Across town

Stella was on the phone but with Lindsay. They were having one of their marathon chats as they call them. They each broke out a bottle of wine, got comfortable and talked about everything and anything that took their fancy without having to worry about other people listening to them. They were currently laughing over the antics of all the guys during the day trying to get out of the Auction.

"You should have seen Hawkes Stell, I've never seen him look so crestfallen when I told him I couldn't possibly bid for him cause I was going to take the money out of Danny's bank account and use it to buy him. He was heartbroken." Lindsay giggled.

"Ah kiddo how could you do that to him. Danny I can understand but Sheldon? You're cruel!" Stella laughed along. Taking a sip of her wine she broached the subject she knew Lindsay was waiting for her to bring up. "So I heard Danny got Don to sign up for the Auction as well."

Lindsay smiled "Yeah I heard that too. Don't know how he managed it. I'll thank him for you later when I see him if you want."

"Maybe I'll thank himself one of these days. Lindsay, I want your honest opinion. What the hell is wrong with me? I can't look at the man – Don not Danny – without getting flashes ...of things."

"Ohhh what kind of things?"

"Get your mind out of the gutter….OK leave it there and I'll jump down to join you." They both dissolved into fits of giggles.

Once they both caught their breaths. Stella asked the one question that had been picking at her all day. "Lindsay, would it look OK if I actually bid on Don? I mean I'm a couple of years older than him, I'm a …."

"Stella Bonesara! I want you to quit talking like that this second. You're an absolutely gorgeous woman, who, OK, has a couple of years – only three I should add – on Flack but so what. If it was the other way around you wouldn't even question it…."

"I know, I know, but…"

"No, no buts, oh something just popped into my head, had to make a return trip to the gutter, sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah, no buts. Your going to go to that Auction, your going to look smoking hot, your going to bid on Donald Flack Junior and to top it all off your going to snag a goodnight kiss from him! Am I clear?"

"Yeah Lindsay your crystal. Thanks kiddo I needed you to get my head around this. What are you going to do about Danny forgetting your birthday?" Stella asked, grateful for Lindsay talking her out of a slump and now she was ready willing and able to return the favour.

"Oh that. I forgot to tell ya – I received a huge bunch of flowers and a box from Barneys about an hour after you left the Lab…"

"Oh nice." Stella interrupted.

"It was gorgeous. I've had my eye on it for ages. You know the one right? It was the red top we saw a couple of weeks ago."

"Oh well once it was something you liked. That's the important thing, right?" Stella muttered.

"I loved it, so I'm going to finish my wine, I'm going to slip into bed and I'm going to wait for Danny to come home so I can thank him properly!"

"Thanks for the visual Linds, I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Night Stell." Lindsay smirked, quite enjoying the visual herself.

Stella had only put down the phone when it rang again.


"Hi Stell, it's Don." Shit, how was he gonna get her to agree to this.

"Hiya. What can I do for ya?"

"Ah, hmm, ya know how I helped ya move all your shit around last month and you said you'd owe me one?" Don questioned.

"Let me guess your collecting?"

"Got it in one."

"Sure thing, what do you need?" She answered.

"It's about this goddamn auction…." He was interrupted by Stella's laughter.

"Stell, now isn't the time to laugh at me."

"Don, believe me, you'll have no trouble getting bids." She giggled, thinking of her conversation with Lindsay, though she was a little surprised to hear Don's request. He was after all generally classed as the 'Department Hottie'.

"Stell. Please will you do this for me?" He asked with such sincerity that she felt she couldn't possibly turn him down.

"Yeah sure, I'll do it. I'll see ya tomorrow Don." Stella couldn't believe her luck. Now she could bid on Don without having to feel awkward. He had just given her permission.

"Thanks Stell. I'll see ya tomorrow." Flack hung up the phone before she could even reply. Reaching for his phone again he rang Danny. "I done it. You can officially change my colour from yellow!" Don hung up on Danny's laughter.

A part of Stella couldn't believe what had just happened. She reached for her phone again. The call was picked up straight away.

"Daniel Messer you better be …"

"Linds, its Stella. You're never going to guess what just happened. Flack just rang me." Stella interrupted, settling down for an analysis of her phone conversation with Don.