Author's Note: My first attempt at this style of writing, so any feedback is greatly appreciated :) John's thoughts on chairs, adventures and Elizabeth.


By Steph7085

It's funny how one thing can change your life so dramatically. Like, for example, sitting in a chair. You know, I never thought sitting down would be the cause of so much…erm…trouble in my life. Ok, ok so maybe trouble's not the word, but it's something very similar, I swear.

Oh hell, sitting in that chair changed my life, in more ways than one. From that one action I found out that I had a gene that let me power some really cool, very dangerous, and did I mention cool Ancient technology. Oh, and let's not forget fly the jumpers, because that is pretty damn great too. I mean, what isn't cool about flying?

It was my ticket off of that hell hole Antarctica, and into a galaxy far, far away -yeah, too much Star Wars I know, it's McKay's fault - anyway…it lead me to the Pegasus Galaxy, the best tourist attraction since Vegas. As long as you don't mind life sucking aliens that make movie Aliens on Earth look like highly paid supermodels. No, I'm not joking, Lorne will agree with me.

But, here's the thing, out of all of that; all the excitement, all the terror, adrenaline rushes and so on, nothing compares to what happens when I'm near her.

Doctor Elizabeth Weir. The one and only leader of Atlantis.

You know, I really wouldn't mind, but she's not even my usual type. She's smart and sophisticated, and everything that I'm not. She has more words in her head than a dictionary and can beat me to submission without resorting to physical violence, threats of physical violence, or Ronon. Yes, she is that good.

It's not just her personality though, it's…God it's everything. Is she hot? Hell yes! I've never met anyone who could make me shiver just by talking to me through a headset, and when she touches me, well…let's just say I have to put all my military training - which is a lot - into action so I don't drag her off to the nearest closet. I've never wanted anyone so much in my life.

Maybe it's a woman in power thing…then again, I really don't think so. It's just her.

I don't think it's healthy for anyone to need anyone this much. I would do anything to keep her safe. For crying out loud, I've taken on a whole army and breeched quarantine - which Carson still glares at me for - just so I could see her safe again, just to see her smile that smile she only gives me.

Her eyes tell me a thousand things in barely a second and with a single glance we have an entire conversation, and to be honest it scares the crap out of me, but at the same time makes me feel safe and secure. Oh, and I'm absolutely positive she can read my mind. She knows what I'm going to do even before I think about doing it, but I can read her just as well.

When people ask I say we're only friends, even though rumours suggest otherwise, but we are so much more than that. Words can't describe our relationship - though I'm sure Elizabeth could think of a few - because it is beyond anything I could describe.

Am I in love with her?

I think I am.