Ch. 10: Shendu's Birthday Surprise and Draog's Mission

For the past ten years, Drago grew up a tough kid. Shendu was able to raise him with the help of Bai Tsa and Hsi Wu. He trained Drago in both the martial arts and chi magic; Bai Tsa served as a mother figure for Drago, making them close; and Hsi Wu served as Drago's sparring partner and best friend. Drago was officially a teenager.

One day, Drago was practicing with Hsi Wu. He was practicing his dragon kicks while Hsi Wu was nervously holding his fists up in defense.

Drago: Ready, Unc?

Hsi Wu: Uhhh…Ready.

Drago jumped up in the air and high-kicked Hsi Wu, knocking him to the ground.

Drago: How was that Unc?

Hsi Wu was too dazed by that high kick.

His Wu: Good form, Nephew.

Then Bai Tza came out into the palace courtyard.

Bai Tza: Drago, dinner's ready!

Drago: Coming, Aunty!

Drago jumped down from the wall and followed her back into the palace.

Scene: Kitchen

Moments later, they finished their family dinner. Bai Tsa brought out some cake with candles on it. It is Drago's sixteenth birthday.

Bai Tsa: Happy birthday, Drago!

Hsi Wu: Now make a wish.

Drago: I wish…

Drago then sadly looks at a portrait of his late mother. Shendu puts his hand around Drago since he understands his sadness.

Shendu: I miss her too, Drago.

Drago then blew out the candles.

Bai Tsa cut the cake and passed the pieces around to the family.

Shendu: As soon as we're done, Drago, I want you to meet me in the throne room. I want to reveal my birthday surprise to you.

Scene: Shendu's Throne room

Drago, Bai Tsa, and Hsi Wu walked into the throne room together. Shendu was preparing a spell at the time.

Drago: Dad, what are you doing?

Shendu: Preparing my birthday surprise for you, Son. It comes in two parts. I'm just getting the first part ready. A purple light suddenly shines on Hsi Wu, Shendu, and Bai Tsa. They focus the purple energy and beamed it at Drago. He was glowing purple until it faded.

Drago: What trick was that?

Hsi Wu: We were afraid of Jackie Chan one day inferring with the reality we rewritten, Drago, so we made a safety measure for you.

Bai Tsa: Our spell will allow you to exist even when the Book of Ages is written in.

Shendu: This way you will always exist and never written out of history.

Drago: Thank you, Everyone. What is the second half of my birthday surprise?

Shendu uses another spell to open a portal.

Shendu: This portal will take you into the future, Son. Recently, I have had premonitions about the future of our demon brethren that Chan will have us thrown back to the Abyss. We made these precautions to ensure your future. I've already lost your mother, but I won't lose you. We need you to travel to the future to make sure the demons will rule over the humans. If not, it will be your mission to resurrect me and conjure enough demons to take over.

Drago: I'll do it, Father. If it'll finally make the demons accept me as one of their own, I'll do it.

Drago walks up to his aunt and uncle and give them both a hug.

Drago: I hope to see you two soon.

Bai Tsa: You will someday, Drago. Good-bye.

Then, Drago hugs his dad on his right hand like he did when he was a kid.

Shendu: You be careful, Son.

Drago walked into a portal, but not before waving good-bye to his family. As he walked in, the portal disappeared. Twenty years from now, the portal reopens and Drago comes out of the portal. He finds himself in San Francisco 2025. There were no crumbles buildings, more plant life, and humans were wearing nicer clothing.

Drago: Looks like Father's definition came true, but that will change. (smiles evilly) When I'm done, demons will snare the humans in the very chains we were banished in, and I will finally belong among my fellow demons.

Drago begins to walk to town, ready for his evil mission.