A/N: This idea came to me after reading a fic about Zane and Lexi meeting in Season 4 before their graduation it's called Another Life by MidnightUnderMoonlight. Check out her fic! Anyway, back to mine. It's an AU fic set in Season 2. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I did writing it so here without further ado, is my newest fanfic. However unlike my last 2 fics, this isn't a one-shot and will be at least several chapters, so as previously stated, enjoy it! Rated for Zane's language once it veers away from how the actual episode is set up. Oh and I'm not going to describe the cards used as their used in an episode that can be watched, nor will I have the complete duel because Zane's conditions flare up after Sy initially damages him. But I've decided to end the chapter after Zane screams, due to his heart acting up on him after Syrus' first damage to his points.

Summary: AU! What if Zane developed his heart conditions a season early and in his duel with Syrus in Episode 95? Read this to find out!

"So now, meet Cyber Dark Horn!" Zane Truesdale declared, placing the card on his duel disk. To the casual observer, they probably would be wondering 'Why didn't Zane play Cyber Dragon?'

The reason is several weeks earlier in a shady duel known as an Underground Duel; Zane underwent a startling mental transformation. He went from a kind and courteous duelist who treated all his opponents and their cards including his own with a great deal of respect to one that is cold and sadistic with no respect for the opponent, no matter who it was, especially in this case where his opponent was his younger brother, Syrus. And it showed in his attire as well as he was dressed completely in black and had become known to the public as 'Hell Kaiser' or Hell Emperor.

But what made the duel especially dangerous is what they were wearing on themselves. On both duelist's arms and around their necks were special small but circular devices that when the player lost life points would deliver a horrible electric shock through their bodies.

"Aw man. When you sent my Truckroid to the graveyard, your Infernal Dragon went there along with him!" Syrus whimpered.

"That's right! And by your whimpering tone, I take it you know that when Cyber Dark Horn is summoned, it can bring back a Dragon from my graveyard and absorb it's attack points!" Zane taunted as Dark Horn's attack points zoomed to 2800. "And now, Dark Horn, attack that runt directly!" Zane commanded.

Dark Horn launched it's attack, the attack itself zooming toward Syrus as Jaden Kiyo Yuki, Tyranno Hassleberry and Aster Phoenix, the silver-haired azure-eyed duelist that inadvertedly led to Zane's transformation into Hell Kaiser, watched in horror.

"You triggered my trap card! It's called Life Force. And once I pay 400 points, I can cancel out your attack!" Sy called.

"Maybe, but you'll still feel the pain of the points you sacrificed!" Zane teased.

"Huh?" Sy asked before he screamed in pain, the electricity flowing through his small body as his life points fell to 3600.

For about a fraction of a second, Zane's cold grey eyes looked as though they showed pain for hurting his younger brother, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. "I'm beginning to see your strategy now, you've stacked your deck with cards that help reduce battle damage, but as you see, even they come with a price. The pain isn't too much, is it? Tell me, Sy. How long can you last before you fall?" Zane asked.

Sy was gritting his teeth as his body very slowly wavered back and forth to stay standing.

"From the looks of you, I'd say not too much longer, but that's no surprise." Zane teased.

"Guess again. I'll be fine!" Sy shouted, drawing a card. "I play Submarineroid!" He declared as the little mini-sub appeared on the field. (800/1800) "And thanks to it's effect, Submarineroid's able to sneak past your monsters! And then it's in prime position to attack you directly! Now, launch your subterranean sneak attack!" Sy ordered.

The little sub burrowed underground and raced toward Zane…

"Let's see how you like it!" Sy yelled, balling a fist.

The little sub collided with Zane, taking 800 of his life points. The shock itself didn't bother him, but what happened next was another story…

As his life points dipped to 3200, the shock surged through his body as it had done to Syrus. Then his heart gave a really painful jolt… "What the- AAAAHHH!!" Zane screamed loudly and in a lot of pain from his heart…

To be continued…