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Last Time

"Sy…I'm sorry man…" Zane whispered to his younger brother, trying to calm him down from the worry he could sense Sy was feeling.

"For what?" Sy asked, just wanting his brother to feel better, and Zane blaming himself wouldn't lead to that particular result.

"For putting you in this crazy duel…and also…for my change." Zane explained weakly, taking deep breaths at each pause to momentarily stifle the pain for a few minutes at best each time he did so.

"Shhh…just relax…it's gonna be okay…" Sy reassured gently. The most important thing was to ensure Zane that he forgave him.

"Your…not mad at me?" Zane asked, stunned that Syrus would forgive him so easily, but then considering the position Zane was in concerning his health, it could be understood.

Sy's sweet, soft grey eyes had tears quickly filling in them. "No…no…shh…just relax…" Sy urged him softly.

"Sy…I love you little bro…" Zane whispered softly.

"I love you, too," Sy said, hugging him as tight as he could without hurting him. "Just relax…your gonna be ok…" He reassured him sweetly.

End Flashback

Zane tried to relax as his brother instructed, but every time he got close to finally relaxing, his heart wouldn't quit it's painful wrenching. "Ah…" He groaned in pain.

Fortunately, Miss Fontaine came running out at that precise moment. "Oh, my! What happened here?" She cried. Fonda Fontaine was the head nurse of Duel Academy, along with the gym instructor and girls' dorm advisor. She had long pretty red hair to go with kind, and sweet gentle grey eyes. Most all of the students called her 'Miss Fontaine' and loved being around her, due to her cheerful attitude. Some would be daring enough to fake injuries just to be around her, but she knew that right now based on Zane's condition, that it wasn't a time to joke around.

"Long…story…Fontaine…" Zane muttered through his groans of pain. To him right now, it felt as though a lobster was shaking hands (or claws XD whichever sounds funnier) with his heart and it was driving him crazy…

"Short version then, someone…" Fontaine requested gently.

But Zane would have nothing of it for the moment…

"The hell with the explaining, I can't take the pain!!" Zane screamed as hard as he could, the pain in his chest making his patience run extremely thin…

"Just calm down," Miss Fontaine said soothingly. "I need to know what happened so I can treat you…" She said gently, trying to calm him so his heart rate wouldn't spike up even worse.

"I wish I knew…I can't explain it…I took damage from a direct attack then after the electrodes shocked me, my heart went nuts…" Zane muttered, cursing under his breath while his heart jerked more.

"Electrical shock…Okay, let's put you on the crash cart." She said and then, almost immediately someone brought a gurney, referred to as a crash cart, to the scene. "I need someone to help me lift him!" She said firmly, but there was worry in her voice.

Hassleberry approached her and the ailing Truesdale slowly…

"Hassleberry, thank you," Miss Fontaine said gratefully. "Can you…?" She began.

"Easy now, Lieutenant Truesdale," Hassleberry said, picking up the black-clad teen and gently placing him on the crash cart.

"Th-Thanks, Hassleberry." Sy said, for the moment temporarily happy.

Zane gave his little brother a weak smile.

Sy took the elder Truesdale's hand and held it tightly as Miss Fontaine quickly moved the gurney. 'Dear Ra, please let Zaney be ok…' Sy prayed to the mighty golden phoenix-like Egyptian God monster in an improvised séance-like way, just as he had done when a member of the Red dorm…

To be continued…