over to her. Luckily she had caught it and he watched her extend the blade and drove it into the base of Cook's skull. Willmore knew it had to be done, but hearing the inhuman scream followed by silence was still sickening. Cook slumped to the ground and the oil formed a lifeless puddle.


Willmore sat in SAIC Shanks' office after just telling him what had just happened which included the thing with Cook the endless supply of bodies as well as the details about the case, "Agent Willmore." Shanks said to him in a fatherly tone, "I know you're upset by what's transpired. We're all affected when one of our own goes bad."

"I never saw it coming." Willmore said. Perhaps the signs were there and he just was blind to it. Just small things what people had said and passing comments that were made. Maybe he chose to ignore it. Shanks acted like he didn't see it coming either, "Mark was my friend."

"I should have been more attentive perhaps." Shanks said, "None of us are at fault."

"Except Agent Cook himself." Scully's voice came from the doorway.

"Hello." Shanks greeted Scully, "Come in. It's good to finally see you face to face."

"I just wanted to say goodbye." Scully said, "I spoke to Detective Astadourian, apparently they searched Cook's apartment and found my laptop… It seems that Cook staged the break in here to make it look like he'd been attacked."

"Well." Shanks said, "It seems that Agents Mulder and Scully have been talking to Assistant Director Skinner about you."

"Yeah." Scully said, "It seems that your work has received quite a bit of attention at the Bureau, you have a big fan in Assistant Director Skinner." Willmore couldn't help but give a little smile at this.

"I must admit that some of what I have heard sounds a bit… Fantastic." Shanks commented in a friendly tone, "To put it mildly."

"Yes sir. I agree." Willmore said.

"I'll have to plead the fifth on that." Scully said with a smile, "Anyway I've got a plane to catch but Agent Mulder wanted me to tell you… That his foot has woken up." She said in a confused tone.

"That's a relief." Willmore laughed softly.

"Anyway… I wanted to say thank you." Scully extended her hand.

"I wouldn't have missed it for the world." Willmore shook her hand. After Scully had left, Willmore sat back down in the seat in front of Shanks.

"You look a little ragged around the edges." Shanks observed, "Why don't you go home and get some sleep. I'll see you here tomorrow first thing in the morning. Oh and I expect your report on this matter to show up when you do."

"Yes sir." Willmore nodded as he stood up and went to leave.

"Oh and Detective Astadourian said she had some paperwork for you to sign. She said she'd drop it by your place." Shanks said, "I told her she can send it here. She seemed adamant about dropping it off to you directly."

"Yes sir." Willmore replied.

Willmore was about to enter his apartment when someone stopped him outside, "Agent Willmore." A familiar voice said.

"I guess I know what you want." Willmore said to X, "Hold on a second, I'll go and get it." He turned to walk inside.

"I think not." X said in an emotionless tone, "You better keep it… You're going to need it again… Soon."

Then X disappeared into the darkness. Willmore shook his head, he couldn't believe that there were men like him around, ones that hid in the shadows.


Willmore had taken half the following day off. He'd handed in the report that had taken him most of the night. Frankly it was probably the worst report he'd ever written, it hadn't even been spellchecked and he didn't really care if Shanks cared anyway. But there was no argument from his superior. Willmore laid his head on the pillow in his apartment and fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

"Why Agent Willmore" Cook said to him. His black eyes peering deeply. Again, the hands were clasped around his throat and there was nothing he could do. They were holding Willmore in place. The bomb blast that almost killed him and Mary had gone off again. He still could feel the heat from the flames. But damn he couldn't move at all. Cook still had a hold of him, "Agent Willmore. Willmore." Cook kept saying his name over again but not giving him a chance to answer.

Willmore woke up from the nightmare but still couldn't move. Someone had him by the shoulders, "Craig Willmore?" The voice wasn't that of Cook's but it was Mary's voice, "Wake up Willmore."

He opened his eyes, "Mary?" He asked, "What are you doing here? How'd you get in?"

"Your door was unlocked." Mary answered, "When I heard you crying out I thought you were in trouble."

"No." Willmore said as he got out of bed, "What you got in your hand?" Mary was holding a large plastic bag.

"Chinese takeaway." Mary held the bag up.

"Ah, my savior." Willmore laughed.

"Yeah…" Mary laughed back, "After we have this… You want to do some tampering with the evidence?" Willmore just lowered his head as he ate, "You want to talk about it Craig.?" She asked.

They both stood up, "I know he turned bad. He just… I don't know." Mary rubbed his shoulder in comfort, "But to see someone die like that. That scream. He was bad I know, but he was a friend." He was choking on his own words, "The bomb that almost blew us up, being thrown around at times, running all over the place." He could feel everything crumbling, it just wasn't how a male agent was suppose to act, "I made John sick, I lost a good friend and I just don't know." He ran his hand through his hair.

"Hey it's ok." Mary allowed him to cry into her shoulder, "Don't forget you gained a good friend to." She felt him nod into her shoulder.

He quickly pulled away, "I know this is not how a guy should act." Willmore said, "But I thank you. I think I needed that." He managed a half-smile, "But I think I will tamper with the evidence now."