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Chapter 2

Past and New Acquaintances

Bella POV

"Let me go!" I tried to scream but a strong hand covered my mouth, muffling my screams. The other arm holding my own two arms in a death tight grip.

I struggled to get loose but I failed miserably. I kicked as hard as I could against the figure that was fighting me. But I couldn't find the strength to fight them off. I felt myself slipping out of consciousness and fell into the deep pool of darkness.

I opened my eyes to a bright sunlight shining through the dark dusty windows. I looked around the room to where I was. It looked like an old factory no longer in use. My hands were tied around my back not giving much room for me to move and my legs were tied up preventing me from getting up.

I looked around again scared. Where was I? What is this place? How did I get here?

A door to my left opened. I had enough sense to not make a sound. A tall figure loomed into the room. It looked like a man. He was standing in the darkness of the room where the sun couldn't reach.

"Wh-who are y-you?" I stuttered. He didn't reply. Only merely placing his hand in his right pocket and pulling something out. A knife. Fear must have been evident on my face. I stared wide eyed at the figure looming ahead of me.

"What do you want from me?" I whispered in the dark room, knowing he was able to hear me. Again, no answer. Instead he stepped forward towards me. Each step he came close the faster my heart was racing.

Who is he? What is he going to do?

The figure stopped just before stepping into the sunlight. I still couldn't see the face. He was preparing to step out to show him to me. With out step, knife hand raised he stepped out.

A high pitched scream could be heard all through the entire building before darkness slipped over me.

I awoke with a scream. My heart was racing and my breaths were uneven. I looked around my room taking trying to even out my breaths taking gulps of air.

It was just a dream, Bella. A bad dream that's all.

I tried to calm myself down. He wasn't here. He couldn't be.

He hasn't contacted you in weeks. He didn't mean it.

I looked around my room again trying to calm myself down. Still breathing unevenly I inhaled and exhaled.

Nothing's going to happen to you. Don't be ridiculous.

The tall figure in my dreams was the figure of Jacob Black, my ex-boyfriend. I had been having these dreams since the day he showed up at my door in order to win me back. He didn't win.


I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it. I opened the door and was faced with the figure I wished to never see before I had left. As soon as I opened it all I wanted was to slam it back closed again.

I went to slam the door but he had stuck his foot in between the door and the doorframe preventing it from closing.

"Wait, Bella-"

"What do you want Jacob? Leave me alone."

I made a move to attempt to slam the door again. His foot was still there preventing it from closing in his face.

"Bella, let me explain, it wasn't what it looked like. She came onto me. I tried-"

"Jacob, I don't need your excuses. It shouldn't have happened in the first place. She was my best friend and you were my boyfriend. Just go away. Leave me alone."

"You don't mean that. I know you don't Bella."

"Yes. I do. I don't ever want to see you again. Leave. Me. Alone."

I emphasized the last three words. It hurt to say those words to him but I didn't regret one word. He was my boyfriend who cheated on me. He broke my heart but I can never forgive him for it. I went again to slam the door this time nearly succeeding. He stopped it with his hand.

"You and I belong together Bells. You know that, we're meant to be. Nothing is meant to come in between us. I will do whatever it takes for use to be together. We WILL be together. Mark me words Bella."

-End Flashback-

He had said those last words with such passion and with anger and fierce eyes. I didn't ponder on the words but they still frightened me. He hasn't contacted me in weeks and I was hopeful that he has forgotten about me.

I decided to go take my shower after steadied my heart beat and calmed myself down from the dream. I turned on the hot water with a mixture of cold and let it ran to the right temperature. I stepped in after I stripped off. The temperature was just right and the water felt heavenly on my back. This helped calmed my nerves from my dream down a bit. I washed my hair with my favorite strawberry shampoo and freesia body wash.

Soon after I got out of the shower, wrapped in a towel I walked into my closet to find something suitable for the first day. I wouldn't call myself very fashionable. I prefer comfort over fashion any day but I can't help but feel like I might need to make an impression. So I chose my best jeans and a blue tank top that I brought at the mall yesterday. I walked back into the bathroom and blow dried my hair and added a little eye liner and lip gloss. I'd rather look natural than over the top. Taking a quick glance in the mirror I felt satisfied and deciding to not step out of my comfort zone too much I put on my silver converse shoes on.

I glanced at the clock and realized I was running a little late, deciding to grab some breakfast along the way I grabbed my cell phone, purse and stationary and placed them in my book bag and ran out to my truck.

It was my first day at SMU. I drove to the campus feeling nervous but a little excited as well and maybe a little hopeful to see that Greek god from yesterday at the mall.

Wait. He's a player. He's a player. You're plain Jane Bella, he won't notice you.

I drove onto the campus parking lot and parked in the first spot available I saw. I followed the sea of people into the auditorium for the start of school conference. Along the way I saw many different faces, but only one I recognized from anywhere. The boy from the mall.

Hands around a strawberry blonde's waist this time and lip locking with her like he did with the other blonde. I looked on with disgust. How can this guy be unbelievably gorgeous and take that to his advantage it was disgusting. But I couldn't contain the hopes that he would notice me.

Surrounding him where a group of people that I thought could only be presentable in a dream. They were the most beautiful group of people I had ever laid eyes on. The big, brawny one looked like he lived at the gym, arms around a blonde head with features to kill. Next to her was a petite pixie like girl, nothing compared in height but in beauty they were equally matched. Next to this girl was a tall blonde boy arms around her waist like the big one.

The all had a look of disgust on their faces looking at the bronze haired boy. They all walked away shaking their heads with disgust. I couldn't help but laugh as I walked past.

Making the mistake to laugh a little too loud. The bronze haired boy broke off the lip lock with his girl of the week and looked up at me. His green dazzling eyes bore into my boring old brown ones. I looked away slightly embarrassed feeling the blush coming onto my cheeks. I ducked into the auditorium before he got a chance to do something or worse, for me to make a fool out of myself in from the God.

I grabbed the information provided that I needed for the certain meeting and went in to find a seat towards the middle of the auditorium. I found one in the middle of a row and sat myself down. People started to fill in for the start of the conference.

I was flipping through the information sheets given when I felt someone tap my shoulder on my right. I looked up and was surprised to see the petite girl I saw early smiling back at me. She was about just under 5' but her appearance made up for her lack of height, with cropped black spiky hair and blue piercing eyes.

"Hi! I'm Alice Cullen! Is anyone sitting here?" Holding one had out for me to shake and the other gesturing at the seat next to me. She had a friendly voice. I gave her a smile and shook her hand.

"No, by all means. I'm Bella Swan."

"It's nice to meet you Bella! Are you a freshman too?"

I was taken aback by her bubbly attitude but nodded all the same.

"Oh my gosh! Really? So am I! I can't believe I'm here I'm so excited! I'm from Seattle, I felt that I could do with a big move and my older siblings and boyfriend was already attending here so why not. Where are you from?"

She said all this in one go that I found it hard to keep up. But I caught most of it and understood what she was saying.

"I'm from Forks, Washington. I few hours away from Seattle, maybe you've heard of it?"

"No way!!" Alice screamed the last two words and was jumping up and down in here seat.

"My parents just moved there! When all of us had left for college. They're fond of a small towns like Forks!"

I didn't have a chance to respond the principal was on stage asking for our attention so I just smiled back at Alice and we give our attention to what was happening in front of us. I couldn't help but feel Alice and I were just going to get along really well and become fast friends.

The meeting or conference to say was pretty dull, it outlined the structure of the school classes, dorms and campus for that year and gave us up coming information. After about two hours sitting in the room we were free to go.

Alice and I went to find out envelops that we were directed to collect after the meeting for our timetables and other certain information that we needed in each class and also to sign up for any extra activities or classes that we wanted to as well.

I found mine fairly quickly under "S" Looking for Swan, the envelope contained my yearly timetable and information on my classes. I had decided to study Literature at SMU hoping to become an author or a high school English teacher. I was looking through the information when I heard my name being called.

"Bella! Over here!" It was Alice and she was standing with her group of friends from earlier, minus the strawberry blonde and bronze haired couple. I walked over to her trying not too look intimidated. These people really were the most beautiful I have ever seen.

"Bella, this is Emmett Cullen, my older brother." Alice introduced pointing to the big brawny one. Up close he looked bigger than from afar with huge muscles and dark curly hair and dark brown eyes.

"Hey. Nice to meet you." He smiled and raised his arms and gave me a tight bone crushing bear hug.


"Oh. Sorry." He let me go and grinned, while the others laughed at his enthusiasm. I couldn't help but smile weakly. He soon joined in on the laugher with a big booming laugh. Which caused the rest to laugh even harder.

"This is Rosalie Hale, Emmett's girlfriend, one of my best friends" Alice introduced the blonde next. Compared to before she looked like nothing up close, her skin looked like it was glowing, with wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. No one could compare to her, including me. I gave her a small smile and she gave a sweet friendly one in return. Next to be introduce was the blonde boy next to Alice.

"And this is my boyfriend, Jasper Hale. Also Rosalie's twin brother" I looked closely and I could see the resemblance between him and Rosalie. Same blue eyes and blonde hair, only Jasper didn't look too intimidating. I gave another small smile and he returned it with a nod and smile.

"And everyone this is Bella Swan, she moved from Forks!" Alice's enthusiasm wasn't held back when she announced that, clearly excited.

"Are you all freshmans?" It was Rosalie that answered this time.

"No, Emmett, Jasper and I are sophomores, just only Alice."

"Bella, are you going to join anything?" Asked Alice in her chirpy voice.

"I'm not sure yet. I think I might just settle first."

"Oh okay, well we're finished signing up and class commences soon, so how about you meet us for lunch in the cafeteria?"

"Sure, I'd like that." I gave her a friendly smile. I was growing used to Alice and Rosalie and the others didn't seem to be so intimidating anymore.

"Okay, see you soon then!" She gave me a hug and grab Jasper's hand. He gave me another nod to bid farewell.

"See you later Bella, Nice meeting you." It was Rosalie this time giving me a small hug and smiling warmly. Emmett gave me another bone crushing hug and they too went to their classes.

I looked at my schedule, I had Modern Literature first (A/N: Sorry, just making up classes because I wasn't sure what you study in Literature) and so I followed the map I was given to find the building I was meant to be in.

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