Note: It's been so long since I've written some light InuKags, but it had to be done, so here it is! A little tidbit written for FirstTweak's "Splash" prompt - and placed first!

And Then?

"And then?" prompted Inuyasha, practically panting with excitement. His golden eyes were wide and his ear flicked. If he got all the details and was ready to go when the girls and Shippo came back from gathering berries, this could be a very good day indeed.

"What do you mean 'And then'?" snapped Miroku. "That's it." He shook his head, unable to figure out how it was that the punchline to his masterful plan could have been so entirely lost on his companion. Human and hanyou maturation rates might differ some, but this much?

Inuyasha rose and walked away with a dismissive "Keh." The monk's idea for wreaking revenge on Kagome for the relentless "Sit" session of the previous day's encounter with the mangy wolf was pathetic. It started out ok, with the tossing her over his shoulder while he covered her mouth with his free hand so she couldn't yell the dreaded command. It was even good after that, with the running to the riverbank while she ranted and fumed until he tossed her in. Being thrown into cold water would make her scream for sure. But he couldn't for the life of him see how watching her stand up in soaking wet clothing was so great a payoff that Miroku was positively salivating. He knew he hated being soaked to the skin in his robes, but how did just getting her all wet get Miroku so excited?

Miroku opened his mouth to explain, then let it close. If a vision of Kagome's thin, tightly fitted white garment, soaked through over her ample breasts didn't reach Inuyasha's imagination, he'd just keep it to himself for now. And maybe push her into the stream next time he had the chance. What else were friends for?