"Eh? Sakura-chan?"

Naruto had murmured to himself upon seeing the pink-haired medic aimlessly wandering in front of her former apartment. He approached her slowly, as if to have time to convince himself it was the medic.

"Sakura-chan?" He had finally called out. Sakura turned to face him.


"I thought… you'll be working overtime at the hospital today?"

"Hospital? I'm not sick." She had said stubbornly, crossing her arms across her chest in annoyance.

"Of course you're not. You're a medic remember?"

"Huh? Since when did I become a medic?" She had furiously asked him, her irritation strongly evident on her tone.

"Eh? Sakura-chan, are you really okay?"

She waved her hands dismissively, then, her eyes dulled making her look like she's daydreaming.



She turned to look at him with an unfamiliar expression. Then, her eyes brightened with realization "Oh, sorry mister, I've got to go now. I have to meet my boyfriend."

"But, teme is on mission. Remember?"

"Don't be silly mister. I don't even think you know who he is."

Naruto furrowed his eyebrows. He was very, very confused now. And since when did he become 'mister'?

"Sakura-chan, do you think you're very stressed from work? Perhaps you could use some sleep."

"Me? Sleep? Why would I? I'm a vampire. I don't sleep. Anyway, I'll be meeting my boyfriend now. Thanks for nothing mister!"

She turned to run, her face adorning a smile…

And then darkness…

"How is she?"

"I don't understand this. Her brain cells are slowly malfunctioning and dying. I have never encountered such disease on a healthy young girl before. It only implies on aging elders."

"What's happening, baa-chan?"

"This is what's happening Naruto. She has the Alzheimer's disease, a disease that tends to imply on aging people. The symptoms are the difficulty in recalling names, objects, places, times, and dates; not recognizing family and friends, or not recalling their names; tendency to wander from home or office, progressive sense of distrust, dulled emotions or interest in activities, depression, unusual agitation and irritability, hallucinations or delusions and many more."

"B-b-but… you can cure her right?" his voice was quivering.

"If… if she lives to receive the cure." Likewise with her voice.

And her voice was melancholic.

She was not ready to discover such. Sakura was the daughter she never had, and like the rest of the people she loved, she'll be taken away too.

"Why? Aren't you THE GREAT Tsunade? You can do something right?"

She was on the verge of crying too. But she struggled to tell the crying boy the fact that their Sakura will be dying soon.

"Na-Naruto… do you know why we do not immediately pronounce a person whose heart doesn't beat anymore, dead?"

He slowly shook his head, uncertain of where it was leading.

"It's because…"

She was choking on her own words.

"It's because the brain has the tendency to transmit last minute messages to the heart when received proper aid. If the message transmission is successful, the heart will pump again. If not, medics will announce the brain dead, which is a total death. Now, do you understand?"

She was crying, and he was too, when the door swung open from an outside force, and they rushed to see a glimpse of raven hair turning to a corner.

It was Uchiha Sasuke, the lover of Haruno Sakura. And they knew that he had heard every word they uttered... And they pitied him more than they pitied themselves.

The next week, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura were declared missing nins of Konohagakure.




"Do you believe in angels?"

He forced out a smile.

"Yes. You are one."



"You know why I asked?"

She had giggled.


"Then you're quite silly."

He raised an eyebrow.

"How so?"

He waited for her answer but there was none; she had looked dazed.



She looked unaware of what they were talking about for a moment.

He became quite worried.




"I saw one today."

She had whispered.

"Does he look like me?"

She giggled and he loved it though he'll never tell her.

"Of course. He has these wings that were enormous and beautiful. The feathers were pure black and I think they were wonderful. He was coaxing me to come with him, to a land far away. And you know what I said?"

She murmured, and her voice worried him… Likewise with her eyes… It was getting exceptionally cloudy that it scared him and, he never gets scared. Uchihas never did.

"What did… you say?" He whispered back.

"I said I won't go with him, not until you're with me."

She smiled an angelic smile, but her eyes were not focused, and he knows her life is slowly inching away, and it took a lot of his willpower to grin.

"What if I don't want us to go with him?"

He teased, and anger flashed in her liquid emerald eyes.

"Why not? Do you not love me anymore? You're letting me live without you?"

He knew her mind is not coherent anymore. He held her by her shoulders and looked at her face, the face that tore his heart into pieces.


Her eyes were full of tears. She was hitting him on his chest and it didn't hurt him at the least but his heart ached at her delusional suffering.


"Why? Am I not pretty? Am I not interesting enough? Do you not trust what I like? I-I--"

And he crashed his lips against hers.

Her eyes widened.

"I love you. I don't want you to leave me like the rest that's why I don't want you to come with him."

He was choking at his own words, but he struggled to continue.

"You are very beautiful, Sakura. You're the most beautiful woman I met…"

She buried her face against his chest.

"I am your angel, and you'll be coming with me… No one else."

She was dazed again, and she had a feeling that something was being torn away from her.


She does not know whom he speaks of… And… What she was doing there? She doesn't know…


A part of her feels like permanently leaving her… Her liquid eyes dulled, and she clutched the man's clothes tightly so she won't fall.

"Sakura, are you okay?"

She looked up to see a beautiful face, with calculating onyx orbs and aristocrat nose, and good cheeks, and thin lips.

"Who… are you?"

His heart was severely torn by her words; his nightmare came to life, and he felt like cursing the gods for cursing her.

And though his crying eyes never met her questioning ones, he just held her against him… praying for once to an inexistent God of the livings to recuperate her dead brain cells, to let her remember who she is… who were her family, her friends… him, who they were…

But he knows it was impossible… And in a moment's time, her life will be slipping away from her too…

Nevertheless, he'll be her angel, and he will envelope her delicate body with his beautiful and enormous wings whose feathers were pure black and wonderful to her eyes.

And he is… and will always be…


The blonde haired boy knew that the heavens were mourning at the lovely couple's death.

It rained on the day of the funeral. Flowers were everywhere, their scent touching every clothing it can surge through.

And it made him remember how they looked like together, with her head buried on his chest and his arms securely around her, as if protecting her while underneath them was a bed of the flowers Sakura loved so much.

They were so happy then that all he could do is smile at the heavens, despite the tears leaking from his eyes, openly accepting the tears the gods had cried…

And he wished that Sasuke'll be her angel till the end.


And so it was written…

Sakura Haruno died because of illness, and Sasuke Uchiha died of suicide, to fulfill a promise he had told her… A promise with black angel wings…