Salome Wilde, 2008

Author's Note: This very short story was written for the LJ contest community "inukagathon" for its "hot springs" prompt. It was limited to 500 words, so that's why it's short! I rarely write InuKags, so hope you InuKag shippers enjoy the smex and light humor. Please be 18+ if you are reading this, k?

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights. I don't make money.


"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked in a dreamy voice of afterglow as they soaked together in a hot spring beneath the sheltering branches of a blossoming cherry tree. She leaned back contentedly against Inuyasha as she spoke. His hands held her gently, then wandered up to tease the sensitive pink nipples that peaked at the warm wetness of his palms against the night's cool breeze.

Through their years apart, she never lost faith that it could be like this. And, in truth, it was even better than she anticipated. They had consummated their relationship mere weeks ago, but it felt as if they had been lovers forever. And then, each time felt new.

Inuyasha would begin tenderly, kissing her cheeks, eyelids, then lips. When Kagome returned his kiss and reached inside his robes to caress his flat-muscled chest, he would make hungry whimpering sounds and press against her until she moved a slender-fingered hand between his legs to sample his hardness. That would encourage him to lift her blouse and bra to embrace the full roundness of her young, firm breasts. As he'd brush his thumbs across her nipples, her eyes would close and her head drop back, and Inuyasha would groan with pleasure.

Soon, Kagome would find herself overwhelmed by her inu's desire, as he licked every inch of her beautiful body. What he lacked in experience, he made up for in determination, and from the first time they mated, she knew bliss. She came with Inuyasha's name on her lips and love in her soul.

Next, Kagome would move to take Inuyasha's shaft in her hand, then bring her mouth to sample the clear drops of liquid desire that beaded at the blushing pink head. She would lap from base to tip in wide soft passes, then suck him sweetly until the pleasure of her oral gift brought him to climax. Though the sudden burst and howl frightened her at first, his taste was ambrosia and the awareness that she could bring him such delight made her bold…and greedy.

When at last their bodies locked in intercourse, they surrendered so entirely to one another that they did not know where one began and the other ended. The years apart vanished when they found ecstasy together with Inuyasha hilted inside her.

But now they relaxed, Inuyasha caressing and Kagome easy in his arms. Yet, she could tell he wanted something. "Please, Inuyasha, tell me," she encouraged.

He sighed and began. "Y'ever wonder why a hot spring always appears just after we finish? It's like we're characters in some fairytale and somebody's making this up as it goes along. Like bringing us together, separating us for years, reuniting us—and always making sure there's a hot spring to clean up in afterwards. Y'ever wonder about that?"

Kagome smiled knowingly. "Oh, Inuyasha. Next thing you'll be telling me that whenever the word 'Owari' appears on the ground when we go to sleep that someone is drawing it with a giant brush and ink!"