a/n: ok, this is my first fanfic, so if it's really bad, please tell me. the girls and the boys are in two separate camps and there's a small forest in between. they each don't know that the other camp is there. oh and by the way, i don't own avatar.

Katara stepped out of the bus onto the dusty ground with a sigh. She had always heard of summer camps being either really fun, or being hell. She looked around for her friends and spotted Toph, the short, blind girl with attitude. She also recognized her brother's girlfriend, Suki. She saw a beautiful girl who's hair was so blond it was almost white, her brother's ex, Yue. Other than that, she did not see anyone she knew. There was a snooty-looking girl who was deep in conversation with two other girls. One was preppy and exited and had a long braid, and the other just looked bored. Her hair was done up in a shiny black bun at the back of her head, two buns that looked like miniature mickey mouse ears above each of her real ears and two strands hanging down on either shoulder. there were two girls, one a shy looking brunette and the other more confident with her spiky brown hair up in a ponytail. there was also a tomboyish girl who had decided to ignore the others and focus on finding her bags. With her was a girl who had a gap in her teeth and two thick braids that stuck out the sides of her head. Once the girls had finished getting their bags out of the bus, they headed over to the main cabin and the head counselor who was waiting with the other counselors for them in order to start their speeches.

"Hello everybody! I am Ju Dee and I am the head of the camp! I'm sure everyone will have a great time here!" the woman said with a freakishly large smile on her face. "Now before we start the fun, (the girl with the mickey mouse ears scowled and the others looked insulted at being treated like little children) i will need to tell you a couple simple safety rules! first of all, always stay with a buddy! and never ever ever go to the other side of the forest without permission! lights out at 9:30 (everyone gaped) and wake up time at 7:00 am! now if anyone has any questions, please do not be shy and ask!" Ju Dee finished her speech without her creepy smile even wavering at the gaping children.

"Why can't we go past the forest without permission?" asked Katara, genuinely curious.

"no questions? ok! i will now announce what cabins you will be assigned to!" Ju Dee answered, ignoring Katara.

"Song and Smellerbee, you get cabin one! Tough, i mean Toph, you are in cabin two with Ty Lee! Jin and Azula, cabin three! Katara and Mai have cabin four and Meng and Suki get cabin five!" she announced joyfully. "now, without further ado, i will introduce you to your teachers! Jun will teach you horseback riding and Kya will help you with swimming. for the other activities, you can either do them on your own or with the help of any of us! and your chef is none other than Mrs. Wu!" she exclaimed excitedly.

"Welcome to Camp Kyoshi" she said brightly as the campers exited the main cabin.

"...And remember boys, there is absolutely NO going into the forest without strict permission and adult supervision!" yelled head counselor Zhao. Zuko sighed and nodded, looking around at the other "campers" there was a guy with messy brown hair, a guy who's hair shaved on both sides but with a mohawk-type thing down the middle that he had tied into a ponytail at the back of his head, a bald kid with arrow tattoos, a really small kid with a helmet, a guy in a wheelchair, a guy with long hair and a mustache and his cousin, who's longish hair was in a topknot. Zuko smiled and silently shook his head at his cousin's hairstyle. He looked back at head counselor Zhao who, it seemed had finished giving his surprisingly long list of rules. Zhao started to introduce the other counselors.

"This is your swimming master, counselor Pakku. Your horse-master is counselor Piandao." he gestured to the old strict looking man and the stern looking, brown-haired Piandao."the two other activities, basketball and tennis, we expect you to do on your own. And we expect you to behave while doing so, otherwise, i will take over and make you all play fair." he glared at each of them while making his announcement.

"Cabins! i will tell you the name of your roommate and the number of your cabin. One: Jet, Longshot! Two: Haru, Zuko! Three: Pipsqueak, Lu Ten! Four: Aang, Sokka! Five: The Duke, Teo! Now get to your rooms! You have free time to unpack and rest until 9:30. Then you return to your own cabin and sleep! GO!"

The boys rushed to obey Zhao's commands and went to unpack. Zuko gaped at Haru's extensive collection of hair-care products (a/n: how else is his hair so long and silky?) and quickly unpacked his own things.

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