Willmore was somewhat tired when he entered the field office. It felt like he didn't have much sleep at all. The sight in building made this great morning even worse. His friend and partner Cook was lying unconscious on the floor. He ran up to him and tried to wake him by tapping him on the side of the face.

"Hey." Cook slowly got off his back, "Did you get the number of that bus?" He sat down with his back up against the door to his office.

"You ok?" Willmore asked with concern.

Cook grabbed a handkerchief from his pocket and applied pressure to the back of his head, "Yeah I'll live… Unfortunately." He answered, "Until Shanks gets a hold of me. We better see if anything's missing."

Willmore made sure that Cook stayed seated as he looked in the evidence locker. Usually, if anybody was after anything in the FBI it was because they were after evidence. There was only one thing that wasn't there.

"Scully's laptop is missing." Willmore said.

The sound of a phone ringing pierced the hall, "That's your phone." Cook called back.

Willmore walked to his office and picked up his phone.

"Is this Agent Willmore?" A youngish voice asked on the other end of the phone.

"Yes." Willmore answered.

"Agent Willmore… This is Agent Pendrell from the Sci-Crime Lab in DC." Agent Pendrell said, "I completed the contemporary analysis of the blood sample from your office. I'm afraid I've got some bad news." Agent Pendrell sighed into the phone. It had to be bad, "It looks like the blood belongs to Agent Scully."

"Oh Jesus." Willmore said, "Are you certain?"

It seemed that the voice on the other end was a little unsteady, "Fairly. A more detailed analysis will confirm it. But I'm pretty certain that's Scully's blood." Pendrell took awhile to continue, "At the very least we know she's been injured. Um was there much blood at the scene?"

"Yeah a fair amount." Willmore informed Pendrell. He didn't mean to sound as cold as it did.

"Let's just hope it isn't as bad as it looks." Pendrell said.

"Yeah… Ok." Willmore replied, "Thanks for the call."

"Sure. Thanks for the call. If anything changes I'll let you know."

"Sure, no problem." Willmore was about to hang up.

"Agent Willmore?"

"Yeah?" Willmore answered.

"Keep me informed ok." Pendrell requested.

"Ok." Willmore replied before hanging up.

It seemed that Agent Mulder and Scully were very popular in the DC office. Christ, he just had to find them and they just had to be alright. Mark Cook walked into his office with a serious look in his eyes.

"More good news." Cook told him, "That fisherman you interviewed yesterday had just been shot to death."

"So? What happened to you?" Willmore asked.

"I came in early to catch up on YOUR work." Cook answered, "Then somebody jumped me."

"Why did they only take Scully's laptop?" Willmore asked. That was the only solid bit of evidence they had.

"You got me." Cook answered, "Shanks is going to be furious."

"Not to mention Skinner." Willmore added and he knew that all of this was going to fall on his shoulders. It will be his head that'd be on the chopping block.

"Now there's something to look forward to." Cook said. He didn't really need to say it, "First they disappear. Then we lose his prized agents confidential records." Willmore looked at him. So far the Seattle Field Office was looking like it was inhabited by chimps, "I don't know what you're involved him, but someone's got big brass ones in order to steal equipment from an FBI field office."

Cook had a point, "Did you see who hit you?" Willmore asked.

Cook checked the back of his head, "Nope." He answered, "Whoever did it was really quiet."

"How did you know about Wong?" Willmore asked.

"What?" Cook asked.

"How did you know I went to see Wong yesterday?" Willmore asked.

"You told me." Cook answered, "Hey I was the one who was hit in the head remember?"

"I didn't tell you about Wong." Willmore was totally sure about that.

"Oh I guess Skinner must have mentioned it." Cook replied.


Willmore flashed his badge to the officer guarding the crime scene entrance. He allowed him to pass after seeing the ID. There was someone working on the body as Willmore walked down to the jetty.

"Congratulations old timer." The coroner said, "I don't know what you were doing. You just warranted the involvement of the federal government." It always gave Willmore the willies when these coroners spoke to dead bodies, "Lucky you."

"What have you got?" Willmore asked the coroner, sidestepping the photographer.

"Well Agent Willmore." The coroner said, "Barring any unexpected revelation. Looks like somebody shot this man in the back of the head."

Willmore didn't recall giving his name, "Have we met?" He asked.

"Yeah we both worked on that kidnapping case last year remember?" The Coroner answered.

"Sorry." Willmore replied. It was hard to misplace the Coroner's face. His balding messed up head with glasses but he just couldn't really remember him.

"No problem." The coroner replied, "It was a big team."

"So what's the time of death?" Willmore asked him.

"Preliminary, I'd say he's been dead for a bout six hours." The Coroner answered, "That'd make the time of death early in the AM."

"What caliber weapon was used?"

"A forty five or a three fifty seven maybe." The Coroner answered, "Hit him in the mastoid bone. That's the big chunk of spongy bone just behind the ear." He showed Willmore by pointing to his own mastoid bone, "It shatters easily so there's minimal amount of damage. A lot of bone fragments get driven up into the brain. That's where Oswald hit JFK."

"You subscribe to the lone gunmen theory." Willmore answered. To be honest, most of this techno-babble went over his head.

"No… I think aliens killed JFK." Willmore couldn't tell if he was serious or not.

"Any sign of a struggle?" Willmore decided not to pursue the Coroner's words.

"No. He was either totally surprised or he knew his killer." The Coroner answered.

"Any idea on what happened?" Willmore asked the photographer who was apparently finished with picture taking.

"No." He answered.

"Any thought on a motive?" Willmore asked.

"Robbery would be my guess." The man said, "Ask Astadourian. It's her case."

"Can I get copies of those?" Willmore pointed to the camera.

"Sure." The photographer said, "If you give me your name."

"Craig Willmore FBI." Willmore answered.

Willmore leaned down and had a look at the body as well as the contents that were on a handkerchief. There only seemed to be loose change and an array of bits and pieces. He stood up and looked around. There was a woman in a long coat scribbling some notes into her notebook.

"Special Agent Craig Willmore." Willmore introduced himself the usual FBI way.

"FBI?" Mary asked, "What's the FBI's interest in this case?"

"We're investigating the disappearance of two agents." Willmore answered, "The investigation led me to this warehouse. We found evidence of foul play including the blood of one of our agents." Usually he wouldn't have shared this much information, but there was something infatuating about Mary Astadourian's flowing blonde hair and the fact that if he shared she might return the favor, "I spotted Wong and asked him about the warehouse, he lied to me and now he's dead." Willmore continued, "I don't know what the connection is… But I'm certain there is one."

"I'll buy that." Mary commented, "Interesting… This case just went from routine to fun. Thanks."

"Anytime." Willmore replied. He liked her. She was good looking and didn't give him the hard time concerning territory, "So what have you got?"

"It was the harbormaster who found the body." Mary said, "He was shot in the back of the head. Large caliber, no witnesses and no sign of a struggle."

"That's it?" Willmore asked. At least she to was willing to share, "So, where's the harbormaster?"

"Gone for coffee." Mary answered.

"Have you questioned him?" Willmore asked.

"Nope. Next on my list after search boat." Mary said.

"Any thoughts on motive?"

"Robbery most likely." A bit of a typical rural town cop thought, they think everything is robbery motivated.

"What was stolen?" Willmore didn't voice his thoughts.

"Haven't quite gotten there yet." Mary replied, "I was about to go onto the boat."

"Robbery seems unlikely to me." Willmore commented, "Seemed to me that the guy didn't have much."

"Probably true." Mary said as she pushed her thoughts, "You'll be amazed at what people would kill for. Could have had a cigar box full of cash. Unless he was killed for squealing to the feds." She added.

Maybe Mary was right. For a moment, Willmore's heart stopped beating because of guilt, "I wish I thought that was funny." He said.

"Wong didn't exactly run with the most desirable crowd." She stated. Well that was obvious.

"Any trouble in this area?" He asked.

"No." Mary looked around, "It's all quiet on the water front."

"That's too bad."

"Wouldn't it be great to attribute it to gang activity and just be done with it?" Mary said, "Alright it's about time to board the ship." She said with an eager smile.

Willmore and Mary climbed aboard Wong's boat and carefully looked around. Mary opened up the storage compartment of the boat to see what was inside. But there was nothing in there.

"Tell me this. Where did he put his fish?" Mary asked.

"What?" Willmore asked. He knew absolutely nothing about fishing.

"His catch." Mary said, "There's no freezers. There's not even ice anywhere. So where'd he store his fish. There's not even an ice chest around. So where'd the fish go?" Willmore looked around, Mary did have a point, "By the looks of it there's some serious gas tanks down there."

Willmore took it all in and thought about things for awhile. This just wasn't adding up, "So what's your theory on the hold?" He asked for Mary's input.

"My guess is…" Mary said, "That Wong wasn't quite who he seemed. I think this boat was used for something other than fishing. Which certainly puts a spin on his murder." Her cheerful exterior definitely hid a calculating mind.

"Did you know that fish stocks had been declining in this area recently?" Willmore was sure there was some sort of connection. There had to be.

"No… Where did you pick that up from?" Mary asked. This was the first she had heard about that.

"Wong told me."

"Well there's a reliable source." Mary could be quite funny by the sound of it.

Willmore searched the wheelhouse. There was a large jacket with the word TARAKAN written on it. That wasn't the name of the small fishing boat that they were on. By the jacket in a small cupboard was a small bottle of pills that were unmarked. They had to be acquired illegally since there was a relatively large amount. He met back up with Mary Astadourian who was still waiting on the main part of the boat.

"What's the TARAKAN?" Willmore asked after being satisfied that there was no other clues on board.

"What?" She asked back.

"TARAKAN." Willmore said, "What's the TARAKAN?"

"I don't know. Why?"

"I found this slicker with the label of TARAKAN."

"That's the name of this boat." Mary answered but then quickly corrected herself, "No, no. This boat's called the Aggressor."

"It just adds another mystery to your list doesn't it?" Willmore said flatly.

"Did you know that Mr Wong was taking stolen painkillers?" Willmore asked. Of course there was no way that she would have known that.

"What the hell are you talking about?" She asked. Their game almost felt like one of one-upmanship. Trying to see their knowledge outdo the other.

"Found a cache of pills." Willmore answered, "Above normal quantities to."

"How interesting." Mary replied, "That sure adds a wrinkle to things doesn't it?"

She wasn't wrong, "So do you still think the motive for his murder was robbery?" Willmore asked.

"Let's just see what the autopsy reveals alright?" She suggested.

"I'm finished." The coroner called to the boat, "I'm going to take Wong here for his free ride."

"Ask her to give me a call when she's finished." Mary shouted back.

"Ok. It's a pretty easy morning, shouldn't take too long." The coroner said.

As the coroner pulled the stretcher away, Wong's hand somehow came loose and fell out from beneath the sheet. This occurrence was almost as strange as this whole case.