Dungeon Keeper Asuka Dungeon Keeper Asuka

A Neon Genesis Evangelion / Dungeon Keeper Crossover

Disclaimer: GAINAX owns Evangelion and EA owns Dungeon Keeper. I own nothing.

Authors notes: Another of my stories. And another Dungeon Keeper Crossover. This story may have some resemblance to A-kun's "Dungeon Keeper Ranma" but these will be slim.

I will use Monsters and Heroes from both Dungeon Keeper games, maybe I even let Asuka fight through Dungeon Keeper 1, Deeper Dungeons and Dungeon Keeper 2. I plan to make this a long story. But I have to say that I liked DK 1 and Deeper Dungeons much more than DK 2. Some changes from the original Dungeon Keeper were good but most were crap. The graphics of Dungeon Keeper 2 was for example a good example for really shitty graphic. I mean, you couldn't even change the view between the fully turnable view and a rectangular view. And other things in DK 2 sucked, too. But well, you had built-in cheats. But no level editor. In the end I must say, I liked Dungeon Keeper more than DK 2. And I still hope for Dungeon Keeper 3 to come.

Sometimes I will use German words and phrases, as Asuka is from Germany. But I will translate them.

Recommended Song "Eisregen – Heer der Ratten"


Chapter 1 "A new Keeper"


Neo-Tokyo-3 was once a again the scene of a fight. Three Evangelions were busy fighting an angel. This one was a hovering, black and white ball. And so far nothing the Evangelions did was working.

Asuka sat in her Evangelion and cursed the Angel. Nothing had worked. Every shot at the hovering ball was useless. It was as if they were shooting clouds.

Suddenly she saw something. The shadow of the angel. Somehow the shadow was only on the ground, but not on the walls of the buildings. Maybe the shadow was the target. "Friss Blei." ("Eat Lead.") Asuka said grinning and fired into the Shadow.

And her assumption was correct. The Shadow was the danger. But her firing made the angel aware of her and the danger she posed to him. So he used almost all of his energy to create a rip in the barrier of space and time. He would sent this danger away.

Asuka tried to jump when the shadow reached for her, but it was too late. Her Evangelion was grabbed and pulled into the shadow.

Shinji, Rei and all bridge members heard Asukas panicked screams. "Stop it!" she yelled.

They saw how she was pulled into the shadow. And neither Rei nor Shinji went to help her.

Asuka looked at the screen. "I will return!" she promised. "And then you will all die!" she continued. "Pray that the Third Impact is before my return. I hate you all!" she said, a manic gleam in her eyes. Then the screen went dead.

And then the angel vanished.

Fuyutsuki looked at Gendo. "What are your orders?" he asked.

Gendo looked at the screen. "First and Third are to stay on round the clock alert, in case Second or the angel return. They will have to live in the Geofront. And prepare everything so we can stop Seconds Evangelion. Recruit the Fourth and Fifth child. And I want the Evangelions 03 and 04 here as soon as possible." he ordered. He was not worried about Seconds threats, but secure was secure. Because the last thing he needed was a rampage of the second child through the town. Because he didn't trust his son to take her down if needed. Rei would have no such qualms.

Fuyutsuki nodded. "I will prepare everything." he said and left. And Gendo thought about seconds threats. "Better be safe than sorry." he said to himself.

A while later there was an assembling of the most important persons from NERV, minus the Commander and Sub-Commander. And they were discussing about Asukas threats. The sheer malevolence her sentences had carried was astounding. And it frightened Shinji. He knew that Asuka was an aggressive person. And he was almost sure that she would return. However long it took her. She would return and then slaughter them all.

The others were thinking along the same lines. Her hatred for everything seemed to have finally broken free. And she had most likely stopped trying to act civil to others. In other words, she had snapped. And no one knew what to expect.

"I really hope she cools down, wherever she is." Shinji said finally. The others nodded. They were not friends of Asuka but they didn't want her to die. And they didn't want to face an Asuka that came back with the intent to kill them all.

-An unknown place-

Slowly Asuka awoke. She recognized the dim glowing, it was her cockpit. The Evangelion was on Stand-by. She knew that this mode could be held for 50 days. Then the storage batteries would be empty. She really hoped she could return home before this happened.

Slowly she looked around. And saw only darkness. A quick glance at a sensor display told her that she was underground and that the air out there was breathable and quite warm. This led to one question. "Wo zur Hölle bin ich hier?" ("Where the hell am I?") she asked herself. As she was no longer around Japanese speaking people she switched her language back to German automatically.

As she knew she wouldn't get any answers if she stayed in the EVA, she ejected the Entry Plug partially and climbed out of it.

Looking around she saw a cavern. A big one. Her Evangelion could probably even stand in it. Right now it was sitting.

Sighing Asuka went to a part of the armor and opened it. Behind it was a rucksack with emergency supplies, two guns, a sword, two knives and some other useful things. Making the weapons ready and hoping that she wouldn't need more firepower Asuka climbed from the EVA and looked around the cavern.

After approximately half an hour of wandering around the cavern, Asuka found a tunnel. It was lit with torches in irregular distances. Asuka was again glad to have her big spotlight.

She followed the tunnel for maybe 500 meters when she entered another cavern. This cavern was much smaller than the cavern she came from. And something else was different. The cavern was maybe 25 x 25 meters. In the middle stood a 15 x 15 meters measuring platform with steps. Four columns rose from the edges of the steps. On the platform, between the columns, there were 4 gargoyle-like figures that held a giant, pulsating, round crystal on their backs. A second crystal, formed like a drop of water was perched upon the first, 4 metallic claws were holding the smaller, ruby-red crystal on top of the bigger one.

Slowly Asuka went to the crystal. It pulsated faster.

Suddenly a small squeaking creature came forth. Asuka reacted without thinking. There was a loud bang and the creatures head was missing. Asuka looked at the body. It was an ugly body. The body was small, , the figure quite thin. On the back the creature had a backpack. In the hands it held a small pick-axe. All in all it was no real threat. But it had surprised her and paid the price for this. Asuka didn't really care.

Asuka turned around again and saw another creature. This was the biggest bug she ever saw. It was at least 2 times as big as a normal cat. "Stirb!" ("Die!") Asuka shouted and hacked on the bug with her sword.

The bug tried to bite her, but Asuka managed to escape all attempts.

A minute later the dead bug was laying on the floor.

Asuka stepped to the pulsating crystal and looked at it. She couldn't see anything in the crystal that could pulsate but still the crystal pulsated.

Suddenly four more bugs and 2 giant flies appeared out of nowhere.

Asuka wasted no time. 6 bullets later the 6 creatures were laying dead on the floor of the cavern.

"You insolent little whore. What did you do to my minions?" a voice asked behind her.

Asuka turned around and saw a greasy, fat man. A real bastard. "Your minions? What kind of looser works with bugs and flies?" she asked scornfully.

"I will teach you to respect a Dungeon Keeper! I will make you my personal sex toy!" the fat man shouted.

Asuka tuned him out when he continued with talking about what he would do with her body. She raised her gun and grinned at the man. "Verrecke!" ("Perish!") she said and fired.

The fat man looked at her. Then he looked down at his stomach. There was a hole in it. Blood, parts of his intestines, other bodily fluids and some things that were most likely remnants of his last meal fell out there, too.

It took him almost a minute to recognize the pain he was in. Then he screamed. A scream of terror and pain. While screaming he collapsed on the floor and writhed in pain there.

Asuka grinned evilly. This made her feel so good. So alive. She took her sword and hacked off one of the mans hands. Another scream of terror and pain was her reward.

Blood pooled around the wounded man. A nauseating stench filled the air. The fat Dungeon Keeper had soiled himself.

Asuka hacked off one of the mans legs. Then she had a cruel idea. She used her sword to cut through the mans trousers and held the sword next to his private parts. "Das wird weh tun!" (This will hurt!) she promised.

She moved the blade and removed the mans testicles and penis. Blood shot from the wound and a scream of excruciating pain was her reward.

Asuka left the man and sat on the steps of the crystal. There she watched how the man died. Slowly and painfully.

Suddenly two figures appeared in the tunnel she had come from. Dwarves. Long blond beards, massive armor and big axes. "Kill her!" one of the dwarves told the other. Immediately they both went after Asuka. Asuka calculated. She had fired 8 shots until now. Meaning she had 10 shots left. Well, she also had her sword. She would save the bullets for later. Until she could find a way to replace them. In her Evangelion she had around 20 magazines left. Each containing nine shots. And the loaded machine gun with 10 additional magazines and 308 shots summed up.

After this quick calculation she chose to use the sword. A quick strike after the first dwarf hit dead home. The dwarf was wounded in the chest.

Asuka had almost been hit by the other dwarf because she was too surprised. This little idiot didn't even try to evade. He took the blow. She decided to test this out. Her next strike was aimed for the other dwarf. And she hit the little idiot in the chest too. Pressing her luck she stabbed the dwarf through the lung three times. Coughing the fighter fell down, blood pooling around him.

The other fighter didn't look like he cared. Asuka made some quick strikes and beheaded the dwarf fighter. "Idiot." she said disdainfully. These idiots didn't even try to evade or block her strikes. It was like they were fighting until they or their enemy didn't stay any longer. "Trottel." (Knucklehead. A contemptuous insult in German. A knucklehead is seen as someone who will always fail. Who gets no chance. And who deserves it for being idiotically idealistic.) she murmured contemptuous.

A minute later another figure appeared. A knight. He looked at the dead dwarves, the dying Dungeon Keeper, the dead creatures. "You have killed my men, Imperial Dark Mistress. For this you shall pay. Then I will destroy this impure Heart of Evil." the Knight said pompously.

Asuka looked at the man in arms. "These two were your men? What did you do for them? They used their weapons like sticks. They only attacked and didn't evade. They took every attack. How weak must you be, if your minions are this weak." she said contemptuous. Then she took her sword and held it in a ready position.

The Knight glared at the girl. "How dare you. First you kill those fighting for the good and noble cause and then you call them weak. For this I shall punish you. Death shall claim thy foul soul, Keeper." he said and charged.

Asuka grinned. "I'm not the Keeper. The Keeper is the fat, dying bastard there. I mutilated him and now he is dying." she said.

The Knight looked shocked. "Truly evil thou art." he said. "I shall purge you of your sins. With steel and death!" he said.

Asuka laughed. "Try it!" she said and evaded the clumsy swings. The knight fought like he was swinging a club.

After some minutes Asuka grew tired of showing the fool up. She wasted no time with feints, she swung her sword with all the force she could muster.

The knight raised his sword to block her. But he was too slow. Asukas sword broke through his defenses and opened his ribcage.

Asuka looked at the carnage. The knight fell to his knees, dying before her. The sword fell from his hands. Picking it up she looked at the dying man. "You fought like an ordinary brawler with a club. You dishonored your sword. For this you shall die." she stated and raised the sword.

The knight looked up. His own sword would kill him. Irony, really.

Asuka swung the sword in a graceful arc and beheaded the knight.

Then she turned to the Dungeon Keeper. Somehow the fat man still lived. "You will die." she said and pierced his heart with the knights sword. And the Dungeon Keeper died.

Suddenly a large figure appeared. It stood at 8 feet at least. It had red hide, eyes that glowed malevolently yellow, 4 horns grew from its head, 2 large ones upwards, two smaller ones downwards. It was very muscular. It wore steel boots, a loincloth made from chains and metal plates and some metal plates and shoulder armor with steel spikes. The most impressive thing however was the giant scythe.

The creature looked at the girl. "Interesting. You are the girl that killed the Count of Eversmile and the Dungeon Keeper trying to conquer this land. Well this makes you the one the land belongs to." the creature said.

Asuka looked at him very surprised. "I conquered a whole land by killing some bugs, flies, 2 dwarves, a fat bastard and a knight?" she asked.

The creature nodded. "Yes. The land is small and has few resources. Decide what you want to do. Conquer all other lands and acquire power to do what you want. Or defend other lands from Dungeon Keepers. Fight together with knights and dwarves and other heroes." the creature told Asuka. "To choose the side of the Dungeon Keepers, you must claim this heart. If you chose the side of the heroes you must destroy it. I will not hinder you this time." the creature continued.

Asuka looked at the Heart. Power to do the things she wanted. What did she want the most? Revenge! Revenge against First and Third. It was their fault she was stranded here. And she wanted to return to them. And then kill them. Afterwards she would set the world on fire.

Her decision was made. She touched the Dungeon Heart and proclaimed "This Heart is mine! Ich bin Kaiserin Asuka!" (I am Empress Asuka)

The red creature grinned. "I am Horniculus, a Reaper Demon. I will explain things to you. And if I deem you worthy I will fight for you and tell you how to get more Reapers." Horny told Asuka.

Asuka nodded. She felt good. She had taken the first step towards her revenge. However long it would take and whatever the price was, she would return. And then she would set the world on fire.

Horny grinned. This girl would be worthy. She was really evil. Having her as a Keeper would make for some interesting times. This fat slob she had killed would probably have conquered 4 Lands or so and then he would have stopped, fearing to face stronger enemies. But this girl would march. And destroy.

Asuka looked at the Reaper. "Destroy the land. Nothing shall live here when I leave." she said grinning.

Horny nodded and left. A worthy Keeper indeed. She had the potential to become the most feared Keeper in history. If anyone survived who cared about history.

Asuka looked at the map laying on the Dungeon Floor. A long tunnel in the rocks gave way to the next country. A quick survey told her that this country was only a bit bigger than this one. Conquering it should be no problem. She allowed herself a short feeling of regret for killing all inhabitants of this land. But it had to be done. She couldn't afford that some of the inhabitants started a revolution against her. She had only some weak creatures here, guarding the heart. Letting the people there live was an open invitation for them to come back to destroy her Dungeon Heart. And she was sure that this was something bad.

She looked at her assembled creatures. 9 of the ugly little diggers, 5 bugs, 2 flies. She turned to the bugs first. "You stay here, watching the Dungeon Heart. If a strong enemy appears, one of the Imps will come to me. You are to attack the enemy, but you are to retreat if the enemy is too strong for you. Understood?" she ordered.

The bugs used their mandibles to show that they had understood the commands.

The next addressed ones were the flies. "Scout the area in the next Reich. If you see enemies, retreat. You are not to be seen! Report if you found a good operation base." she commanded.

The flies buzzed and flew off.

Asuka looked at the Imps then. "3 of you stay here, the rest of you will come with me to the next land." she ordered.

The Imps squeaked and nodded. Asuka was pleased. Everything went like she wanted.

A while later the Reaper returned. "Keeper, most of the inhabitants have fled. I destroyed the villages and returned. I think the count of Cosyton will hear of this very fast. Lord Axel was a weakling. And as far as I know is Lord Lutz almost as weak as Alex was. He has some fighters more, but none of them are really trained." he reported.

Asuka nodded. "How do I move my Dungeon Heart to Cosyton?" she asked.

Horny shook his head. "You don't have to. You can create another Dungeon Heart there." Horny told her.

Asuka was surprised. "Another Dungeon Heart? Doesn't this bring problems? And another thing. If I encounter other Keepers, can I claim their Dungeon Hearts too?" she wanted to know.

Horny nodded. "If you managed to kill the Keeper of the heart, you can claim his heart. This is helpful if you want to keep a tight reign on a land. You can then make a creature a vassal keeper. The creature is a Dungeon Keeper then, but it still must obey you. It can't work against you. When it becomes a keeper, it becomes stronger and faster and gets some other nice tricks." he explained to Asuka.

Asuka pondered this, then she looked at one of the bugs. "Can I make it a vassal for this land?" she wanted to know.

Horny thought about it. "No. You need a spare heart. As long as you have only one heart, you can't make a creature a vassal keeper. And I would suggest that you make stronger and more intelligent creatures vassals. Like Bile Demons, Dark Mistresses, Warlocks, Dragons, Vampires, Reaper Demons. Or if you manage to convert them to your side Knights, Samurai, Wizards, Witches, Monks, Fairies, Thieves, Archers or the Avatar. These creatures are intelligent enough to make good vassal keepers. Other creatures are not so good as vassal keepers, simply because they lack the intelligence for this job." he explained to Asuka.

Asuka nodded. Then she remembered something. "I have a question. Can you tell me where to get a generator to generate masses of electric energy. I need a thing like this, so I can run my Evangelion. And I wonder if there is a possibility for me to return home. An Angel attacked and sent me here somehow. I want to slaughter the angels. And I want to kill Wondergirl and Spineless Boy." she told the Reaper.

Horny pondered this. "Maybe the library of the Avatar has information on how to sent you home. As for energy. You will have to ask a Troll or Bile Demon. They are very good smiths, it is very likely that they can built something that you can use." he answered.

Asuka nodded. "When will I have the chance to meet one of these creatures?" she wanted to know.

Horny looked at her and thought about this. "I have heard that some trolls live in Flowerhat. And that some Bile Demons were seen in Lushmeadow-on-Dwell. If you can attract them to join your forces or if you can persuade them by whatever means you deem necessary, you can ask them." he finally told her, grinning evilly while saying this.

Asuka thought about this. "Every mean deemed necessary. This includes torture, doesn't it?" she asked rhetorically.

Horny nodded. "Of course. No Dungeon is complete without a torture chamber." he answered.

Asuka was satisfied. "Well, how about we begin our attack on Cosyton? I have an Empire to conquer." she said and grinned like a lunatic.

Horny nodded. "Of course, Kaiserin." (Empress.) he answered.

Together they left through the tunnel leading to Cosyton. The world would burn while the new empress began to conquer the continent.


End Chapter 1.

Authors notes. Another story by me. Mostly I did type it for the reason that I wanted to post something in August. And the chapters of my other stories are too long to have them ready before September. I admit that this is a rather short chapter, nothing in comparison with my usual 6000 or 7000 words. But, well, there was nothing I could add further.

Some questions I will address here.

Asukas level of power. Right now she is as strong as a Level One Horny. Eventually she will reach the power of Level 10.

Asukas killings. Well, most people don't have a problem with killing bugs and flies, these were only bigger. The Fat Dungeon Keeper was a bastard and Asuka is prideful and would rather die than be someone's sex slave. Or kill the bastard in a very gruesome manner. Which is what she did. By the way, she was trained to fight and kill from the age of three. No wonder she has no qualms about killing.

The dwarves died because they attacked her with the intent to kill. And the knight simply annoyed her and was also out to kill her.

Asukas quest for revenge. Shinji and Rei didn't help her. Something that Asuka saw as betrayal. It pushed her off the deep end. And now her hate has gotten her to act on it. Time will tell if she cools down or if the world of Evangelion will die at the hands of the Empress of the Dungeons.

Omake: People who would make a good Dungeon Keeper 1: Nabiki

Nabiki had been attacked. That itself was a novelty. The second novelty was that Kuno of all people had acquired a banishing spell. He had intended to use it on Ranma, but he had missed and banished her. The rich moron would pay dearly when she returned. Now the only question was, where was she?

Slowly she followed a tunnel, lit by torches. Then she reached a platform with a pulsating crystal, held by gargoyles. A second, smaller crystal was on top of the first.

Curiously she touched the crystal. "My, my, quite an interesting thing. I really should claim it as mine." she said dryly amused.

"I see there is a new Keeper." Horny growled behind Nabiki.

The Ice Queen turned around slowly and glared at Horny. And the Reaper grinned. "I am Horniculus. And you are the new Keeper of this Dungeon Heart." he told her, not the least bit fazed by her glare.

"Explain!" Nabiki commanded in her chilliest tone.

And Horny was happy. This girl gave off an evil vibe that made him shiver with joy. She would be a worthy keeper.


Well, Nabiki is in my opinion best cut for being a Dungeon Keeper. She is manipulative, loves money, cares only about herself and she is evil.

Pros for her as Keeper. She would take the world by storm. No one would be able to oppose her. And if she ever returns to Nerima, she would take over there, too. Make the whole thing a Sailor Moon Crossover and she can kill the Sailor Scouts. Or have them as her personal Harem. Wow, now I'm almost convinced I should write something like this

Cons: I couldn't think of any contras.

Next Keeper: Orochimaru.

Well, I add a list with all lands and a subjective estimation of their difficulty


Dungeon Keeper Level

Eversmile: Difficulty 0

Cosyton: Difficulty 0

Waterdream Warm: Difficulty 1

Flowerhat: Difficulty 1

Lushmeadow-on-Down: Difficulty 2 - 3

Snuggledell: Difficulty 2 – 3

Wishvale: Difficulty 2 – 3

Tickle: Difficulty 3

Moonbrush Wood: Difficulty 2 – 3

Nevergrim: Difficulty 6

Hearth: Difficulty 4

Elf's Dance: Difficulty 4

Buffy Oak: Difficulty 5

Sleepiburgh: Difficulty 1 – 7

Woodly Rhyme: Difficulty 5 - 6

Tulipscent: Difficulty 8 - 9

Mirthshire: Difficulty 7

Blaise End: Difficulty 8

Mistle: Difficulty 3 – 8

Skybird Trill: Difficulty 7 – 9

Deeper Dungeons Level

Morkardar: Difficulty 5 – 6

Korros Tor: Difficulty 6 – 7

Kari-Mar: Difficulty 6 – 7

Belbata: Difficulty 4 – 5

Caddis Fell: Difficulty 7 – 8

Pladitz: Difficulty 7 – 9

Abbadon: Difficulty 8 – 10

Svatona: Difficulty 7 – 8

Kanasko: Difficulty 6 – 7

Netzcaro: Difficulty 4 – 5

Batezek: Difficulty 10 - 11

Benetzaron: Difficulty 10 - 11

Daka-Gorn: Difficulty 8 – 9

Dixaroc: Difficulty 8

Belial: Difficulty 8 – 10

The scale ranges from 1 – 10. 1 means extremely easy, ten very hard. 0 means „Can be done while sleeping." 11 means „Pray that everything works out. This level is insanely difficult."

I don't have a difficulty scale for the Dungeon Keeper 2 Levels, as they are different. For example can you march straight to the monarch of the land and kill him, then you have won. And I have the feeling that the creatures are weaker there. And in some levels I cheated like there was no tomorrow.

If I gave a wider span for the difficulty of a Level, this means that the difficulty can change greatly, it depends on your luck and how you work. I for example love working with traps, building a fortress and building up a big army while decimating the enemy with Lightning strikes. This usually makes a level easier. The only problem you will have is money. Only in the Levels 13, 14, 15, 16,17, 19 and 20 of Dungeon Keeper and in some of the Deeper Dungeons you won't have to worry about money at all while you bombard your enemies.