Summary: I killed him, to protect her. But, by killing him, I killed her. Now I live in a world of lies, where people smiled at me in mockery and told me what is false through their teeth. I don't like it… I don't like what hope they gave me. What I want is the hope of Junsei; genuine, pure, perfect. I want that hope so I could tell myself that I did what is correct.

Inspiration: An episode of the anime series: skip beat.

Disclaimer: Isn't it obvious?


"-hate me? I am unfaithful! I slept with other women, bathed with someone else, and kissed another pair of lips! Hate me! Hate me else I kill you!"


"I-I can't… You know I can't. I love you with all of what I am, with all my life that I don't care if your happiness is anyone but me. Be happy, but don't let me go."

Vases crashing against the marble floor.

"Damn it, woman! You're so troublesome! Just… hate me!"


"I told you I ca-Ahhh!"

Someone's crashing against the glass table.

I opened my eyes, my body trembling.

Uncertain, I let my feet drop against the marble floor. My footsteps were soft against the whispering ground. My eyes were wide as I slowly opened the wooden door, my lips quivering as I heard the destruction of my home, the destruction of the family I tenderly loved and cared for.

Tears gathered in the corner of my eyes, threatening to fall as a blood-curling scream resounded in the mansion.

Mother's dying…

Father's killing her…

Mother, hate him. Don't die. I need you.

Father, stop it.

I mouthed those words, whispering them so softly, but it faded, never to be heard as it drowned in her screams.

If only, those screams were of love and not hurt.

I fisted my hair, my tears falling, smearing my cheeks. I cannot move. I can't… even take a step closer to them, to at least stop them. To let them know I was here…

A sob escaped my small mouth, then another, and another.

"Please! Don't do this!"

"You should have listened!"



My eyes widened. She's dying! Succumbing to death…

I can't! I won't let that happen.

My eyes were large with adrenaline as I took a vase from a table and ran towards the room where their voices echoed in my ears.

There I found my father punching my mother incessantly, as my mother closed her eyes and opened it to smile for me.

I clutched the vase, and looked to see that my father has yet to notice me. I sauntered towards my father who was straddling my mother, then stared at my mother with such soft a smile.

I saw her smile back, and shook her head no.

Too late.

The heavy vase crashed my father's skull; my eyes were but blurred as I succumbed into the darkness.


Why can't we be the pure and perfect family?


I stared blankly at the computer screen as I saw the message sent by my mom.

Your grandfather sent me a picture of you, darling.

You're very beautiful; you look a lot like your father.

I wish you're having an extravagant time there in Japan for I am yet to go home.

There are so much to do, so much to take care of –so much to busy yourself with to forget that time I killed your precious other half, huh?- I'm really sorry you have to go to those charity balls in place of me.

I wish you could have someone you love while I'm not there.

Take care.

I love you.

My mouth twitched upwards into a mocking smirk. Grandfather, eh?

I can see the picture now, I wouldn't be looking at the camera, of course, because I won't let them. It would be a snap shot. And then, at the back, my grandfather has written: Try to communicate with your daughter, and tell her you love her.

That would be it, ne?

Tears gathered in my eyes, and it cascaded before I could even wipe them away. I let myself drop on my bed, curling in a tight human ball.

Everybody hates me.

Yet, despite that, everyone pretends to be something they're not.

'Don't worry, Sakura, everything will be alright.'

But it's not.

'Darling, don't you know? Your mother loved you with all her heart.'

And never more.

'See these eyes? They're your father's. See these lips? They're just like your mother's. That is just one proof that you're made out of love.'

Love that existed before he became unfaithful…

Love that exists in the bottom of my mother's heart.

…Love that shall never be experienced.

Hate me. Show that you do. I don't like living in a world of mockery. Don't tell words that comfort me… I want you and everyone else to blame me… Because I killed who you and everybody else love. And because…

I don't like that love and hope you offer me.

Because the love and hope I wanted to hear, were the genuine ones, the ones that blame me because it's my fault and finally, the ones that loved me because I saved my soul.

Hate me… despise me…blame me…

It's my entire fault.

I'm a killer, a murderer… Having ended my father's existence, stopping the beating of my mother's precious heart. Hate me…



"Uchiha-san, Nara-san, Hyuuga-san, I am pleased that you could come."

"Ahh, Haruno-sama, it's been a long time."

"I see that you've brought your respectable sons with you."

The younger ones nodded in recognition. My grandfather approached a person with pearl eyes and long hair, shaking his hand in enthusiasm.

"What might be your name, gentleman?"

"I'm Hyuuga Neji, good sir. It's pleasing to finally meet you."

He shook hands with a person whose hair was tied in a high ponytail. "Nara Shikamaru, sir."

And last but not the least, was the one with spiked up hair. Uchiha.

"So this is the lovely daughter of Tenshi-san." The older Uchiha said. "I am satisfied with the potential member of my family.

"The engagement was yet to be finalized. But I would be pleased if she would fall on good hands."

"I would be willing to catch her then." Neji said, smirking. The men chuckled.

"Well, this is Sakura. Sakura, these gentlemen were good friends of your father."

"Greetings." I murmured, and I felt my grandfather pat the small of my back.

"Well then, let's leave these teens to fend for themselves shall we?"

"Ah, of course. Now, about that orphanage you wanted to build…"

And so they left, leaving me surrounded by strangers.

I stared at my supposed fiancé and offered a crooked smile in which he responded with a grunt.

Neji and Shikamaru stared blankly at us.

"Well then, Miss Sakura, we'd be leaving the two of you alone for the moment."

"Be free to do as you wish." I stated lazily, dismissing them with a wave of my hand.

"Troublesome." The Nara muttered, and I flinched at the familiar words, letting my shoulders slump slightly.

The Uchiha's eyes flickered to me, then, he watched them with calculating eyes as they approached some ladies who were whispering among themselves.

He subsequently walked towards the balcony and I stayed glued in where I am.


I looked up.

"Come." He murmured softly.

Entranced, I followed him.

When I entered the balcony, and the curtains fell after me, I saw him leaning against it.

The moonlight illuminated his face, and he looked so beautiful to my eyes.

Just like my dad.

I stared blankly at him for a moment, before he turned to me and smiled crookedly.

Suddenly, he raised his arms, coaxing me.

I was hesitant, but then, I saw his glittering orbs. My breath hitched. There was something in it that entices me.

Gracefully, I skipped towards him and buried my head in his chest, while he whispered sweet nothings in my ears.

To think that I just met him…

"Shhh." He murmured, threading his long fingers in my hair.

I heard a choked sound, making me squeeze my eyes shut. Sasuke tightened his hold on me, and I realized that the horrible sound was my sob and that I was crying.

"I killed my father on this date." I whispered to him, and braced myself for his lies.

"I'm sure the situation called for that." He muttered nonchalantly.

My eyes widened. "I killed my mother that day too."

"Of course you did." He agreed.

"Don't you know that I love my mom? That I love her very, very much?" he nodded, staring at me. "And that I love daddy as well?"

More tears fell.

"...And that I had hurt them so much?"


"And that everyone is lying to me when they said everything is alright?"

"You're a smart girl." Sasuke complimented coolly.

I clutched the front of his blazer tightly.

"And that my mom loves me?"

"How do you know that she loves you?" He muttered bluntly, raising a perfect eyebrow.

"She loves me because no matter how she screams in agony at my father's death bed, she would still smile at me and send me e-mails and compliment me."

"Did you ever think that perhaps, she's doing it as a responsibility and not out of love?" he challenged swiftly, leaning on the balcony so I could tip on him as I rant.

"Of course not. Because by now, I can identify who's lying and who's not."

I stared at him with wide eyes. "Why don't you hate me like everybody else?"

He chuckled. "I'm not everybody else, stupid."

I traced his jaw line.

"Hate me." I demanded. "Tell lies on my face like everybody else."

He chuckled.

"I hate you." He murmured, and then, said, "Don't worry, everything's fine. You did best. "

My heart topped beating and I looked up to see that he was looking past me. Suddenly, his eyes met mine.

Then, he whispered tenderly.

"I like you. I can't lie but I agree with you. No one could smile so tenderly if they hate. You'll see it in their eyes."

His nose grazed my cheek.

"You said you know who's lying and who's not right? Did your mother lie to you? Did she not say she loves you at the end of her messages?"

I shook my head, my index finger trailing on his aristocrat nose. "Do you know that you've fallen in love with me?"


I giggled, and looked at his eyes. "Do you?"

He looked away, a pink tint on his cheeks.

"I never believed in love-at-first-sight, but, I believe in soul mates" I chuckled. "Ew, that was cheesy."


I frowned.

"Do you?"


I stared at his eyes, letting my lips brush against his.

"Give me three good reasons why you're with me right now." I said sternly.

He smirked, poking my forehead.

"I'll give those three good reasons."

I inhaled sharply.

"First, you look like a blank dish."

"Hmph! At least I sport only good dishes."

"Yep, flamboyant dishes like me."


Suddenly, he shifted so that my back is against the balcony.

"Second, you're my fiancée."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, that's not yet official, shithead."

He chuckled, tipping my head so that I'll meet his eyes. "You didn't let me finish, woman."

His nose touched mine, brushing it once, twice.

"I like you." He breathed, dipping so that his lips met mine.


"Hey, shithead, give that back!" I pouted as he licked my chocolate ice cream. I glared as he licked it slowly this time.

"I thought you don't like chocolate?" I screamed.

"What, jealous now, are we?" he teased, throwing it in the trash bin.

"Psh. If I know, it's the other way around." I said, stomping my feet.

"Oh, so inanimate objects can be jealous now?" he taunted. I pulled my hair in frustration.

"Shut up, you shit head! You know what I mean!"


I twirled around to see my mom.


I ran and hugged her tightly. "Welcome home!"

She kissed my forehead, showing her pretty smile. "I missed you, darling."

"Haruno-sama." Sasuke said, nodding in acknowledgement. My mom smiled, leading me towards Sasuke with her hand on the small of my back.

"Hora, Sasuke-kun, call me mother from now on. The engagement party is tonight after all. That makes me remember," Her face darkened. "If you hurt my baby…"

Sasuke charmingly pulled me in his arms, nuzzling my hair as he smirked childishly. "I'd die first."

"Aww! I envy you Sakura!" she cooed, swiftly snapping a picture of us.

I rolled my eyes. "Don't become a stealer on me now, mom. First come first serve."


Sasuke coughed. "I'm here, you know."

I grinned. "Hate me?"

He seemed to ponder. I pouted.

"Tsk. Shut up before I make you."

"Mamaaa." I drawled. "Sasuke's being mea-"

Sasuke's lips locked with mine abruptly. And with a shake of her head, my mother skipped out of the room and sighed contentedly. My head rolled back.


Eye catcher!!!

On a corner of a moonlit room was a picture where a pink-haired woman had her hands on her hips, her face stern as she glared at the ground beneath her. Another pink haired lady smiled sheepishly as she held a beautiful vase in her hand as a young man with jet-black hair nuzzled his nose into her hair tenderly, the flowers that the younger woman was ought to place in the vase long forgotten underneath their feet.