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11. There is an obvious and mystical connection with Mikan's surname and cherry trees.

It was the night of the Last Dance, Mikan had just had an accidental tooth kiss and was being psychically (by the forces of Love and Hawtness) pulled towards the Sakura Tree where a certain Natsume was sitting in wait for her. After a brief and yet passionate talk, he gave her the most beautiful and heartfelt kiss that an Elementary School kid could give another, even though Mikan did not consent to it ... oh wait, this isn't a fanfic. This is canon. Whoops.

Let's start again. It was the morning of the ... er ... Second To Last Dance, and Mikan was being telekinetically pulled by the strength of her surname and of Natsume's love to a Sakura Tree where he was sitting reading his manga.

"Eurgh, it's Natsume the pervert," thought Mikan, as she sat down next to him and started to eat Sakura Fruits (also known as cherries, at least to those in the English-speaking world).

"Eurgh, it's that annoying loud girl in my class," thought Natsume, spitting out a Sakura Seed.

"What are YOU doing here, anyway?" said Mikan out loud. "You're always under my favourite Sakura Tree!"

"No, what are YOU doing here? I'm only sitting here 'cos this stupid Tree keeps following me around!"

"That's weird, because I always feel like I'm following the Tree around ... everywhere I go, it's always in front of me! ... maybe it has psychic powers that call people like us to it!"

"Yeah, right, whatever, Sakura-print panties."

But the power of the Sakura Tree was in the air and in the Sakura Fruits that they had eaten, and it gradually began to infect their minds and their hearts ... soon, they had both been imbued by True Sakura Love. And thus they both received their first kiss from the other (because this is the morning of the Second To Last Dance, and therefore the day before her other first kiss, also conveniently near the Sakura Tree and its loving power), and ate Sakura Fruit Pie, a symbol of their love, until their dying day.

And they also planted a hundred and three more Sakura Trees with the Sakura Seeds left over from the Sakura Fruit Pies around the school, so that a hundred and three more pairs of lovers could find their way to each other. Yay!

12. Stolen kisses are a great way to begin a loving, mature relationship.

Now, Natsume Hyuuga was a notorious playboy. He loved to steal the first kisses of young virgin girls and use them in his evil and scheming devices and plans. And thus he rampaged the grounds of Fadapadathag, causing many a heartbreak and subsequently receiving many a death threat. But he was not fulfilled - although he had everything that he wanted and the unwilling love of a thousand schoolgirls, his heart was empty. That is, until a girl who was purer than any before her arrived at the school.

Natsume lusted after her at first sight and stole her first kiss while she was distracted and looking for her stolen underwear and virginity (for he had taken those too). Mikan was very, very upset and screamed for her lost kiss the whole night long, while Natsume gloated over his prize.

"Natsume! You're nothing but an evil jerk and I'll hate you FOREVER!" wept Mikan. "I can't believe you would do such a thing to innocent little girls like me!"

"Well ... after what I did to you, you're not so innocent after all, are you now?" said Natsume, smirking his super-hot smirk.

"I HATE YOOOUU!" shouted Mikan. "And now I'm going to go into the five stages of grief over the loss of my first kiss!"

"Hey, come on now, it's not like you didn't enjoy it," said Natsume, winking a flirty wink.

But Mikan wasn't listening. She was in mental denial. "Noooo! This can't be true! How can this be happening to a poor innocent girl like me!"

"Shut up, you're gonna make me regret pulling you."

"I HATE YOU!! Oh, wait, actually, I already went through the anger stage a few sentences ago ... so now I'm meant to be bargaining! Natsume, what can I do to make you give back that kiss?"

"Huh. You can't do anything. When your first kiss is gone, it's gone. I'm the only guy who's man enough to steal stuff like this," Natsume said and then laughed evilly.

Mikan simply replied by bawling her eyes out, obviously now into the depression stage. After a few minutes, Natsume stopped laughing at her, and said, "Ok, fine, I'll be your super-hot boyfriend if it'll shut you up."

And Mikan accepted, and they were both very happy. In time she even persuaded him to give up his dastardly rapist ways.

13. What's a story without conflict?

As we have seen, Natsume was the hottest stud in the school, even though he had officially been struck off the Hot List by Luna. However, he wasn't really upset about this - in fact, he was happier than ever, now that he had the love of his dear Mikan Sakura. Now, although Mikan was considered to be one of the "losers" of the sixth form, she was not unhappy. Why should she be? After all, although she had no fashion sense, she had many best friends and one very hot, very nice boyfriend.

But what should occur in the midst of their happiness but a deadly conflict that could possibly lead to death and destruction? For Natsume, in his forgetful stupidity, had neglected to wash his coffee mug after he used it.

"Oh, Natsume! You NEVER listen to me! It's like I tell you to wash that mug, but you just DON'T! What's your problem, anyway?"

"Neurgh... I don't know. I guess it must have slipped my mind, sorry," said Natsume.

Mikan was still not happy. "How can we have a proper relationship if you don't make any effort at all? I work SO hard at keeping our love alive - you know, I even wash all your socks for you - and you don't even bother to listen to anything I say!"

Natsume rolled his eyes and rinsed the guilty coffee mug.

"Don't you DARE roll your eyes at me, Mr I-Can't-Be-Bothered-To-Wash-Mugs! Why don't you just walk out RIGHT NOW because I can't stand to look at you!" shouted Mikan.

But Natsume went towards her, wrapped his arms around her body and kissed her full on the lips. And the power of that loving kiss was such that the conflict was forgotten, and Mikan realised that she was deeply and fully in love with Natsume after all.

"Natsume, I can't believe that I was angry with you before for a silly thing like that. I'm glad that this conflict has only made our relationship stronger," said she.

14. You can't have a male best friend without falling in love with him.

Natsume Hyuuga and Mikan Sakura were the very best of friends (never mind about Luca and Hotaru for now). They had lived next door to each other when they were little, and they had always been inthe same class and form and tutor group at school. They even arrived at Alice Academy on the same day. In short, they were inseparable, and everyone who knew them knew that they would one day become a couple ... or would they?

(Note: The fact that this fic is labelled "NxM" does not take away any suspense whatsoever from this cliffhanger question.)

Anyway. It came to pass that one day, Natsume fell in love with another girl, a girl named Luna ... and Mikan was left all alone, with no-one to talk to or open her heart to in a friendshippy way. She was understandably depressed. And through her deep, dark thoughts and in the web of her deep, dark secrets, she discovered within herself a burning passion for her ex-best-friend, Natsume.

But surely that was too weird? Because to Mikan, Natsume was like a brother, and not boyfriend material at all. But her heart told her that it was true, she did indeed love Natsume as a lover. How very weird. The fact is, from that day she hated Luna. But because of her great niceness and general caring for other people persona, she could not bring herself to destroy Natsume and Luna's relationship through plain confessions or devious traps. Luckily, fate was on her side and Natsume confessed his undying adoration to Mikan before she could get too depressed (although not soon enough to prevent her from having to write angsty emo poetry).

"But Natsume, don't you love Luna?" said Mikan, although her heart was overjoyed that Natsume had made the first move.

"No, I don't. I thought I did, but it turned out I was only in love with her looks, pretty weird 'cos you're prettier than her. You know what, I really did think I had found true love at last, but I guess the author felt differently, y'know? No, but with you, I am complete. You complete me. I'm totally in love with your personality as well as your stunning figure," Natsume replied.

And so Luna struck Natsume off the Hot List for the second time and gave up on the idea of such a person as she finding love, especially in fanfiction.

15. Forced marriages are always happy.

The King of Frrance had a matter to discuss with his son.

"Bonjouhrr, mon pèhrre le Hrroi," (Good day, my father the King) said the son in question. "Pouhrrquoi avez-vous m'appelé ici?" (Why have you called me here?)

(Translator's Note: Having now given you a free sample of Frrench, we will now give the majority of the dialogue in English.)

"Crown Prince Natsume, it has come to my attention that you are nearing your 18th birthday. From this contract that I signed nineteen years ago -" he dug out a yellowing scrap of paper, magically preserved, "- you are due to marry a Princessaessaessa Meekan Sakuracherrytrees."

"But father, we're already married!" protested Natsume, who had read Mushy Bits 4 and 5 of the previous chapter.

"That's not the point. Arrangements can be made, marriages can be annulled. But I can tell you what IS definately going to happen - you and this Princessessaessa are going to be wedded next Thursday and NOTHING is going to stop it! Now go! Au hrrevoihrr!"

And so Natsume was sent out of the throne room in disgrace, so much disgrace that he even forgot everything that he had said. How could this be happening to him? One minute he was the second most powerful person in the whole of this country (the first being his mother), and now his own father had overruled him! And not only that, but he was going to have to marry this random girl against his will, which was blatantly someone that only primitive aristocracies of the 15th century had done. How very, very stupid. He went to find his current wife.

"My dearest Mikan, mon amouhrr, we must be separated, for my evil father the King wants me to marry someone else, pahrrce que j'auhrrai dix-huit la semaine phrrochaine. Je suis thrrès, thrrès désolé." (Translator's Note: Thank you for using FrreeSampleFrrench services.)

Mikan was heartbroken. "Who is this girl anyway?"

"Someone called Princessessaessa Meekan somethingorother, do you know her?"

"Ah oui, elle est ... moi!" cried the happy Mikan. "Aren't we ALREADY married?"

"Oh yeah. I KNEW I said that somewhere! I must have forgotten," said Natsume. He slapped his forehead in sudden realisation.

"Obviously, even if we HADN'T already been married, we would have fallen in love at first sight anyway," said Mikan wisely. Natsume nodded his agreement. "Because you can never, ever give the canon couple an unhappy ending or a terrible marriage."

16. Main characters always have to be perfect.

Mikan was the prettiest girl in the school, no doubt about it. Comparisons had been made between her and Aphrodite, Venus, Helen of Troy, you name it. And Natsume was the handsomest boy in school - surely not even the perfection of the Greek gods themselves could have compared to his manly manliness.

- fast fowards description from Mikan's left elbow to Natsume's upper right eyebrow hairs -

Because this fic is 99 percent description of the wondrous perfection of these two characters, there isn't really much space for plot. All you really need to know is that in the end, these two extraordinary people were attracted to each other as much as the author is to chocolate, i.e. a hell of a lot. It was quite clear that they couldn't, wouldn't and shouldn't settle for anyone less than their level, the Level Of Godly Fanfiction Perfection.

And that is the story of how and why Mikan and Natsume got together. No more, no less.