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Takes place before Yuuki lost her memories.

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"Speak" 'Thought'

Chapter 1: Interlude

By: VampireBassist

It was a cold, windy December morning, and unfortunately, little Yuuki has a high fever. Juuri and Haruka were both currently sitting down on the couch inside her room, waiting anxiously for their son's arrival with the medicine.

Suddenly, the door above them creaked, and they both knew that Kaname was back. Footsteps could be heard as he rushed down the staircase to give his beloved sister the cure.

Kaname looked at his younger sister's sleeping form and smiled. He walked over to her quietly, and then proceeded to wake her up.

"Yuuki. Wake up, Yuuki," Kaname said as he nudged at her side.

Silently groaning at the sudden disturbance, Yuuki opened her eyes, only to be greeted by warm red ones. Looking up at her older brother, she innocently asked,

"Onii-sama, can I have a cookie?"

Slightly chuckling, while their parents watched with amused expressions, Kaname put his hand on her forehead. It was still burning. He looked down at Yuuki and smiled again.

"Yes, Yuuki. But you have to take your medicine first," he replied.

Yuuki had a disgusted look on her face. Obviously she hated the substance. Kaname looked at Yuuki, the spoon, in which contained the medicine, in hand. Looking at it, Yuuki frowned.

"Don't wanna!" she whined. She started to thrash around, trying to avoid the spoon that was going to her face. Haruka and Juuri were both upstairs since Kaname told them he would take care of it.

Kaname looked at her, slightly frustrated at her actions, while making sure the medicine did not spill. He sighed.

'This is getting out of hand,' he thought.

"Yuuki, if you drink this medicine, I'll buy you a big cookie," he bribed, knowing that she may just comply.

Unfortunately, she did not hear him because she was too distracted with her stuffed toy rabbit. Sighing again, he decided to force it on her. Kaname put the spoon in his mouth and took the contents in, making sure he did not swallow it.

He turned to Yuuki, who was still playing with her rabbit, and grabbed her chin. He squeezed her jaw a bit so that her mouth would be slightly open. Quickly but softly, he kissed her and spilled the medicine in her mouth. He stayed like that for a while, so that she could swallow the substance.

A few seconds later, he let go of her chin, and they both sat together, looking at each other. Yuuki was confused. She did not know what method her brother did, but she liked it.


"Yes, Yuuki? What is it?"

"What did you do? Why does Yuuki feel so weird?" she asked.

"That is something that you will learn later on, Yuuki. For now, don't think about that. You need to get better. Go lay back down and sleep after I give you some water," he replied while handing her the glass of water. She drank it then handed it back to her older brother.

"Ne, what about my cookie?"

She still wanted her cookie, since she drank the vile medicine. Sighing for the umpteenth time of the day, he looked down at his little sister.

She was looking up at him with those big ruby orbs, her face red from her fever, a small frown on her lips, while holding her doll tightly around her arms. He couldn't help but look at her in awe. She looked so cute.

"You go to sleep first while I go to town and buy your cookie, okay? When you wake up again, I'll give it to you. Alright?" Kaname said as he pushed her back down to the bed, tucking her in. Yuuki silently agreed, and soon she fell asleep.

Kaname sighed again. He walked back upstairs to go buy Yuuki's cookie as promised after explaining to his parents what happened. Haruka and Juuri looked at each other and smiled. This was going to be one heck of a day.

To be continued.

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