Jin and Azula wandered around, buckets in hand, searching for dirt to put in the showers. Jin glanced back towards the cabins where Toph was casually watching them out of the window, ready to send Ty lee and signal Jin and Azula if the boys came.

The girls neared the forest where they were sure to find some good dirt. Jin took a deep breath and looked over at her companion, nervous. She wondered what would happen if they were caught at the boys camp and resolved to stay silent once they stepped into the forest.

"Azula?" the girl looked up. "which of the cabins are we going to prank? i mean, if there are as many of the boys as there are of us, it could be impractical to prank all of the cabins..."

"That is precisely why we will prank their head counselor. If we do that, the counselor will blame all of the boys, not to mention it will turn the cabins against each other in suspicion." Azula replied as the other girl stared at her, wide eyed with panic.

"But...But...If we're caught we'll get in so much trouble! Is it really worth it? Azula, Smellerbee said that their head counsellor is really strict!"

"So what? If he sees our shadows, all the better. He will KNOW that one of the boys did it, or rather ; he will THINK that he knows that one of the boys did it." Azula bent down and scooped some dirt into her bucket. Jin copied her, thinking. It really was a cunning plan, but it worried her. she could not help but imagine what would happen if they were caught.

They were nearing the other side of the forest. Jin felt a shiver run down her spine. They made their way towards the cabin dedicated to the head counselor. They went to the water container that supplied the shower and dumped all their dirt in. They mixed it around until they had created relatively liquid mud that could go through the pipes and out the shower-head.

Azula chuckled as they ran through the forest and, after a quick signal to Toph, fled back to their cabin.

"Mission accomplished." Said Azula once they were safe.

The boys were lined up in their mess hall, glaring at each other and at their furious head counselor who's hair was coated with mud.

"I demand to know who thought it would be fun to dump MUD in my SHOWER WATER!!" Zhao went on and on like this but none of the boys owned up. When finally they were let go, they were not allowed to do any of the activities for two days and would, instead, have to go do chores for their camp. According to Zhao, they would also be taken to do chores at at different camp later that day. Without speaking, they all gathered in Jet's cabin to discuss what had happened. He slammed the door behind them and started yelling at them all.

"What got into you guys! That prank was meant for the GIRLS! Now we have to be their SLAVES today! This is the worst possible thing that could happen! How dare you guys betray the team!" He shouted.

"Jet, calm down. I'm just curious as to who did it. Personally, I doubt it was any of us." Said Zuko in attempt to calm the boy down.

"Yeah, who knows, the girls could have broken in and framed us..." Suggested Longshot.

"I guess you guys are right... Did any of you guys do it?" he asked the boys scattered around the cabin. All of them shook their heads silently. "Then we have no choice but to assume that the girls tricked us. We can use the punishment today as an advantage. We can spy on them and find out how they've organized themselves. Sokka, talk to your sister and find out what she knows. Zuko, do the same for yours."

"I doubt my sister will tell me, but okay." said Sokka

"Same here, but I'll do my best. I have one question though. How did the girls think of exactly the same prank as us? is it a coincidence or are they watching us?" asked Zuko.

"I dunno, Zuko, but we'll find out." said Jet confidently.