And The Basilisk's Order

Based on the characters, places and ideas of J.K. Rowling

-Chapter One-

Aboard the Hogwarts Express

Albus Severus Potter waved to his parents as they slowly shrunk into the distance. The train turned a corner.

He turned to his cousin, Rose Ginevra Weasley. Rose was tall for her age, like her father had been, and had light freckles on her face. Her hair was long and frizzy; it was curly like her mother's, but was red like most Weasley's. Her eyes were dark brown like Hermione's.

Al himself was a splitting-image of his father at eleven; he was short and thin, with jet-black, untidy hair. He had dazzling emerald-green eyes, and was the only one of Harry's children to inherit this trait. He didn't wear glasses like Harry.

Rose was wearing her Hogwarts robes already. Al couldn't help but laugh; Rose was said to be even smarter than Hermione had been at her age. Many of their relatives feared the she'd break the family tradition by being sorted into Ravenclaw.

However, Albus himself was worried about the sorting. He feared that he would break the tradition himself by getting sorted into Slytherin. His brother James had been teasing him for months now; James was in his second year at Hogwarts, and was a reckless rule breaker there. He got detentions a lot, but at the same time was a gifted wizard and got excellent marks in school.

James Sirius Potter II ran down the aisle at his brother and cousin. Two boys were on either side of James; one was a year older than James, and in his third year. He had dark skin, although it was a lighter shade than his mother's, Angelina. He had both his parent's brown eyes, and had the same facial structure as his father, George Weasley. He was shorter than James, but had a muscled, stocky build. His hair was straight and naturally black, so it looked like George's, although he'd bewitched it his second year to become flaming orange like the rest of the Weasley family.

Fred Weasley II was as much of a troublemaker as James, his best friend and cousin, and his late uncle for whom he was named. George had raised the boy on 'toys' from his joke shop, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, which was still operating in Diagon Alley, and was still doing very well.

The other boy was tall and also built; he was in his second year at Hogwarts with James. He had his father's long hair, tied in a ponytail, and light freckles on his face. His hair was blond like his mother, and he wore a t-shirt with a badger on it, signifying that he was in Hufflepuff. Louis Weasley was the only son of Bill and Fleur, and the younger brother of Victoire and Dominique.

James and Louis were talking as they slowed to a stop in front of Al and Rose. "Tell him, Snakey," said James to his brother, who went red with anger and embarrassment. "Tell him about Teddy and Victoire!"

Al shrugged. "I didn't even see them, you weirdo." Fred laughed and James spluttered, "I'm telling you, I saw them! Snogging!"

Louis shrugged. "Better than when she was dating Finnigan back in her fourth year. Teddy's an alright guy." Louis had a British accent like his father.

A girl in her fourth year walked over; it was their other cousin, Dominique. She said hello to her younger brother, and said slyly to James, "Victoire says she's mad that you interrupted her and Teddy." Dominique had a very slight French accent. Victoire's was the strongest and most noticeable. Dominique also had red hair, unlike her siblings.

As the older cousins all bickered about what had occurred on Platform 9 ¾, Al muttered, "Come on. I see an open compartment."

They dashed away, and sat down across from each other in the empty compartment. As they discussed Houses, Rose said, "Don't be worried about where you get sorted, Al. Think about it: Louis was sorted into Hufflepuff, wasn't he? He broke the tradition already, so nobody will be made at you."

Al shook his head. "Yeah, but if I'm in Slytherin, Grandpa Arthur will hate me."

Rose laughed. "He won't hate you, Al, don't overreact."

As they continued talking, Al noticed out in the aisle that James was teasing a blond-haired boy, while Louis and Fred laughed beside him. Al ran out quickly.

"Leave him alone, James!" Said Al, drawing his wand. Roaring with laughter, James said, "You don't know any magic, Al."

Albus gulped. "Dad's been teaching me for the last couple of weeks," he admitted, and James' jaw dropped. Fred and Louis stopped laughing immediately.

"I even know a couple second-year spells," he said matter-of-factly. "So leave the kid alone."

James's mouth curled into a smile. "Well, well, Al. It's good to make friends with fellow Parslemouths before you two even get sorted into Slytherin together."

He and his cousins walked away, laughing. Al pocketed his wand and spoke to the boy. "Sorry about my brother," he said. The boy grinned. "It's alright. I'm Scorpius Malfoy."

He outstretched a hand, and Al shook it. "Albus Potter," he said with a smile. They headed back to Al's compartment.

"Oh, Al, you've met someone?" Rose asked, then her eyes widened when she saw who it was. "Oh, um, hello."

Al grinned. "This is Scorpius Malfoy," he said, and Rose shook Scorpius's hand. "Hi."

Rose had tons of questions for the poor boy before he even sat down.

"Um, is it true your grandfather passed away from dragon pox?"


"Sorry, it's just, well, I heard he got it genetically from his own father."

Nodding, Scorpius said, "Before I was born, yeah. Dad got the immunity potion for it so he wouldn't get it to. Then, when I was a baby I got the same. Grandma was a wreck; she lives alone now up north in a little mansion. Dad inherited the Malfoy Manor, so we still live there. Grandma visits every now and then; brings me loads of presents."

Al discussed their parents with Scorpius as Rose dug through her small knapsack full of books.

"Ah, here it is," she said happily. "I've found the new book on Hogwart's headmasters. Minerva McGonagall retired five years ago; in her place is a wizard named Thomas O'Leary."

Curious, the boys listened as she read. "Thomas O'Leary was born in Ireland to and Irish witch and wizard. He received a Hogwarts letter, but was instead home schooled in the art of magic by his mother, a brilliant but very ill witch. When he was just a baby, he father died while experimenting with dangerous magic. O'Leary came to London when he was nineteen, after he had completed his schooling, and after his mother's abrupt death. He studied magic here until he was about forty years old, and then took a job at the Ministry. Now, fifty-years old, he is the newest Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and has been for five years."

She closed the book and said, "Interesting?"

Al nodded. "I hope he's nice," he said, and Scorpius added, "I heard he's got a really strange pet, up in his office."

They discussed what the creature could be, and from out in the aisle two identical twin boys poked their heads into the compartment.

"We know what creature he's got!" Said the first. The boys were around eight years old, and were even younger than Lily Potter, Albus's little sister.

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander were the sons of Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander, Newt Scamander's magizoologist grandson. Both Luna and her husband researched magical creatures and new species as naturalists.

Since they were too young to attend Hogwarts, but their parents were always travelling the world for their jobs, Lorcan and Lysander stayed with Hagrid in his hut for a few months at a time. They'd taken a liking to him, as they shared interests of magical creatures.

"It's called a Small-Horned Bat-Dove," said Lysander, the second twin. "Mum discovered it. You'll see why it's called that when you get there-- if you're ever in his office, that is."

Now the compartment was starting to get full. As they continued discussing Hogwarts, none of them noticed the castle out their window in the distance.

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