"Get your hands off me!" shouted Voldemort. "You're keeping me from something infinitely more important than your lives!" He shook with anger. He was fighting two men, one very fat and short, the other tall and skinny.

"What is it?" the fat one asked curiously. "We can use Legillimency, you know! Nothing you can hide from us!" he sang.

"Shut up," said the skinny one as he tied Voldemort's hands roughly behind his back. He grew brave.

"That's not going to hold me. I am a wizard, you know!" Voldemort shouted.

"Not any more you ain't," said the fat one.

"Shut up!" said Skinny. Voldemort sighed and allowed them to tie him to the post he was leaning against, wishing that he could have kept his promise to Rachel. He knew that he had no magic in him, and he would probably die in this place. Too soft for anyone else to hear, he whispered, "I love you."

A/N: I stole the captors from "Have Spacesuit-Will Travel" by Robert Heinlen. My dad was reading it to me and I wanted to include them, especially Skinny.