Disclaimer: I do not own Jackie Chan Adventures

Disclaimer: I do not own Jackie Chan Adventures.

Ch 1: Shendu's Rewrite

Scene: Chamber of the Book of Ages

Shendu has already entered to where the Book of Ages was hidden. Jade, Uncle, and Tohru entered after him. Jade saw him near the book.

Jade: Don't know what you're doing, but it can't be good.

As Jade ran after him, Uncle saw what Shendu is doing.

Uncle: The Book of Ages, where all of history is magically recorded.

Jade tried to stop Shendu, but he pushed her off, causing her to tear a page about her off.

Shendu: So it is written, so shall it be.

Shendu rewrote in the Book of Ages, causing a ripple in reality.

Scene: Shendu's Palace-20 years ago

Shendu's rewrite not only caused reality to be rewritten, but also for him to travel in time. He found himself in an age where Jackie Chan should be an infant. Shendu finds himself in Hong Kong and in his palace. He also found himself surrounded by human servants.

Shendu: My rewrite has worked!

Then, someone has spoke from a nearby mirror. His demon brethren were on the mirror to report.

Bai Tza: Indeed. We all have our kingdoms back.

Tso Lan: It's as if we were never banished.

Tchang Zu: Looks like you've done something right for a change, Brother.

Shendu: Thank you, Tchang Zu. I think. Still, I have to make certain that there are no other rebellious humans besides Jackie Chan. That way, there would be no one to ruin our triumph. I will conceal my demon form and scout around my kingdom later.

Bai Tza: You do that, Shendu. Keep us posted on how things are going.

Shendu: I'll stay in touch.