Aeris: What if Goten, Gohan, Videl, Trunks, and Android 17 and 18 had siblings that got tooken away at birth?

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Secret Siblings

The time was during the Cell games. Four girls watched, hiden in the shadows, as a young boy and a monstrous creature fought.
"Your brother has gotten stronger." One of the four comment.
"I know, but something feels terribly wrong." A girl answers.
Two of the girls nod. Their thoughts were confirmed when the creature started expanding itself.
"Get out of there, Gohan." One of the girls whisper.
"He can't attack, nor can he run." The second girl tells her.
The first girl says as she see's somebody appear in front of the creature. The fourth of the girls looks on, but is really only looking at one specific person. A blonde haired girl laying on the ground.
"We've got to go out there!" The first girl almost cries.
"Calm down." The second girl says.
The firgure in front of the creature and the creature its self disapper.
"Dad." The first girl whispers, holding back her tears.
"He did right was right. Had Gohan attacked Cell, we would not be here." The thrid girl says.
"I know."
They turn to walk off, but all four of thier senses flash.
"He's back." The fourth girl says.
They turn to see a beam shot straight towards a lavendar haired boy.
"Trunks!" The second girl cries out and collapses.
The thrid girl is right behind her to catch her. They sense an enegry raise, than fall dramactically.
"I must give credit to your dad." The first girl says.
"Same to yours." The second responds.
"It's time. Who will win?" The fourth girl says.
The young boy and the creature shot energy waves at each other and they meet in the middle, both trying to overcome the other.
"Gohan's going to win."
"How do you know?"
"Easily, feel his enegry rise."
The first girl looks at the battle. The others had scattered, but they hadn't.
"He knows were here."
"I know."
The fourth girl was right to say Gohan was going to win. The others had decided to attack to give Gohan the chance to attack. The only one who really did any good was the second girl's father. When he blasted Cell, it left him vulerable and Gohan was able to overcome Cell's blast.
"Your brother will only beome stronger in time." The thrid says as Cell gets competely destroyed.

A blonde haired girl wakes up in a cold sweat.
"Why won't that dream end? Is trying to tell me something?"

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