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"Niku wo kaimasuka?"

"Umm, hai, niku wo kaimasuka."

"No baka-moyashi! You only add ka on the end if it's a question!"

Kanda threw his chair across the room, narrowly missing Allen's thin body as he threw himself out of his seat to avoid it.

"Stop attacking me every time I get something wrong bakanda!" the 15 year old yelled back at his tutor. "Sorry for not being born in China!"

"Ah, actually moyashi-kun, Yuu-Chan is Japanese." Lavi piped up, trying to be helpful.

Instantly, his two companions twisted around to glare at him, the very fires of hell burning behind their eyes.



Lavi cowered down in his seat as the two of them continued the verbal onslaught, finally finding a common enemy.

"Kanda! Allen! Sit down!" Lenalee's sharp voice cut through the air, silencing the two teens as they scurried back to their chairs.

The Chinese girl stormed into the room, a glare crossing her delicate features as she surveyed the three boys.

"Geez, I leave the room for five minutes to get chalk and I come back to find that Kanda had broken another chair, Allen has turned black and the two of you are assaulting Lavi?"

Lavi poked his tongue out at the other two, earning a black board duster in the face from Kanda.

"So are you going to help me or not Kanda?" Lenalee snapped. The samurai let out a soft 'Che, women,' before hauling himself to his feet and moving to stand beside the black board. Lenalee took a deep breath, retrieved the duster from the floor, and put on a smile.

"Shall we start?"

Mean while, outside the door, a small group of science department workers were huddled with their ears pressed against the door, listening intently.

"That's my Lenalee-Chan! You show those hormonally charged boys who's boss." Komui swooned over his not-so-baby-sister, pink hearts seemingly radiating from him.

"Ah, are you sure it was such a good idea to get Kanda in there working with her?" Reever asked hesitantly, leaning away from the supervisor to avoid a particularly plump heart.

"Well, they need to be able to navigate there way through China before they get to the refugee camp, and it'd be better if Lenalee wasn't the only one who could speak Chinese. She can't babysit them everywhere they go." Johnny pushed his glasses further up onto the bridge of his nose as Tapp nodded in agreement.


"Refugee camp?"

Allen and Kanda sat on the couch, Lenalee between them with Lavi perched on the arm of the chair. Komui was moping (as usual) on his paper covered desk, trying look busy as the other science department members lurked around the edges of the room, foreboding stacks of paper work balanced delicately in their arms.

"Yes, after Japan was invaded by the earl, much of the Japanese population escaped into China and set up camps to try and wait out the war. There seems to be some innocence related phenomena occurring around one of the larger ones and you guys have to go and check it out. You need to be able to navigate through China and communicate with the Japanese refugees though, so Kanda and Lenalee will be teaching you how to speak the local languages."

Allen frowned. "But why do Lavi and I have to come? Couldn't Lenalee and Kanda handle it by themselves?"

"Actually, Why ARE they going with them?" Reever asked, "Lenalee and Kanda could do it by themselves."

"Leave my precious Lenalee with that evil Kanda?! Are you insane!?" Komui fumed at his companions. "I would rather die than do that!"

"But Allen and Lavi are both boys as well. . ." The frizzy haired scientist trailed off as Komui threw an evil look in his direction.

"He, he, he, that's exactly my plan." He cackled evilly, enjoying the idea, "If there is one boy with Lenalee, he will probably steal her away and there will be no one to stop him. But with three, they'll have to compete for her attention and none will let the other have her to himself! IT'S PERFECT!" Komui punched the air and struck a pose, glowing with pride.

"niiiiiiiiiiii-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan . . ." Lenalee's usually cute voice was low and threatening as the door swung open to reveal her slender figure surrounded by a dark aura and she took a menacing step forward. Komui had apparently forgotten how thin the walls were in this part of the castle.

"I said chiisai idiot! Not chisai." Kanda yelled at his companions, trying his hardest to ignore the more than slightly one sided battle going on outside the door. "God you're an idiot!"

"They're the same thing!" Allen cried, desperately trying to defend himself.

"They're totally different sounds moron." The swordsman growled back.

"Stop calling me names bakanda! It's Allen, A-L-L-E-N. Say it with me."

"I'll call you by your name when you start learning how to talk properly moyashi."

"Don't call me moyashi woman!"

"Who're you calling a woman bishojo."

"Who do you think straight cut fringe?"

Lavi leaned lazily on one arm as the two battled it out with their sharp wit, bored with the entire situation.

"Hey, hey! Let's all calm down shall we?" Lavi drawled lazily, sketching a picture of Tim campy on his desk.

Kanda glared at him.

"Che, ignorant losers shouldn't but in on other people's problems." Kanda flipped his hair out of his eyes with an arrogant (and particularly girly) toss of his head.

"Hey! I'm not ignorant! And I'm definitely not a loser." Lavi retorted indignantly.

"Yeah! Stop being such a jackass Kanda." Allen finally decided to stick up for his friend, moving to stand beside him.

"Hm? So you're not ignorant then?" Kanda sneered at the bookman. "I'll believe that when pigs fly."

"He knows more than you! If you tell him something once he'll never forget it." White haired boy smiled at Lavi and put a reassuring hand on his shoulder, making the bookman blush. "I'd bet my life on him."

"really?" Kanda's voice was slick and smooth, daring Allen to accept his challenge.

The 15 year old took a deep breath and met the swordsman's gaze head on.

"Of course."

The samurai's face split into an evil smirk and a shiver crawled down Allen's spine. This was a bad idea, but he couldn't leave Lavi on his own, he needed his help.

"Let's make a bet then shall we?" Kanda continued, circling Allen and Lavi like a bird of prey. "If baka-usagi here can answer my questions, then I'll admit my defeat and do what ever you want me to, but if he doesn't remember just one. . ." he trailed off and sat down on the desk at the front of the room, drawing Mugen and inspecting the blade. "Then Allen Walker has to do whatever I want him to for the next week."

Allen paled at the thought of the kind of things Kanda would have him do.

"But it has to be something Lavi would have definitely heard before!" Allen snapped, trying to secure a win to avoid the terrible fate that was in store for him. "It can't be something he would never have known."

"Fine, fine, in fact, it'll be something he's heard quite recently. But you can't say anything that will tell him the answer." Kanda said with a knowing grin and held out his hand to seal the deal.

Something was wrong, Kanda had thought of something that Allen hadn't even considered, that he was sure of, but what was it? In any case, he couldn't back down now, he had to defend Lavi. Allen hesitantly shook the older boy's hand, a feeling of dread growing in his stomach.

"Okay then baka-usagi, first question."

Lavi swallowed and waited nervously.

"How old was Lenalee when she spilled the miso soup all over you and you accidentally kissed her when she leaned down to clean it and you stood up to leave?"

Lavi froze, a deep blush crawling across his face as his eyes travelled slowly across to Allen who was staring slack-jawed at him.

"U-Um, she was 14 and 8 months old. . ." Lavi mumbled.

Kanda chuckled quietly; this would be more fun than he thought.

Allen glared back at the samurai, finally snapping out of his stupor.

"Ask real questions bakanda!"

The raven haired teen shrugged and wracked his brains, trying to think of another question. Finally, he thought of something and the wicked glint returned to his eyes.

"Okay, what Big secret did you tell me after we got back from the ark Lavi?"

"Kanda . . . you said you wouldn't," Lavi began, "You promised."

The darker haired of the two rolled his eyes and motioned for him to come closer. "Fine, fine, just whisper it in my ear."

Lavi leaned forward, his face now matching his hair and hesitantly whispered something into Kanda's ear, Allen blinking stupidly at the two of them. He had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. What secret? Why hadn't Lavi told Allen?

Lavi finally pulled away, Kanda's grin spreading wider on his face (if that was at all possible) by the second as Lavi found something mind bogglingly interesting on his shoe and decided that he would examine it for the remainder of the day. Allen himself was getting sick of the mind games Kanda was playing on his friend and just wanted this whole thing to be over so he could go and sit down with some mitarashi dango and satisfy his growling stomach.

"Okay kanda," he snapped, "That's enough games, this is your last question."

Kanda scowled at the cursed boy, irritated at him for ruining his fun.

"Fine," he snarled, "last question." The samurai turned back to the junior bookman and surveyed him with his steely black eyes.

"Tell me what seppun means."

Allen sighed with relief, they had been taught this just yesterday at Lenalee's insistence as she said that it would come in handy later. Lavi could remember the details of their first meeting for god's sake, so he would definitely remember this.

So . . . how come he hadn't said anything yet?

Allen turned slowly to face his friend. Lavi was agitated, his eyes darting around the empty room for a clue as to what it could possibly mean.

"Lavi, don't tell me you were . . . sleeping?" Allen asked carefully.

The redhead whimpered as the usually delicate boy glared down at him.

Kanda smiled. "You have 15 seconds to answer."

Allen grabbed fistfuls of his hair, trying to vent his frustration, there had to be a way of letting Lavi know without talking!

"10 seconds." Kanda said. Allen glared at him, the bastard was enjoying this.

Think Allen, think! He had to come up with something, anything that would show Lavi the answer.

"5 seconds"

Then it came to him, like lightening in a clear sky. He leapt over his desk and threw himself at Lavi, grabbing fistfuls of his shirt as he pulled him to his feet.

Lavi stiffened in surprise, not fully aware of what was going on. Oh wait, yes he was.

Allen was kissing him. And not a delicate peck on the cheek either, a strong, deep kiss full on the lips that sent shivers down his spine as the shorter boy pulled him closer.

Finally, Allen pulled away, wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

"Kiss. . ." Lavi muttered weakly. "Seppun means kiss . . ."

Allen smiled brightly at him and threw his arms around his neck, kissing him again, but this time, Lavi responded with just as much enthusiasm, running his fingers through Allen's soft white hair as he was pushed into the wall.

"I win."

Kanda's clear voice rang through the room, making Allen splutter and pull away from the kiss.

"What?! Lavi got it right!" Allen was furious, but Kanda merely responded by smiling wickedly and leaning lazily on the table top.

"You were two seconds too late."

Allen was about to reply when he felt a strong arm worm around his waist and pull him back into a warm embrace. Lavi grinned childishly back at Kanda, wrapping his arms around his new lover once more.

"You may have won the bet Yuu-Chan, but I definitely got the prize."

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