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That was Uchiha Sasuke's favorite uestion. Or so it seemed. But, if you lived one day in his life, you'd ask the same thing.

'God, why me?'

The bell rang and class began as the students took there seats. A blond boy, with blue eyes that attracted everyone, sat down beside a vary depressed looking boy. "Sasuke, teme, what's up?"

Sasuke just looked at him with tired and wild eyes. He looked absolutely dead. His cloths were wrinkled and out of place. His face seemed years old in it's tiredness of life and it's problems. The only thing that seemed to be normal was his hair. 'Did he even have to do anything to it?'But Naruto Uzumaki was a smart kid, when you saw past his facade. He knew a lot and always paid attention when it came to his friends.

Sasuke was his best friend and he understood what was wrong. "Oh, is it Itachi?"

Sasuke's head just slumped down and hit the table with a loud resounding 'BANG!' Then a equally loud, "Dammit! Why me?"

Naruto stared at him sympathetically. Yeah, he knew. He knew about Sasuke's more-then-brotherly affection (or what he called MTB affection) for Itachi.

Itachi was nineteen and was the the object of his twelve year old brother's feelings. He hadn't told any one, but anyone who paid enough attention could see the utter adoration and longing in his eyes every time Itachi walked by, or talked to them. He had told him that he knew, but of course Sasuke denied it.

But once Naruto has showed suport he didn't say it any more, he just went along with it.

"Yeah." Said boy mumbled into his notebook. He had yet to raise his head from his desk and didn't seem inclined to do it any time soon.

Sighing, Naruto asked, "What's wrong?"

Sasuke groaned before he turned his head to the side slightly to look at his friend. He sighed but didn't answer.

"No sleep last night?" The blue eyed boy prompted.

A shake of the head.

"Another dream about him?"

Another shake.

"Dammit, Sasuke, why don't you just tell him and stop putting your self through all this misery?!" Naruto snapped. He hated seeing his friends in pain, and all the lack of responses from Sasuke were pushing him into a violent rage.

That got a reaction. Sasuke snapped up right in his chair and he glared. "Tell him?" He asked mockingly, yet lowly, making sure no one heard. His voice was full of malice. His tan friend flinched away slightly. Sasuke was the only one who could ever scare Naruto. And he always put the fear of God into him. "Yeah. 'Oh, Itachi, what's up? I had a tough day at school. I didn't get any sleep last night because I heard you and your girlfriend fucking in the room next to mine last night. But that's to be expected, you know, 'cause I'm in love with you. Well, gotta go do my home work. See you later.'How was that?" He grit his teeth and held onto the desk with his full strength, splintering the wood.

Naruto looked around, happy that no one was watching them. Their teacher hadn't come in yet, which was normal. He was Alwayslate. Turning back to Sasuke he tried not to run at the sheer look of anger on his face. Sasuke could kill him. Fortunately, he knew that. But unfortunately, so did Sasuke.

"I-I'm sorry, Sasuke-kun. I..I'm just worried, that's all..."

"Well don't be!" He hissed back. "I don't need it."

It was the tone in that last statement that caught his attention. It was low and defeated. It was what made Naruto want to help him no matter what. Just as their sensei, Kakashi stepped into the room, Naruto began to formulate a plan. No one knew what he was capable of when he took the time to plan things out, or when he put forth effort into something.

And maybe, just maybe, if Sasuke had, he just might have been able to save himself. Just maybe...

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