Another MaruHara fic XD. I'm bored and I just got this idea, so yeah. Once again, I suck at romance fic (yet I still write them XD). I just love the MaruHara pairing. NO HAPPY ENDING! ToT

I like you, senpai.

That is what Kirihara typed. He was planning to send that text message to Niou, but he was confused. He was afraid Niou might get mad at him.

After a long time, he decided to send it, but unfortunately, to another number.

Marui watched happily the TV and ate his favourite chips. Suddenly, his cellphone rang. He reached it lazily and read the text message:

I like you, senpai.


Marui was so happy. He never thought Akaya would feel the same way for him.

Next day...

Marui arrived at school, he tried to find Akaya. He was eager to tell Akaya the truth. Akaya, on the other side, tried to avoid Marui. He felt embarrassed because of the text message.

Finally, it was practice time and the second year entered the clubroom, hoping not to find Marui inside.

"Yo, Akaya." greeted Marui.

Kirihara blushed, "Oh, h-hi, Marui-senpai!" he greeted back nervously.

"About the message yesterday, you know."

"Oh, t-that? Uh…actually…"

"Akaya, I wanted you to know…"

"Marui-senpai, I'm sorry."

"Why do you feel sorry? I mean…"


Marui blinked, "It was... for Niou?" he asked, trying to hide his sadness.

"Yes, I know it's embarrassing. Don't tell anyone! Please, please, please?!"

Marui tried to smile, "It will be a secret, don't worry."

Kirihara smiled back at him and hugged him, "Thanks Marui-senpai! You're the best ever!"

Still not good? OOC? No happy ending?

Me hopes you likey it :)