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"Lavi!" Allen tore through the order, feet and heart pounding as he raced to catch up with the duo ahead of him. He stumbled to a halt just in front of them, gasping for air.

"Allen-kun?" Lavi leaned over, patting his friend on the back as the boy caught his breath. "What's wrong?"

The boy flashed a sheepish smile up at his senior, "I-I didn't get to say goodbye." He panted.

Lavi grinned, ruffling the younger exorcists white hair.

"You're such a child Allen." he laughed, motioning for the finder to go on ahead of him. "I'll be back in a few weeks."

Allen frowned, disliking the use of the word child.

"That's true, but I might be on a mission when you get back." He whined, pouting. "And anyway, I'll feel bad if I don't see you for a while."

Lavi smiled down at him thoughtfully for a second, affection reflected in his single emerald eye.

"Alright then, take this." He lifted the orange scarf from his neck and handed it to the shorter boy, smiling brightly. Allen merely raised an eyebrow, but accepted the strange gift, slightly confused.

"Uh, thanks?" he mumbled, stroking the soft material.

"It's just like me" The red head flashed him a smile, "Fiery, bright and so sturdy, nothing on the face of this earth could break it."

"Bullshit!" Allen punched the ground, swearing violently. "You fucking liar Lavi!"

Nothing on the face of this earth could break it . . . the words echoed painfully around his head, refusing to leave him alone, to give him some peace. Allen choked back his tears.

One measly fall was all it had taken for Lavi to disappear forever. A fall that the scarf would have survived.

"You bastard . . . I won't forgive you . . . fucking piece of shit!" Allen lunged to his feet and dealt a savage kick to the motionless form that lay at his feet.

An irrational fear seized Allen's heart.

"Why are you giving me this? You're coming back aren't you?" The young exorcists eyes were wide and fearful as he studied the older boys face. He knew that eventually Lavi would leave, it was his duty as a bookman, but at the same time, he didn't want him to just disappear without any warning.

To his extreme annoyance, Lavi's only response was to laugh and punch him playfully in the shoulder.

"Of course I will Allen!" He smiled. "I'll have to come back to get my scarf before I go anywhere. Don't think you'll get to keep it, it's my favourite one! Think of it as . . . a promise."

Allen blinked, confused. "A promise?"

The bouncy bookman nodded enthusiastically.

"A promise to come home."

A promise. That's what he'd called it. A fucking promise. Well a fat lot of good a promise was now.

"You stupid bastard Lavi, you promised" Allen hissed as the sky was split by a savage fork of lightening and the rain poured down, thunder echoing across the forest. "We were supposed to be friends!"

A promise to come home . . .

He lunged forward, grabbing a fistful of black material and wrenching the limp body toward him.

"Why did you lie to me Lavi? Answer me!"

His stomach churned and his heart ached as the head rolled forward, revealing a soggy mop of all too familiar red hair.

"How could you leave me like this?" the boy whispered at the lifeless figure before him. "I thought you said . . ."Allen's voice cracked and faded as the tears mixed with the rain. Sobbing uncontrollably, he hugged Lavi's head to his chest and buried his face in the sodden red locks.

"How do I know you're not lying?" Allen teased playfully, hands on his hips in mock disapproval. Lavi's only response was to pull him into a bear hug, cutting him off as his eyes widened in suprise.

"L-Lavi. . ." Allen could feel a blush crawling slowly across his cheeks at the unexpected display of affection, he could feel the stares of passers by as they watched the curious display.

"I wouldn't lie to you," Lavi murmured into his soft white hair, "you're my friend Allen." Pulling away, he leaned down until their faces were inches apart, a distance he closed quickly. The kiss itself was brief but sweet and in a few moments, it was over, Lavi walking quickly away from his shocked comrade. When he reached the great stone entrance, he turned to Allen and gave him one last heart warming smile. The last he would ever see.

"I love you Allen Walker, I would never lie to you."

"Allen." Kanda and Lenalee stood a few feet behind him on a rocky ridge, motionless in the pouring rain. Allen said nothing, but continued to sit in the cold, his lifeless lover cradled in his arms.

"Allen!" Kanda barked again, this time harsh and demanding. Slowly, the boy turned his head toward the Japanese man. Lenalee gasped and Kanda cringed at the sight of the usually innocent eyes turned dead and hollow, a heart wrenching sadness pervading the depths of his heart.

"Oh my god, Allen . . ." Lenalee whispered, taking a tentative step toward him.

"Stay away." he snapped, "Stay away from us."

She flinched at his harsh tone, but took another step, closing the distance between them.

"I said stay away!" He was screaming now, tightening his grip on the bookman's form as if she was going to steal away the last remnants of his friend.

"Allen, stop." Her voice was shaking, betraying but a fraction of the agony that raged within her heart. Allen shook his head furiously, trying to move away, but Lavi's body was too heavy to drag away and it was a matter of seconds before Lenalee was crouched in front of him, her hands covering his own as she surveyed him with pained eyes.

"I'm so sorry." Was all she said.

Allen held her gaze for a few seconds, tears blurring his vision, before throwing himself into her arms with a strangled sob, howling into her shoulder as she held him close.

"I'm so sorry Allen." She said again, her own tears adding to the rain as she stroked his pale hair.

He wasn't sure how long he cried, but by the time his tears had dried, night had fled and dawn was chasing the last of the stars across the sky. Kanda had taken Lavi away during the darker hours, leaving nothing but a bloody patch on the leaf litter. Allen sat in front of it, staring at it as if his lover would dig him self out from the middle of it, dusting himself off before flashing him one last smile, stealing one last kiss.

Slowly, his eyes travelled down to the scarf in his hands.

Nothing on the face of this earth could break it. . .

Promise to come home . . .

I love you, Allen Walker . . .

Allen turned his gaze to the sky that had cried with him the night before, cried for the death of his friend, his love. A final tear escaped, sliding down his face to land on the tattered orange scarf.

"I love you too Lavi Bookman."

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