Summary: Sometimes a healthy fight can be cleansing!

Pairing: Don and Stella with hints of Danny/Lindsay, Adam/Angell and Mac/Jordan

Rating: T for the moment.

Disclaimer: I don't own CSI:NY or its characters. Season 4 would not have happened and there would be a hell of a lot more Don and Stella moments if I did!


To: Mac Taylor – Crime Lab

CC: Chief Brigham Sinclair.

From: Jordan Gates - Mayor's Office.

Date: 3rd September

Subject:Charity Auction.


As per my numerous telephone calls/e-mails to your office. Please revert with the names of the 'Bachelors' who have signed up to be part of the annual NYPD Charity Event.

I note from our records that for the previous three years the Crime Lab have failed to partake in the Event and perhaps you might revert ASAP so that I can finalise the order of business for the night.

As I am sure you are aware attendance is mandatory and perhaps you might see fit to reply to this hand-delivered note and in that regard I await hearing from you as a matter of urgency.



Mac looked in disbelief at the young officer Jordan had commandeered to hand deliver the memo. He was absolutely furious with himself that he hadn't foreseen the likelihood that she would go that far.

"Thanks. I'll take care of this." He said, turning his back to enter the lab.

"Hmm Sir, I'm sorry but I was told I had to wait for an answer. In fact I think the words were not to come back without one."

"Jesus, hang on a second, I'll ring her so you can head on back." Mac rang Jordan and tried to think of a valid excuse, anything that could possibly get his team out of the shindig but he had a sneaking suspicion that he was wasting his time.

"Well, well, well, Mac Taylor, what can I do for you?" Jordan answered the phone.

"Cut it out Jordan, you know very well that I'm ringing you about the memo that just landed on my desk. Did you have to include the Chief?"

"You were ignoring me Mac, I don't take well to being ignored and I've had with the Crime Lab thinking they can get away with it. I know your all busy, I'm also well aware of your backlog but, guess what, I don't care. This is for charity Mac, it reflects well on the Mayor. I want names Mac and I want them by the end of shift." She said sickly sweet tone.

"I'll see what I can do."

"I'm sure I'll hear from you before the day is out. It's been a pleasure doing business with you Detective Taylor!"

"Shit!" Mac wondered how the hell he was going to talk his team into doing this.