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The now dusty yellow bus pulled up outside the small building closest to the 'road' that the bus travelled on. The chipped sign on the door of the building proclaimed it to be the office. Behind the small wooden construction a large, unstable looking hall rose from the cracked, dusty ground. There was another sign on this door although from that distance it was indiscernible. Near there a number of rickety shower stalls stood, dripping slowly onto the parched ground. Further away still, some surprisingly large khaki green tents stood, where the campers must have slept. Beyond that there was... Nothing. An endless desert seemed to stretch on forever in every direction, except in the south where jagged mountains shimmered hazily in the heat. Far in the distance blurry people stood in the desert in small groups, doing something unapparent and a small truck drove from group to group.

Ivy raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow as she surveyed the dilapidated creations in front of her. This place was hardly what she had expected when the judge had said 'camp'. Then again, there was nothing green for miles, and there was certainly no lake, so maybe the whole name was simply a joke. Ivy was snapped out of her ponderings by a firm tap on her head from the guard's baton. He smirked as she flinched away from him before turning round to give him one of her best death glares. He hadn't been prepared for that. The girl's bright green eyes bored straight into his head, more venomous than anything he had ever seen before, and he had been taking kids to this place for a long time. It was terrifying and captivating at the same time and he found himself unable to look away. He felt as though the air was thickening and he took a forced, shaky breath. When she heard this, she sneered and released him from her gaze. He unintentionally leant away from her slightly, as she rose from her seat and began to walk along the bus to the doors that lead out into the intense heat of the midday sun. She dragged her shoes slowly over the ground, watching as a thick layer of dust coated them. She was glad she had decided against jeans at the last minute and was wearing, instead a pair of short shorts and a loose hoodie. Her long blonde hair hung loosely around her shoulders, shining brightly in the intense sunlight. "Move it along kid, Mr. Sir won't wait all day" she heard the sharp southern drawl of the guard behind her. She suppressed a smirk at the name of the man who seemed to be in charge. Clearly originality was seriously lacking in this hell hole.

When Ivy stepped into the small room, she was hit by a wave of cool air that was a welcome contrast to the stifling heat outside. A middle aged man sat behind a desk, wearing a cowboy hat, and chewing loudly on something which Ivy realised from the bag on his desk, was a sunflower seed. This, then, must be Mr. Sir. He lowered some cheap looking sunglasses to glare at her, and then jerked his head in the direction of the seat opposite him.

"Take a seat girly" he said, in a loud voice that was almost a growl. She obliged, sitting down in the rather hard seat, and crossing her legs.

"I am Mr. Sir. You will address me as that at all times. Is that clear girl?" he barked. Ivy nodded. "Yes Mr. Sir, of course". He looked slightly taken aback by how submissive she was. She could imagine that most of the people that came here were far less civil to him. Usually Ivy wouldn't have been so calm. The old Ivy would have sworn at him non-stop, probably before trying to do some serious bodily harm. But this wasn't the old Ivy. When she had been sentenced to two years at Camp Greenlake, she had decided to try and make a new start of things. Be a better person and all that kind of thing. And if that meant being nice to a crazy old man in a cowboy hat, then so be it. Ivy could live with that. Who knew, maybe she could get out early on good behaviour.

"I hope you realise how special you are girly" he told her "you're lucky the warden needs all the hands she can get, or you'd be off to jail right now".

Mr. Sir stood up and walked over to a large box, out of which, he pulled two orange jumpsuits and an orange cap. Ivy grimaced at the clothes that were quite probably the ugliest things she had ever seen. The orange was the same colour as a traffic light, and they looked to be about five sizes too big for her. She had to admit, when she had decided to be a better person, looking like a walking carrot hadn't been part of the plan.

"These are your new clothes. One's your work clothes, and one's your relaxation clothes. They get washed every three days and then your work clothes become you relaxation clothes and vice-versa. You'll be in D-tent, your counsellor's Dr. Federovski. He should be here in a second. So girly, any questions?" he said, throwing the clothes to her and sitting back down. Ivy smirked.

"Just one" Ivy couldn't stop herself "Do I get to keep the hat?"


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