This chapter is very short. It's like the epilogue in length...Hope you enjoy it anyway.


Roy awoke slowly to the whispered talking of Edward. Who was currently sitting on the bed looking at him, tail wagging profusely. "C'mon Roy, get up. Al already is too."

Roy looked over at the clock before glaring at Edward. He sat up groggily, shoving his lover who nearly fell off the bed. His head hurt slightly from a hangover, and he was glad he didn't drink as heavily as Havoc or most of his team. "Can I get one more hour." Ed pouted and Roy flicked one of his ears. "Okay fine, I'm up." Roy stated and Ed's expression turned to a smile and he walked happily out the door. Roy eyed his lovers ass, as he walked out of the room.

"Stop watching my ass and get up." Roy looked up to Ed's head before sighing. He got up from the bed, following his lover downstairs. He smirked as he looked around the living room. Next to teh fireplace was the small Christmas tree Al had somehow fabricated one day. Al as well placed his gift underneath and he looked to see that his gift, and another small box was under there as well. Ed sat down directly in front of the tree, Al already sitting in front of the lit fireplace. Roy took his seat in between the two grabbing his gift to Ed and Al's. He handed to them each and watched as Ed opened his.

Ed tore at the large box, opening it. On top was a Santa hat, in which the blond placed it on his head instantly. Though with his cat ears it was only on one side of his head. He tore the crumpled thin paper out of the box, revealing what was left.

On the front was a picture of Roy, his staff, Hughes, Edward and Al when he was still a suit of armor. He lifted it up, opening it to see it was a photo album of pictures of him, Al, and Roy. Ed smiled as he looked up at Roy. "Thank you...but why did you say you had to go out and buy something?"

"I had to by the empty photo album and just put pictures in it." Roy responded and he looked over to see Al enjoying his gift. It was a book, but one of Al's favorite type of alchemy. The young male was already reading through it. Roy turned back to Ed as Ed whispered something. He saw a small box in the blond's hands and Roy smiled. He wondered when Ed had actually gotten around to getting him something.

Roy ripped at the wrapping paper and saw it was a small box. He opened it slowly to see a metal bracelet. But not the girly type. It was a thin gold bar, with something engraved in it. He squinted his eyes and held it closer to his face o see that it said 'Always in your arms, you're in my heart' Roy instantly through himself at Ed, giving him a very tight hug. Ed chuckled at the reaction as he picked up his hat from the floor that Roy's hug had knocked over.

Roy smirked as he released Edward, and put the golden bracelet around his empty wrist. Then Roy noticed a second engraving that didn't seem the kind that came with buying one. It read one single word, in very small print. 'Thanks' Roy looked up at Edward.

"You're welcome."


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