Ed knocked on Roy's door, letting the wooden sound echo through the house. Roy looked up from his glass to the grandfather clock across the room. Midnight...who would be here? Roy sat up from his seat venturing over to the door. As he continued closer he could here muffled sobs through some sort of fabric.

Roy opened the windowless door, peering down at Ed. Though if it weren't for the red coat he wouldn't have known. His face lay underneath the full hood, and his sleeve covered his mouth to stop the cries that escaped him. "Ed...what's wrong...you were on a mission in Central...you shouldn't be back for at least a few weeks?" Ed shoved the man though kept his head down. Luckily all Roy did was back up enough for Ed to enter the house. As soon as he was in, Ed slammed the door shut behind him and looked up at Roy. He slid his hood back to reveal two ears...ones that looked like cats.

"Help me." Ed pleaded and Roy wrapped his arms around Edward.

"I can if you tell me what happened." Roy responded and Ed leaned more against Roy's chest.

Ed almost didn't ask but he wanted it to stay like this. He wanted to feel the warmth of Roy, and this might be his only chance. "Can we just stay like this for a while...I don't really want to talk yet."

"Of course, just promise me you'll tell me sooner or later." Ed nodded against his chest and Roy lowered his chin to lay on top of Ed's head. He observed the ears and found them quite...adorable. Though getting them must not have been fun. Roy could feel some kind of motion at his ankles, he wasn't moving and Ed's feet weren't. Roy looked down to see a tail moving very slightly between Ed's legs.

"Roy..." Roy was brought out of his thoughts as he looked down at Ed. "Can we sit down now?" Ed asked and Roy felt slightly offended.

"Did I do something wrong?" Ed's tail shot up quick despite the heavy jacket he was wearing and surprise covered Ed's features. Ed shook his head and backed up from Roy. "Then what is it?" Ed blushed slightly and Roy looked down Ed, noticing a rather large bulge in Ed's favorite leather pants.

Ed hurriedly covered his front with the jacket before turning his head away from Roy. "Perv." Roy shook his head with a very light chuckle.

"It's not my fault a hug gave you an erection." Ed flushed even more at the Colonel's open-ness to use the word erection. "Now are you going to tell me what happened, so that I can help you?" Ed nodded and went to sit at one of Roy's couches. He'd been here before on a few occasions, since Roy liked to hold office parties here every now and then. Roy sat in the opposite chair, looking over Ed's new features. Or at least the one not hidden by the seat at the couch.

"We'll, me and Al were visiting Risembool on our way there, since it was only one town over. When we got back on the train this guy say us and started talking to us about alchemy. He was nice at first but when we went to get off, he wouldn't let us go anywhere. Al was knocked out and when I went to grab him he injected me with something. Next thing I new I woke up in this room." Ed had a disgusted tone to his voice. Roy listened tentatively, so he could actually be of some use.

"He chained me down to the table and every day he'd inject me with something. Sorry but I don't know what it was, but it made my body kinda numb for a while so I dont know if he did anything besides that. Yesterday he released me. Though you won't be able to just find him...I killed him." Tears met Ed's eyes again and now Roy new why. Ed hated killing people, he hadn't had to do it much and for that he was lucky. But it meant that each life ended was hard and even if he had caused Ed pain and his new features, he wasn't good with death.

"I'm sorry Roy, but I couldn't let Al see me like this. But he knows I'm alive. I called Risembool on my way here and Winry forwarded the message to Al. But I can't let him see me like this, it's disgusting." Roy shook his had and stood up from his chair. He walked over and sat down next to Ed.

"No it isn't...actually it's kinda cute." Ed's look of sadness changed to slight shock and Roy let his hand fall on Ed's head. Slowly brushing his fingers against the golden hair. "Trust me, Al won't find this disgusting. If anything, with his cat obsession he'll enjoy it." Roy leaned his head back down against Ed's. He had a feeling Al was probably on his way here but until Al arrived, he'd take care of Ed. He new this was his only chance to get closer to the blond alchemist he cared so much for. He only hoped Ed felt at least something for him.

"Thanks Roy, it means a lot." Ed looked around at the couch, seeing no kind of blanket or pillows. "Umm any chance you got a guest room I can spend the night in?"

Roy nodded but felt kinda disappointed. Though he didn't show it. He'd kinda been hoping that Ed would spend the night with him. "Yeah I do, c'mon I'll show you where it is. It's late already so I suggest you going to bed now."

Ed nodded as he stood up from his seat and Roy grabbed his hand. The warmth it brought spread up through Ed and instantly his hard-on had returned full force. If he didn't get to the bathroom he'd probably do something he'd regret.

Roy firmed his grasp on Ed's hand, taking full advantage of Ed not trying to pull it away. He led him down to the guest bedrooms, but told Ed to use the one right next to Roy's room, in case something should arise.

Roy also pointed out the bathroom that connected to the bedroom and instantly Ed had ran in and slammed the door shut. Roy smirked and shut the bedroom door behind himself before hedding into his room.

Ed woke up, panting and his heart skipping every few beats. The nightmare he'd just had, had felt so real and he couldn't stop thinking of how he'd killed the bastard that had done this to him.

Ed instantly thought Roy might be able to calm him down...he'd said Ed could go and ask anytime during the night if he'd needed anything. Right now he needed someone to comfort him, though he'd never fully admit it.

Ed stood from his spot on the bed and walked over to the door, opening it quietly. He continued into the hallway, quickly reaching Roy's room. Ed opened the door slowly, gazing at the large bed, currently holding Roy.

He strode over to the bed, looking down at Mustang. He shook the man's shoulder and Roy instantly woke up alert to stare at Ed.

"Oh..hi. Is there anything wrong, do you need something?" Ed climbed onto the bed and sat at the foot of it as he stared at Mustang.

"Can I stay here tonight?" One of Ed's ears was lowered down halfway and his tail bounced off the large bed. Ed lowered his head so Roy couldn't tell how much the blond was blushing. "I had a nightmare, and I was thinking that maybe staying here-"

"Come over here." Ed looked confused but listened anyway and scooted over so he sat in front of Roy. Roy pushed himself up so he was sitting. "You can spend the night here, I don't mind." Roy moved closer till his lips met Ed's and let a small kiss envelop them. He backed away quickly and was blushing furiously. Even though the lights weer still turned off Ed could see the blush on Roy's cheeks. There was probably one to match on his own.

"I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me. It must be me still half asleep, yeah..please-" Roy was cut off as Ed pulled on his shirt so they're lips could meet again. This time though it didn't just end with a light brush of skin. Now it ended with the men breathing hard, and catching their breaths.

Ed laid down on the bed, before hugging Mustang around the waist. "Thanks."

"Your welcome." Roy replied and pulled Ed closer to him before letting his head rest against Ed's. His breathing blew into Ed's ear and Ed flinched. Roy raised an eyebrow and purposely blew into the cat ears. When Ed flinched again he chuckled lightly.

"Stop doing that...it's annoying. How would you like it if I blew into your ear?" Ed asked sarcastically.

"Well in order to do that you'd have to be close enough to bite me ear, and enough for me to have access to your front." Roy could feel the heated blush from Ed against his chest and smiled.

This wouldn't be so bad...would it? Roy liked Ed and Ed liked Roy. If only it was that simple.

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