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The bracelet feels heavy in your pocket which is ridiculous because its just tiny linked pieces of metal and little charms, and yeah, you had to break into Carly's apartment and go into her bedroom to get it but you needed it to put the new charm on it but that's no reason why it should feel like it ways a ton in your pocket.

Your still pondering phantom weight when Carly comes up to you in the hall, all smiles and it still blows your mind a little that she's smiling at you.

"What's up?" She asks, shifting her bag on her shoulder. "Your frowning." She grins, reaching up to smooth the wrinkle in your brow, rubbing with just her thumb and I laugh a little, reaching up to grab her wrist.

"I'm just thinking." You exhale through a smile, sliding your hand into hers easily and it's a little weird being like this, out in the open in the school halls. There's no more sneaking and lying and it feels good.

"That's never good." She chuckles, lacing your fingers tight and pulling you away from the lockers and towards the exit. You just roll your eyes and shove your free hand into your pocket.

You're nervous and you don't know why because you've already did this once and it was a lot less anxiety but you figure it means way more the second time around even though it's the same bracelet. You let Carly tug you out of the school building and into the afternoon sun.

"Hey, can we stop for a second?" You start, pulling back on her hand and digging your heels into the concrete and Carly does stop, turning to face you with a smile.

"What is it?" She asks and she's still smiling at you and you swallow and yank the charm bracelet out of the pocket of your shorts, clutching it in your fist for a moment before holding it between your fingers in front of her face.

Her smile softens and her eyes light up and its beautiful and amazing.

"I know it's the same bracelet and I did have to break into your loft to get it but I just thought…" You begin, explaining stupidly but Carly is beaming at you and holding out her wrist.

"I get it, Sam." She murmurs around a smile, "Now, put it on me."

Your hands are shaking a little as you get it on her slim wrist, fumbling with the little latch for a moment.

"There ya go." You grin and she examines it, giving a confused smile at the brand new small silver apple dangling from the chain.

"An apple?" She asks and you shrug, scuffing your foot on the sidewalk and tucking your long hair behind your ears.

"Apples aren't just delicious fruits. They're love symbols too." You explain, "They represent fertility, ecstasy and love…and they're food."

Carly leans forward, one hand wrapping around your neck, and kisses you with far too much tongue to be considered proper while still on school grounds.

You're a little wobbly when she pulls away and you could care less that people are watching.

"C'mon, lets go."

You love Carly a lot, like a lot, and you make sure you tell her as often as possible because even though it feels like it did the first time, new and amazing, you're going for a different outcome this time around.

You love Carly a lot but there are times that the feeling is so strong you feel like you're busting from the seams. Like when she knows you've had a long day at work and she drags you into a steaming hot bath with her and drapes herself, hot and wet, against you're back, or when she asks you to play with her hair in the middle of the night when she can't sleep on the rare occasion that she manages to spend the night at you're apartment or like now when her mouth is warm and soft between your legs.

And its not like you're using her for sex or anything like that but her being good at sex just makes your feelings for her more pronounced, especially during said intercourse. Like now.

Man, you're loving her a lot right now.

You tell her so and she laughs, pressing her mouth against your hip for a moment, her dark hair tickling you're skin, before sliding up your body and peering down at you like she's proud that she's the reason your sticky with sweat, completely out of breath and lacking basic motor functions.

"You always say that." She whispers, a faint smile curling her reddened mouth and you lick your lips, letting her lace the fingers of both hands with hers and pin them over your head. "After you, ya know...or after I, ya know." She grins full out now, eyebrows arching playfully and you groan a little around a smile.

"Well its true." You mutter, turning your face into your bicep to hide the inexplicable blush that burns in your cheeks and Carly seizes the opportunity to press her mouth, open against your ear, whispering "I love you too." Before using her tongue and teeth to effectively short circuit your brain and you think Carly must get some sort of kick at turning you into an incoherent mess because she seems to do it as much as possible.

You're so wrapped up in Carly, how she lets out a shuddering groan when you loosen one hand from hers and slide it down in the tight place between both of your hips and swallows when bite at the pulse point in her throat, that you hardly even register the sound of the front door being opened over the jingle of her bracelet until its too late.

"Hey, Sam? Did you know...Whoa!" Warren's sentence ends abruptly as he walks into the open doorway of your bedroom.

"Warren!" you cry, trying best you can to pull the blankets up around you and Carly, making sure to cover the good bits while Warren does a poor job of covering his eyes.

"Oh my God." Carly whispers, sliding to your side and it doesn't sound like mortification so much as flat out disappointment.

You throw her a quick glance before glaring at Warren who is obviously watching you from between his fingers. "Warren? What the hell are you doing here?" you cry while Carly drops her head back against the headboard with a thunk.

"Interrupting sexy time, apparently." He laughs, dropping his hand and stepping further into the room like you're not naked in bed with an equally naked, clearly frustrated, Carly. "And as scorchingly hot as this is, its gonna have to go on the back burner for now because I need to talk." He groans sitting at the foot of the bed slowly and Carly sighs a little, gathering the blanket around herself, tugging the edges from under Dub-bub's massive frame because she knows that Warren's not leaving anytime soon.

"I'm gonna go get my clothes." She mutters, throwing a dirty look at Warren who throws it back and they have formed a sorta begrudging friendship as they both try to make space for one another in your life.

"What's up, Dub-dub?" you ask, tucking the sheet Carly left you, around yourself and Warren sighs.

"It's my parents." He croaks and you swallow quickly.

"They fighting again?" you ask carefully because your afraid to hear if things with his family are still falling apart. Afraid what it would do to Warren.

"Psh, I wish," he starts and you're so relieved you could laugh. "Those two have been going at it constantly since they got home from their second honeymoon and I can't take it." He cries, flopping over on the bed and you grin at him.

"Aw, poor baby." You tease and he pouts a little, looking up at you.

"I know, right?" he grins, and he's looking at you funny. "Hey, you're glowing." He comments and before you can say something Carly is padding into the room wearing her shorts and your shirt. She makes sure to hit Warren in the stomach before hopping back on the bed beside you.

"You're so violent." He coughs, flipping onto his stomach and tugging a little on the sheet wrapped around you and before you can say anything Carly kicks him in the shoulder. "See what I mean? Violent." He says like Carly just proved his point.

And then they're arguing, back and forth and its just what they do and you wonder idly if this is how Carly feels when you and Freddie bicker.

You love them both, these two people in your bed, more than anything and you're grateful to have someone who cares about, someone for you to care about and your life may not look perfect to anyone else but right now, to you, it is.

"Sam, get dressed. Lets go get some food and you can explain to me what it means when a girl says, 'I hate you with the passion of 10 thousand suns.'." Warren yawns, eyes darting up at you playfully. "Unless there's room for one more in this party." He say gesturing at you and Carly.

His heavy body makes a funny sound when Carly shoves him off of the bed and God, you love them.