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A Dudley Story

Chapter 14


Dudley watched as the rain begin to fall, a bittersweet feeling under his skin. There was nothing worse than standing outside at seven in the morning, wearing black, as his daughter berried her pet frog. Ten years had gone by, his anniversary was yesterday, sharing the same as his ten year olds birthday. Today, he was being forced into this. Susan was also making him give a speech in honor of Hoppie IX, simply because he'd declared, 'we'll get another Hoppie,' after his daughter had ran crying into the living room when neighbor cat had gotten him. He looked at the little girl beside him, barely to her mother's waist. It was just how he'd pictured her when Susan announced her pregnancy. Fair curls, hazel eyes, rosie cheeked, and dimples. Though her eyes we're red from crying, something he hated to see. He was glad to be over with it as she tossed dirt on the cardboard box, making the damp dirt turn to mud in her little palms.

"Let Daddy bury Hoppie, and we'll go get some cake, okay." said Susan, giving Dudley a reassuring look.

"Kay," said Mayella, as she grabbed her mother's hand and headed inside.

Dudley finished pretty quickly and looked at the house, he smiled. He thought about his life so far, remembering what it was only eleven short years ago. Boring, pointless, and stuffy. Now he wouldn't change it for the world. The house he'd bought for his wife and daughter was small, but perfect. Though the yard was littered with barbie's and an assortment of wizard toys, mostly due to Harry purposely spoiling his second cousin, and muggle toys from Pier's, making sure to make his god daughter spoiled rotten. A sponge ball hit him in the head and he looked at his fence, shaking his head.... why the hell was he neighbors with his cousin AGAIN! What on earth had made him go, "Oh gee, the house next to Harry's for sale..." He was insane, that was the only logical conclusion.... and perhaps the fact that his father was afraid of Harry, that might be it.

"Love, are you gonna stand outside all morning, or come and have some mourning cake?" asked Susan, leaning out the back door, her shoulder length hair pulled back.

"I was thinkin' about getting the hose and flooding the Potter's garden." said Dudley, loudly, as Harry's house was actually up the hill a bit more.

"I will put your car in a tree!" was a faceless retaliation from somewhere near the fence.

Dudley went inside as Susan opened the door for him. Mayella sat at the table, looking at a picture book in childhood angst. Tomorrow she would be fine and they would take her to the pet store, perhaps they'd get her something with a longer life expectancy .... like a turtle. Dudley sat next to his daughter, who had now begun to play with the witch hat on the table, which fell over her eyes.

"Can I wear my hat to grandma and grandpa's tomorrow?" she asked with a hopeful smile.

"Go for it," smiled Dudley.

Their weekly visit to his parents, always an awkward time. Susan and his mother had reached some sort of.... he didn't want to say friendship... more of an unspoken agreement. His father, still hated Susan, but Mayella had won him over when she was a baby, and she could get away with the hat, it was better than the broom she'd smuggled for a weekend at their house. It had taken over seven years, but Susan's plan to make his parents remodel had eventually come true..... still she always mentioned the fact they could have had Harry and Ginny do it sooner.

"Sweetheart, if your done, you can go play," said Susan, as Mayella spun her fork on her plate.

"Can I go play with Jimmy and Fredy?" asked Mayella, looking out the window to see the two kids playing in the rain.

"If you wear a coat and hat," said Dudley, as he watched his daughter's eyes follow the other kids.

"Okay, love you, bye." and in a flash, the child had already fled out the door.

"Her letter came today." said Susan, picking up a letter from Hogwarts.

"When are we going school shopping?" asked Dudley.

"I wanted to home school her for a couple of years," sighed Susan.

"Then do it," said Dudley, taking a drink of coffee.

"I can't," smiled Susan.

"Why not?" asked Dudley.

"Who will take care of her brother?" asked Susan, holding up a pregnancy test.

The End

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