Common Sense

Title: Common Sense

Author: Langleigh

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Key Words: Reyes, Follmer, Reyes pov, UST

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Spoilers: Nothing Important Happened Today

Rating: PG

Summary: Reyes reacts to seeing her old flame


"Common Sense"

I don't know what I was thinking--calling Brad up and asking him to meet mt the bar. I must have totally lost my marbles because he's acting like
I'm his property. Which I am not.

I've seen that look on his face before: the one he got when he told me I
should stay away from the X-Files and John. That look he used to get whee were seeing each other and and he thought some other guy was bird-
dogging me. No, I know better than to think this was about the X-Files oven John's investigation. It was all about me.

Me and John...

Me and Brad...

Sometimes I wish there wasn't a "me and Brad." Yes, we had some greaimes. Brad is an exceptional lover and a lot of fun to be with when hsn't being a prick, but I didn't realize how getting involved with hiould impact my life. I simply couldn't see past his gorgeous eyes anexy accent. I let that accent sweet talk me into believing ouelationship would be nothing more than a harmless fling that needn'nterfere with our jobs. Sadly, it did, and when we parted ways, I goent to New Orleans and went back to D.C. as if nothing happened betwees.

That was two years ago, and now it looks he wants to pick up where we lefff. Every time I see him, he has lust in his eyes, and I know he stilants me in his bed. A part of me-- a *small* part of me--still wants thaoo. As much as I'd hate to admit it, I'm still attracted to him. Juseeing him made my pulse race.


If I had any common sense at all, I would walk away now. How easy it woule to bow out of John's investigation and go back to New Orleans, puttinalf the country between me and Assistant Director Brad Follmer. But to dhat, I'd have to ignore the feeling that I'm needed here in D.C.--needeor something other than warming Brad Follmer's bed.

John needs me now more than ever, and I get the feeling that Dana does,
too. She was on the verge of telling me something when Brad interrupted uith his impression of a dog staking out his rivals territory. I kind oope she'll still tell me.

So, there it is: I can't leave. I can't run from Brad or the feelings I
still have for him. So I'll stay, and I'll be damned if his sweet, sexoice is going to make act on those feelings. Not this time.